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India:Amber palace near Dzaipur town, elephants, 1958India:Amber palace near Dzaipur town, elephants, 1958IVANHOE1450991.00
India:Vetrov palace, 1958India:Vetrov palace, 1958IVANHOE1450951.00
India:Kashmir, Mogolov yard, 1958India:Kashmir, Mogolov yard, 1958IVANHOE1450961.00
India:Dzaipure castle gate, 1958India:Dzaipure castle gate, 1958IVANHOE1450971.00
India:Emperor Akbara-Sikandra mausoleum, 1958India:Emperor Akbara-Sikandra mausoleum, 1958IVANHOE1450981.00
India:Amber castle, 1958India:Amber castle, 1958IVANHOE1450941.00
India:Old Dehli street view, 1958India:Old Dehli street view, 1958IVANHOE1451001.00
India:Agra, The Taj MahalIndia:Agra, The Taj MahalIVANHOE1450921.00
India:Bombay, Davars college of Commerce, 1958India:Bombay, Davars college of Commerce, 1958IVANHOE1450931.00
Railway Station, Egmore, Madras, IndiaRailway Station, Egmore, Madras, IndiaIVANHOE1184821.00
La Digue Island- Seychelles, Indian OceanLa Digue Island- Seychelles, Indian OceanIVANHOE1131481.00
Anse Source D'Argent-La Digue Island- Seychelles, Indian Ocean, AAnse Source D'Argent-La Digue Island- Seychelles, Indian Ocean, AIVANHOE1131491.00
Ox Cart- La Digue- Seychelles, Indian OceanOx Cart- La Digue- Seychelles, Indian OceanIVANHOE1130401.00
Anse Source d'Argent-La Digue- Seychelles, Indian OceanAnse Source d'Argent-La Digue- Seychelles, Indian OceanIVANHOE1131451.00
Fifth floor of Chandra Mahal in City Palace, IndiaFifth floor of Chandra Mahal in City Palace, IndiaIVANHOE1255961.00
Elephant Cave, Udaigiri, BhubaneswarElephant Cave, Udaigiri, BhubaneswarIVANHOE1255991.00
Anse Lazio-Praslin- Seychelles, Indian OceanAnse Lazio-Praslin- Seychelles, Indian OceanIVANHOE1130391.00
Marine Drive,Air India Building, BombayMarine Drive,Air India Building, BombayIVANHOE1132501.00
Sculpture at Gangaikonda Cholapuram, IndiaSculpture at Gangaikonda Cholapuram, IndiaIVANHOE1132551.00
India:Suchindram, Thanumalayan templeIndia:Suchindram, Thanumalayan templeIVANHOE1135261.00
The Bay at Dona Paula Jetty, IndiaThe Bay at Dona Paula Jetty, IndiaIVANHOE1135291.00
Arc of Viceroys, IndiaArc of Viceroys, IndiaIVANHOE1135301.00
Miramar Beach, IndiaMiramar Beach, IndiaIVANHOE1135311.00
Eros, Rajabai Tower, High Court Building, Bombay, IndiaEros, Rajabai Tower, High Court Building, Bombay, IndiaIVANHOE1135951.00
Mecca Masjid, Hyderabad, Bombay, IndiaMecca Masjid, Hyderabad, Bombay, IndiaIVANHOE1135961.00
Golkonda Fort, Golkonda, IndiaGolkonda Fort, Golkonda, IndiaIVANHOE1135971.00
Writers Building G.P.O. Dalhousie Square, Calcutta, IndiaWriters Building G.P.O. Dalhousie Square, Calcutta, IndiaIVANHOE1135981.00
Mahabalipuram Madras, India ?Mahabalipuram Madras, India ?IVANHOE1136001.00
Council Hall , Bombay, IndiaCouncil Hall , Bombay, IndiaIVANHOE1136281.00
V.T. Station by Night, Bombay, IndiaV.T. Station by Night, Bombay, IndiaIVANHOE1136301.00
Nehru Science Center, Bombay, IndiaNehru Science Center, Bombay, IndiaIVANHOE1136341.00
Panoramic View of Leh, India, APanoramic View of Leh, India, AIVANHOE1136361.00
China:India:Statue in CalcuttaChina:India:Statue in CalcuttaIVANHOE883241.00
India:Panahla fortIndia:Panahla fortIVANHOE860741.00
India:Shivneri fort, Shivaji and his motherIndia:Shivneri fort, Shivaji and his motherIVANHOE860711.00
India:Goa, ocean coastIndia:Goa, ocean coastIVANHOE860571.00
India:Raigadh, Tomb of ShivajiIndia:Raigadh, Tomb of ShivajiIVANHOE860691.00
India:Ooty, Fountain and hill viewIndia:Ooty, Fountain and hill viewIVANHOE823731.00
India:Ooty, Statue of lady, botanical garden viewIndia:Ooty, Statue of lady, botanical garden viewIVANHOE823741.00
India:Brindavan,Illuminated crown fountainIndia:Brindavan,Illuminated crown fountainIVANHOE823751.00
India:Brindavan, Main entranceIndia:Brindavan, Main entranceIVANHOE823761.00
India:Ooty, Childrens park viewIndia:Ooty, Childrens park viewIVANHOE823771.00
India:Ooty,Map of India at Botanical gardenIndia:Ooty,Map of India at Botanical gardenIVANHOE823801.00
India:Agra, Fort, pre 1940India:Agra, Fort, pre 1940IVANHOE598604.00
India:Kailsha, Rang Mahal, Cave nr. 16India:Kailsha, Rang Mahal, Cave nr. 16IVANHOE912081.00
India?:Risalpur, Cadets Mess PAF academyIndia?:Risalpur, Cadets Mess PAF academyIVANHOE912051.00
India:Puri, Ratha Yatra, Car festivalIndia:Puri, Ratha Yatra, Car festivalIVANHOE406211.00
India:Konark, Horse sun templeIndia:Konark, Horse sun templeIVANHOE406161.00
India:Sun temple, Dancing hallIndia:Sun temple, Dancing hallIVANHOE406171.00
India:Puri, Deities Jagannath templeIndia:Puri, Deities Jagannath templeIVANHOE406191.00

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