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Bug, beetle, Anthia decemguttata L.Bug, beetle, Anthia decemguttata L.IVANHOE1465301.50
Bug, beetle, Emus hirtus L.Bug, beetle, Emus hirtus L.IVANHOE1465291.50
Bug, beetle, Carabus coelestis Steu.Bug, beetle, Carabus coelestis Steu.IVANHOE1465281.50
Bug, beetle, Calosoma inquisitor L.Bug, beetle, Calosoma inquisitor L.IVANHOE1465271.50
Bug, beetle, Neda karubacana BielawskiBug, beetle, Neda karubacana BielawskiIVANHOE1465261.50
Bug, beetle, Mantichora scabra Klug.Bug, beetle, Mantichora scabra Klug.IVANHOE1465251.50
Bug, beetle, Ceroglossus chilensis Eschs.Bug, beetle, Ceroglossus chilensis Eschs.IVANHOE1465241.50
Bug, beetle, Porrhorrhynchus marginatus Cast.Bug, beetle, Porrhorrhynchus marginatus Cast.IVANHOE1465231.50
Bug, beetle, Dytiscus latissimus L.Bug, beetle, Dytiscus latissimus L.IVANHOE1465221.50
Bugs, beetles, bea, dragonfly, grasshopperBugs, beetles, bea, dragonfly, grasshopperIVANHOE1465211.50
Butterfly:Argynnis alexandra Men.Butterfly:Argynnis alexandra Men.IVANHOE1468811.50
Butterfly on flower, 1980Butterfly on flower, 1980IVANHOE1456821.00
Butterfly on flower, postcard size invitation cardButterfly on flower, postcard size invitation cardIVANHOE1456831.00
Butterfly, CButterfly, CIVANHOE1432481.00
Butterfly, BButterfly, BIVANHOE1432471.00
Butterfly, AButterfly, AIVANHOE1432461.00
Bea on flowerBea on flowerIVANHOE1432442.00
Butterfly, Erebia prometheus Tschtv.Butterfly, Erebia prometheus Tschtv.IVANHOE1432432.00
Butterfly, Lysandra bellargus Rott.Butterfly, Lysandra bellargus Rott.IVANHOE1432422.00
Butterfly on EP-postcardButterfly on EP-postcardIVANHOE1432202.50
L. V. Aristov: Butterflys, Colias erate Esp. 1983L. V. Aristov: Butterflys, Colias erate Esp. 1983IVANHOE1395521.00
Andrzej Heidrich:ButterflyAndrzej Heidrich:ButterflyIVANHOE1363011.00
Butterfly, Iphiclides podalirius L.Butterfly, Iphiclides podalirius L.IVANHOE1396111.00
L. V. Aristov: Melitaea didyma Esp.1983L. V. Aristov: Melitaea didyma Esp.1983IVANHOE1395581.00
Butterfly, Spiris striata L.Butterfly, Spiris striata L.IVANHOE1396141.00
Butterfly, Aglais urticae L.Butterfly, Aglais urticae L.IVANHOE1396151.00
Butterfly, Butterfly on blossomsButterfly, Butterfly on blossomsIVANHOE1396161.00
Butterfly, Inachis io L.Butterfly, Inachis io L.IVANHOE1396131.00
L. Aristov: Satyrus alpherakyi Avin.1974L. Aristov: Satyrus alpherakyi Avin.1974IVANHOE1395721.00
L. V. Aristov: Butterflys, Zerynthia polyxena Schiff 1983L. V. Aristov: Butterflys, Zerynthia polyxena Schiff 1983IVANHOE1395491.00
L. Aristov: Lycaena pheretiades Ev. 1974L. Aristov: Lycaena pheretiades Ev. 1974IVANHOE1395751.00
Butterfly, Vanessa atalanta L.Butterfly, Vanessa atalanta L.IVANHOE1396121.00
L. Aristov: Pararge eversmanni Ev. 1974L. Aristov: Pararge eversmanni Ev. 1974IVANHOE1395731.00
L. Aristov: Erebia maracandica Ersch. 1974L. Aristov: Erebia maracandica Ersch. 1974IVANHOE1395711.00
Butterfly, Pararge adrastoides BienButterfly, Pararge adrastoides BienIVANHOE1396011.00
Monarch butterflies,Butterfly Trees Park, Pacific Grove, CaliforniaMonarch butterflies,Butterfly Trees Park, Pacific Grove, CaliforniaIVANHOE1350071.00
L. Aristov: Anthocharis transcaspica Stgr. 1983L. Aristov: Anthocharis transcaspica Stgr. 1983IVANHOE1395671.00
L. Aristov: Zegris fausti Chr. 1983L. Aristov: Zegris fausti Chr. 1983IVANHOE1395681.00
The Marbled White, Melanargia galtheaThe Marbled White, Melanargia galtheaIVANHOE1352091.00
L. Aristov: Colias eogene Feld. 1974L. Aristov: Colias eogene Feld. 1974IVANHOE1395701.00
Butterfly, Melanargia larissa Hbn.Butterfly, Melanargia larissa Hbn.IVANHOE1396031.00
Butterflys, 1976Butterflys, 1976IVANHOE1395021.00
Butterflys, 1976Butterflys, 1976IVANHOE1395031.00
Butterfly, Papilio machaon L.Butterfly, Papilio machaon L.IVANHOE1396071.00
Bug, insect, GrasshopperBug, insect, GrasshopperIVANHOE1396171.00
Bug, insect, Butterfly on blossomBug, insect, Butterfly on blossomIVANHOE1396181.00
Butterfly on blossomButterfly on blossomIVANHOE1396191.00
Butterfly, Nymphalis antiopa L.Butterfly, Nymphalis antiopa L.IVANHOE1396061.00

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