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Latvia:Riga, Lenin street, 1956Latvia:Riga, Lenin street, 1956IVANHOE1492461.00
Latvia:Trakai, Traditional carving ornamentation of housesLatvia:Trakai, Traditional carving ornamentation of housesIVANHOE1492471.00
Latvia:Trakai, The defensive wall of the castle on the peninsulaLatvia:Trakai, The defensive wall of the castle on the peninsulaIVANHOE1492481.00
Latvia:Riga, Gaui street, pre 1960Latvia:Riga, Gaui street, pre 1960IVANHOE1492491.00
Latvia:Riga, bus station and market view, 1980Latvia:Riga, bus station and market view, 1980IVANHOE1492391.00
Latvia:Riga, Rainis boulevard, 1959Latvia:Riga, Rainis boulevard, 1959IVANHOE1492401.00
Latvia:Riga, old town view, 1959Latvia:Riga, old town view, 1959IVANHOE1492411.00
Latvia:Riga, comsomol embankment, 1959Latvia:Riga, comsomol embankment, 1959IVANHOE1492421.00
Latvia:Riga, View Towards the centre of the city, 1963Latvia:Riga, View Towards the centre of the city, 1963IVANHOE1492281.00
Latvia:Salaspils memorial ensemble, The WallLatvia:Salaspils memorial ensemble, The WallIVANHOE1492291.00
Latvia:Salaspils memorial ensemble, Sculpture MotherLatvia:Salaspils memorial ensemble, Sculpture MotherIVANHOE1492351.00
Latvia:Salaspils memorial ensemble, Sculpture Rot FrontLatvia:Salaspils memorial ensemble, Sculpture Rot FrontIVANHOE1492361.00
Latvia:Salaspils memorial ensemble, On the commomoration day of the victims Latvia:Salaspils memorial ensemble, On the commomoration day of the victims IVANHOE1492331.00
Latvia:Salaspils memorial ensemble, Central sculptural groupLatvia:Salaspils memorial ensemble, Central sculptural groupIVANHOE1492341.00
Latvia:Salaspils memorial ensemble, Sculpture The UnbrokenLatvia:Salaspils memorial ensemble, Sculpture The UnbrokenIVANHOE1492371.00
Latvia:Salaspils memorial ensemble, Sculpture The UmiliatedLatvia:Salaspils memorial ensemble, Sculpture The UmiliatedIVANHOE1492381.00
Latvia:Salaspils memorial ensemble, overviewLatvia:Salaspils memorial ensemble, overviewIVANHOE1492301.00
Latvia:Riga, Valnu street, 1959Latvia:Riga, Valnu street, 1959IVANHOE1492431.00
Latvia:Riga, Lenin street, 1959Latvia:Riga, Lenin street, 1959IVANHOE1492441.00
Latvia:Riga, Communar square, 1959Latvia:Riga, Communar square, 1959IVANHOE1492451.00
Latvia:Salaspils memorial ensemble, galleryLatvia:Salaspils memorial ensemble, galleryIVANHOE1492311.00
Latvia:Salaspils memorial ensemble, Place of Children's barracksLatvia:Salaspils memorial ensemble, Place of Children's barracksIVANHOE1492321.00
Latvia:Fourth caveLatvia:Fourth caveIVANHOE1488291.00
Latvia:Riga, theatre, views, pre 1960Latvia:Riga, theatre, views, pre 1960IVANHOE1492501.00
Latvia:Riga, Philarmonic theatre, 1959Latvia:Riga, Philarmonic theatre, 1959IVANHOE1483781.50
Latvia:Sigulda, Gutmana cave entrance, 1973Latvia:Sigulda, Gutmana cave entrance, 1973IVANHOE1485061.50
Latvia:Riga, Academic opera and ballet theatre, 1980Latvia:Riga, Academic opera and ballet theatre, 1980IVANHOE1483981.50
Latvia:Dvinsk, Daugavpils, Luther church, pre 1920Latvia:Dvinsk, Daugavpils, Luther church, pre 1920IVANHOE14608310.00
Latvia:Usma lake with yachts, 1976Latvia:Usma lake with yachts, 1976IVANHOE1450561.00
Latvia:Riga, V.I.Lenin monument, 1989Latvia:Riga, V.I.Lenin monument, 1989IVANHOE1450571.00
Latvia:Riga, Monument to Latvian red hunters, 1982Latvia:Riga, Monument to Latvian red hunters, 1982IVANHOE1450441.00
Latvia:Riga, monument, 1984Latvia:Riga, monument, 1984IVANHOE1450481.00
Latvia:Riga, Art academy, 1989Latvia:Riga, Art academy, 1989IVANHOE1450541.00
Latvia:Riga, Meistaru street, 1982Latvia:Riga, Meistaru street, 1982IVANHOE1450451.00
Latvia:Talsi view, 1969Latvia:Talsi view, 1969IVANHOE1450502.00
Latvia:Riga, Janis Rainis monument, 1977Latvia:Riga, Janis Rainis monument, 1977IVANHOE1450471.00
Latvia:Turaida castle tower in Sigulda, 1977Latvia:Turaida castle tower in Sigulda, 1977IVANHOE1450511.00
Latvia:Riga, monument to rainis, 1984Latvia:Riga, monument to rainis, 1984IVANHOE1450491.00
Latvia:Riga, Janis Rainis monument, 1989Latvia:Riga, Janis Rainis monument, 1989IVANHOE1450521.00
Latvia:Riga, museum, 1989Latvia:Riga, museum, 1989IVANHOE1450531.00
Latvia:Lielupe near Jumpravas Crags, 1976Latvia:Lielupe near Jumpravas Crags, 1976IVANHOE1450551.00
Latvia:Riga, Printing plant, 1981Latvia:Riga, Printing plant, 1981IVANHOE1450461.00
Latvia:Riga, Planetarium with cinema, 1980Latvia:Riga, Planetarium with cinema, 1980IVANHOE1446921.00
Latvia:Riga, Dome concert hall, theatre, 1981Latvia:Riga, Dome concert hall, theatre, 1981IVANHOE1446941.00
Latvia:Riga, National philarmonia, theatre, 1981Latvia:Riga, National philarmonia, theatre, 1981IVANHOE1446951.00
Latvia:Riga, Cinema Spartaks, theatreLatvia:Riga, Cinema Spartaks, theatreIVANHOE1398241.00
Latvia:Jurmala, Dubulti, Lenin statueLatvia:Jurmala, Dubulti, Lenin statueIVANHOE1400731.00
Latvia:Jurmala, railway station of Dubulti, trainLatvia:Jurmala, railway station of Dubulti, trainIVANHOE1399801.00
Latvia:Jurmala, Lielupe yacht club, yachtsLatvia:Jurmala, Lielupe yacht club, yachtsIVANHOE1399811.00
Latvia:Majori, railway station, trainLatvia:Majori, railway station, trainIVANHOE1399821.00

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