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Russia:Medal 50 years Russian armyRussia:Medal 50 years Russian armyIVANHOE573656.50
Russia:Medal 60 years Russian armyRussia:Medal 60 years Russian armyIVANHOE573666.00
Russia:Military hat badge, cockadeRussia:Military hat badge, cockadeIVANHOE573595.50
Russia:Medal 20 years from victoryRussia:Medal 20 years from victoryIVANHOE573624.75
Russia:Militia hat badge, cockadeRussia:Militia hat badge, cockadeIVANHOE5736013.00
China:2 Jiao, UNC, 1980China:2 Jiao, UNC, 1980IVANHOE438641.00
Poland:500 zlots, UNC, 1982Poland:500 zlots, UNC, 1982IVANHOE438531.00

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