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Tuamotu, French PolynesiaTuamotu, French PolynesiaIVANHOE1129621.00
Souvenir of Seychelles, Sunset, Beach SceneriesSouvenir of Seychelles, Sunset, Beach SceneriesIVANHOE1130331.00
Puerto del Rosario, windmillPuerto del Rosario, windmillIVANHOE1037411.00
Journey in hancock, Spa Pool, waterfallsJourney in hancock, Spa Pool, waterfallsIVANHOE1034761.00
Mauritius island:Esny bridge, viewsMauritius island:Esny bridge, viewsIVANHOE1045231.00
Mauritius island:GardenMauritius island:GardenIVANHOE1045271.00
Mauritius island:TreeMauritius island:TreeIVANHOE1045291.00
Reunion island:MountainsReunion island:MountainsIVANHOE1045461.00
Reunion island:Tree, Deloxis regia near seaReunion island:Tree, Deloxis regia near seaIVANHOE1045491.00
Beautiful building with colonnadeBeautiful building with colonnadeIVANHOE1132071.00
Stereo card:2 pictures, sunset and portStereo card:2 pictures, sunset and portIVANHOE861822.50
Waterfall by Bernard GrangeWaterfall by Bernard GrangeIVANHOE149811.00
Serra da Estrela, waterfall in winterSerra da Estrela, waterfall in winterIVANHOE467001.00
Porthmeirion:The Gloriette and Telfords towerPorthmeirion:The Gloriette and Telfords towerIVANHOE466601.00
Tarazona, cathedralTarazona, cathedralIVANHOE407801.00
USA??:Ardeche, views, waterfall, bridgeUSA??:Ardeche, views, waterfall, bridgeIVANHOE371721.00
Indonesia:Prambanan, Hindu temple, elephant statueIndonesia:Prambanan, Hindu temple, elephant statueIVANHOE106721.00
Opononi on the Hokianga harbour, Northland, statueOpononi on the Hokianga harbour, Northland, statueIVANHOE708981.00
Watermill, kids, WKL 405, pre 1920Watermill, kids, WKL 405, pre 1920IVANHOE582213.00
Watermill, KGL, *PU 1925Watermill, KGL, *PU 1925IVANHOE582154.00
Watermill, Serie 509, *PU 1912Watermill, Serie 509, *PU 1912IVANHOE582144.00

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