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Russia:Pin, Olympic games, rowing, A, 1980Russia:Pin, Olympic games, rowing, A, 1980IVANHOE362651.00
Russia:Pin, Olympic games, goal ball??., A, 1980Russia:Pin, Olympic games, goal ball??., A, 1980IVANHOE362661.00
Russia:Pin, Olympic games, Kreml, 1980Russia:Pin, Olympic games, Kreml, 1980IVANHOE362551.00
Russia:Pin, Olympic games, rowing, 1980Russia:Pin, Olympic games, rowing, 1980IVANHOE362491.00
Russia:Pin, Olympic games, emblem, A, 1980Russia:Pin, Olympic games, emblem, A, 1980IVANHOE362541.00
Russia:Pin, Olympic games, waterball, 1980Russia:Pin, Olympic games, waterball, 1980IVANHOE362411.00
Russia:Pin, Olympic games, fencing, 1980Russia:Pin, Olympic games, fencing, 1980IVANHOE362791.00
Russia:Pin, soldier-sportsman, II gradeRussia:Pin, soldier-sportsman, II gradeIVANHOE285401.00
Russia:Pin, soldier-sportsman, III gradeRussia:Pin, soldier-sportsman, III gradeIVANHOE285391.00
Russia:Pin, Young sportsman, I gradeRussia:Pin, Young sportsman, I gradeIVANHOE285301.00
Russia:Pin, Sportsman, III gradeRussia:Pin, Sportsman, III gradeIVANHOE285311.00
Russia:Pin, Young sportsman, II gradeRussia:Pin, Young sportsman, II gradeIVANHOE285291.00
Russia:Pin,Ready for work,defence in USSR,OlympicRussia:Pin,Ready for work,defence in USSR,OlympicIVANHOE285371.00
Russia:Pin, sportsman II gradeRussia:Pin, sportsman II gradeIVANHOE285321.00
Russia:Pin, Olympic games, basketball, 1980Russia:Pin, Olympic games, basketball, 1980IVANHOE362991.00
Russia:Pin, Olympic games, swimming jumps, 1980Russia:Pin, Olympic games, swimming jumps, 1980IVANHOE363001.00
Russia:Pin,Ready for work and defence in USSR,IgraRussia:Pin,Ready for work and defence in USSR,IgraIVANHOE285361.00
Russia:Pin, Olympic games, gymnastic, 1980Russia:Pin, Olympic games, gymnastic, 1980IVANHOE362841.00
Estonia:Firefighters badge, 5 years,pre 1980Estonia:Firefighters badge, 5 years,pre 1980IVANHOE699545.00
Estonia:Firefighter badge, 20 years, pre 1980Estonia:Firefighter badge, 20 years, pre 1980IVANHOE699638.00
Estonia:Firefighter badge, 15 years, pre 1980Estonia:Firefighter badge, 15 years, pre 1980IVANHOE699628.00
Russia:Badge 40 years from victoryRussia:Badge 40 years from victoryIVANHOE755134.50
Russia:Badge CVM museum, submarine, navyRussia:Badge CVM museum, submarine, navyIVANHOE755154.50
Russia:Badge Navy day in USSRRussia:Badge Navy day in USSRIVANHOE755116.00
Russia:Badge Soviet landing unit are winnersRussia:Badge Soviet landing unit are winnersIVANHOE755106.00
Russia:Badge October revolution, ship AuroraRussia:Badge October revolution, ship AuroraIVANHOE755096.00
Russia:Badge XII quinquennum progressive workerRussia:Badge XII quinquennum progressive workerIVANHOE755079.00
Russia:Badge national policeman, CRussia:Badge national policeman, CIVANHOE755069.00
Russia:Badge national policeman, BRussia:Badge national policeman, BIVANHOE7550514.00
Russia:Badge national policeman, ARussia:Badge national policeman, AIVANHOE7550415.00
Russia:Badge Dosaaf, for excellent studingRussia:Badge Dosaaf, for excellent studingIVANHOE7550314.00
Russia:Badge Soviet pilots are winnersRussia:Badge Soviet pilots are winnersIVANHOE755086.00
Russia:Medal For Great work in WW II, StalinRussia:Medal For Great work in WW II, StalinIVANHOE6811713.00
Russia:Medal Russian militia 50 years, policeRussia:Medal Russian militia 50 years, policeIVANHOE6811023.00
Russia:Medal For serving 15 years in army, BRussia:Medal For serving 15 years in army, BIVANHOE6810613.00
Russia:Afghanistan war medal,grateful nati,pre1990Russia:Afghanistan war medal,grateful nati,pre1990IVANHOE6810324.00
Russia:Medal For serving 15 years in army, ARussia:Medal For serving 15 years in army, AIVANHOE6810413.00
Russia:Medal For serving 10 years in armed forcesRussia:Medal For serving 10 years in armed forcesIVANHOE6810513.00
Russia:Medal Labour veteran, ARussia:Medal Labour veteran, AIVANHOE681086.00
Russia:Medal For serving 20 years in armed forcesRussia:Medal For serving 20 years in armed forcesIVANHOE6810723.00
Russia:Medal Labour veteran, BRussia:Medal Labour veteran, BIVANHOE681094.00
Russia:Labour veteran medal, pre 1990Russia:Labour veteran medal, pre 1990IVANHOE627034.00
Russia:Badge XI quinquennium exemplary workerRussia:Badge XI quinquennium exemplary workerIVANHOE627044.00
Russia:Medal Lenin 100 years with documentRussia:Medal Lenin 100 years with documentIVANHOE6272911.00
Russia:Medal Labour veteran with documentRussia:Medal Labour veteran with documentIVANHOE627188.00
Estonia:Badge Village council memberEstonia:Badge Village council memberIVANHOE611003.75
Russia:Badge Winner of Socialistic competition, BRussia:Badge Winner of Socialistic competition, BIVANHOE611033.75
Russia:Badge Winner of Socialistic competition, ARussia:Badge Winner of Socialistic competition, AIVANHOE611023.75
Russia:Militia hat badge, cockadeRussia:Militia hat badge, cockadeIVANHOE5736013.00

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