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Spain:Ox, matador, Banderillas al Cuartes,pre 1905Spain:Ox, matador, Banderillas al Cuartes,pre 1905IVANHOE569015.00
Small kitten in flower, catSmall kitten in flower, catIVANHOE618121.00
Theodor Kleehaas:Girl with rabbits, *PU 1925Theodor Kleehaas:Girl with rabbits, *PU 1925IVANHOE565204.75
Cat with kittens, basket, AN PARIS 2340, pre 1940Cat with kittens, basket, AN PARIS 2340, pre 1940IVANHOE565944.75
2 standing dogs, OGZL 1024, pre 19202 standing dogs, OGZL 1024, pre 1920IVANHOE603794.25
Hungary:Cattles, well, pre 1920Hungary:Cattles, well, pre 1920IVANHOE569563.75
Kids driving car, dog, pre 1940Kids driving car, dog, pre 1940IVANHOE566773.75
Animals, rodents on grassAnimals, rodents on grassIVANHOE391671.00
Boy with rooster, chicks, pre 1920Boy with rooster, chicks, pre 1920IVANHOE570793.75
African elephantsAfrican elephantsIVANHOE976051.00
Dog, Girl with puppie, EM, pre 1920Dog, Girl with puppie, EM, pre 1920IVANHOE565905.50
Cat on windowsillCat on windowsillIVANHOE617951.00
Girl with roosters, *PU 1916Girl with roosters, *PU 1916IVANHOE563804.75

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