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Hungary:Hajduszoboszlo:Beke healt resort, poolHungary:Hajduszoboszlo:Beke healt resort, poolIVANHOE1490291.00
Hungary:Tac, Gorsium, Aelia Materio tomb-stoneHungary:Tac, Gorsium, Aelia Materio tomb-stoneIVANHOE1490311.00
Hungary:Budapest, Kossuth Lajos square with parliamentHungary:Budapest, Kossuth Lajos square with parliamentIVANHOE1497851.00
Hungary:Budapest, Szent Istvan monument, pre 1940Hungary:Budapest, Szent Istvan monument, pre 1940IVANHOE1460596.00
Hungary:Castle Saalburg Porta, Decimana von Aussen, pre 1905Hungary:Castle Saalburg Porta, Decimana von Aussen, pre 1905IVANHOE14605812.00
Hungary:Budapest, Szent Istvan monument, church, pre 1940Hungary:Budapest, Szent Istvan monument, church, pre 1940IVANHOE1460605.00
Hungary:Hortobagyi Csarda, horse stables, pre 1940Hungary:Hortobagyi Csarda, horse stables, pre 1940IVANHOE1460618.00
Hungary:Budapest, overview and bridgesHungary:Budapest, overview and bridgesIVANHOE1450911.00
Viaduct with the fortress, Veszprem, HungaryViaduct with the fortress, Veszprem, HungaryIVANHOE1351121.00
Hungary:Csepel, schoolhouse, pre 1940Hungary:Csepel, schoolhouse, pre 1940IVANHOE1428274.00
Hungary:Budapest, overview, bridgesHungary:Budapest, overview, bridgesIVANHOE1407061.00
Hungary:Budapest, View of the Mont GellertHungary:Budapest, View of the Mont GellertIVANHOE1407111.00
Hungary:Budapest railway station, car, pre 1940Hungary:Budapest railway station, car, pre 1940IVANHOE1368194.00
Hungary:Debrecen, The college reformist, pre 1940Hungary:Debrecen, The college reformist, pre 1940IVANHOE1368204.00
Budapest view - bridge, river, HungaryBudapest view - bridge, river, HungaryIVANHOE1344764.00
Budapest ,Petöfi Square, HungaryBudapest ,Petöfi Square, HungaryIVANHOE1344774.00
Budapest ,Margarete Badehaus, HungaryBudapest ,Margarete Badehaus, HungaryIVANHOE1344784.00
Budapest ,The Hungarian Parliament BuildingBudapest ,The Hungarian Parliament BuildingIVANHOE1344794.00
Budapest , Palace Budapest , Palace IVANHOE1344804.00
Budapest , Bridge, Partie mit Milleniums - DenkmalBudapest , Bridge, Partie mit Milleniums - DenkmalIVANHOE1344814.00
Budapest , Monument of Prinz Eugen, BurggartenBudapest , Monument of Prinz Eugen, BurggartenIVANHOE1344824.00
Budapest , St Stefan Denkmal, Fiscer basteiBudapest , St Stefan Denkmal, Fiscer basteiIVANHOE1344834.00
Budapest view , bridgeBudapest view , bridgeIVANHOE1344844.00
Budapest , St Stefan BasilicaBudapest , St Stefan BasilicaIVANHOE1344854.00
Budapest , Vajda Schloss - Hunyad im StadtwäldchenBudapest , Vajda Schloss - Hunyad im StadtwäldchenIVANHOE1344864.00
Budapest view and bridgeBudapest view and bridgeIVANHOE1344874.00
Harbour,Budapest, HungaryHarbour,Budapest, HungaryIVANHOE1184541.00
Hungary:Budapest, aerial view, bridgeHungary:Budapest, aerial view, bridgeIVANHOE1065181.00
Hungary:Budapest, old town viewHungary:Budapest, old town viewIVANHOE1065051.00
Kaposvar, Gyalogsagi laktanya, HungaryKaposvar, Gyalogsagi laktanya, HungaryIVANHOE1309575.00
Bridge in Budapest, HungaryBridge in Budapest, HungaryIVANHOE1309583.00
 Budapest, Elisabeth Bridge , Hungary Budapest, Elisabeth Bridge , HungaryIVANHOE1309593.00
 Budapest, Gate , Hungary Budapest, Gate , HungaryIVANHOE1309603.00
Budapest,The Eastern Railway Station illuminated,postal used 1939,corners few wearyBudapest,The Eastern Railway Station illuminated,postal used 1939,corners few wearyIVANHOE1224395.00
Hungary:Budapest, railway station, tramHungary:Budapest, railway station, tramIVANHOE859791.00
Hungary:Tihan port, passanger shipsHungary:Tihan port, passanger shipsIVANHOE818611.00
Hungary:Debrecen, Red army boulevardHungary:Debrecen, Red army boulevardIVANHOE549161.00
Hungary:Budapest, Parlament building, interiorsHungary:Budapest, Parlament building, interiorsIVANHOE548961.00
Hungary:Sarospatak, Raloczi castleHungary:Sarospatak, Raloczi castleIVANHOE886031.00
Hungary:Budapest,Clock tower in Vaidahunjad castleHungary:Budapest,Clock tower in Vaidahunjad castleIVANHOE886111.00
Hungary:Simontornya, War museumHungary:Simontornya, War museumIVANHOE885431.00
Hungary:Budapest, BridgeHungary:Budapest, BridgeIVANHOE534361.00
Hungary:Budapest, Matthias church, interiorHungary:Budapest, Matthias church, interiorIVANHOE434751.00
Hungary:Budapest, churchHungary:Budapest, churchIVANHOE332871.00
Hungary:Szekesfehervar, Liberty squareHungary:Szekesfehervar, Liberty squareIVANHOE320561.00
Hungary:Budapest, church, carsHungary:Budapest, church, carsIVANHOE278621.00
Hungary:Debrecen, UniversityHungary:Debrecen, UniversityIVANHOE277221.00
Hungary:Budapest, Parliament buildingHungary:Budapest, Parliament buildingIVANHOE828321.00
Hungary:Budapest, Chain bridge with the castleHungary:Budapest, Chain bridge with the castleIVANHOE261761.00
Hungary:Sagetal, areal view, churchHungary:Sagetal, areal view, churchIVANHOE827751.00

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