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Russia:Revenue stamp, 80 kop, pre 1920IVANHOE346651.00
Russia:Revenue stamp, 40 kop, pre 1920Russia:Revenue stamp, 40 kop, pre 1920IVANHOE346661.00
Football advertising label, Carlsberg beer, soccerFootball advertising label, Carlsberg beer, soccerIVANHOE547491.00
Writing paper with Assateague lighthouseWriting paper with Assateague lighthouseIVANHOE385291.00
Russia:Local revenue,1 rouble,St Peterburg,pre1920Russia:Local revenue,1 rouble,St Peterburg,pre1920IVANHOE347031.00
Russia:Court revenue?, 15 kop., pre 1920Russia:Court revenue?, 15 kop., pre 1920IVANHOE347011.00
Russia:Court revenue, 20 kop., pre 1920Russia:Court revenue, 20 kop., pre 1920IVANHOE347021.00
Russia:Local revenue,5 kop.,St Peterburg,pre 1920Russia:Local revenue,5 kop.,St Peterburg,pre 1920IVANHOE347001.00
Russia:Court revenue, 25 kop., pre 1920Russia:Court revenue, 25 kop., pre 1920IVANHOE346981.00
Russia:Office revenue, 20 kop., pre 1920Russia:Office revenue, 20 kop., pre 1920IVANHOE346991.00
Russia:Revenue stamp, 25 kop, pre 1920Russia:Revenue stamp, 25 kop, pre 1920IVANHOE346711.00
Russia:Revenue stamp, 50 kop., pre 1920Russia:Revenue stamp, 50 kop., pre 1920IVANHOE346691.00
Russia:Revenue stamp, 60 kop., pre 1920Russia:Revenue stamp, 60 kop., pre 1920IVANHOE346701.00
Russia:Revenue stamp, 5 kop, pre 1920Russia:Revenue stamp, 5 kop, pre 1920IVANHOE346681.00
Russia:Revenue stamp, 10 kop, pre 1920Russia:Revenue stamp, 10 kop, pre 1920IVANHOE346671.00
Estonia:Revenue, 10 penni, pre 1928Estonia:Revenue, 10 penni, pre 1928IVANHOE346641.00
Bookmark, birds, animals, boy, airplane,parrotsBookmark, birds, animals, boy, airplane,parrotsIVANHOE331061.00
Bookmark, ButterflyBookmark, ButterflyIVANHOE331051.00
Bookmark, Butterfly on flowerBookmark, Butterfly on flowerIVANHOE331041.00
Advertising flyer, Doum Doum Patouka DhambiAdvertising flyer, Doum Doum Patouka DhambiIVANHOE353431.00
Russia:Revenue stamp, 10 kop., pre 1920Russia:Revenue stamp, 10 kop., pre 1920IVANHOE346721.00
Russia:Philatelic exhibition label,A.Mozaiskovo,CRussia:Philatelic exhibition label,A.Mozaiskovo,CIVANHOE728261.00
Russia:Philatelic exhibition label,A.Mozaiskovo,BRussia:Philatelic exhibition label,A.Mozaiskovo,BIVANHOE728251.00
Russia:Philatelic exhibition label,A.Mozaiskovo,ARussia:Philatelic exhibition label,A.Mozaiskovo,AIVANHOE728241.00
Russia:Komi library information bulletinRussia:Komi library information bulletinIVANHOE727021.00
Issuing card, erotic lady, FOXIssuing card, erotic lady, FOXIVANHOE709611.00
Issuing card, erotic lady, LollypopsIssuing card, erotic lady, LollypopsIVANHOE709601.00
Advertising label, Old carAdvertising label, Old carIVANHOE629121.00
Label with coupon, Car BMWLabel with coupon, Car BMWIVANHOE629111.00
Estonia:Local labels, Kuressaare, 1991Estonia:Local labels, Kuressaare, 1991IVANHOE610684.75