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Estonia:Independent war, Luuga landing 1919Estonia:Independent war, Luuga landing 1919IVANHOE609414.75
Russia:Propaganda card,soldiers,horses, 1938Russia:Propaganda card,soldiers,horses, 1938IVANHOE609423.75
Russia:Propaganda card, soldiers, 1938Russia:Propaganda card, soldiers, 1938IVANHOE609443.75
Russia:Propaganda card,soldiers,guns, 1938Russia:Propaganda card,soldiers,guns, 1938IVANHOE609433.75
Belgium:I WW,museum, airplanes, helmets, pre 1940Belgium:I WW,museum, airplanes, helmets, pre 1940IVANHOE581664.00
Belgium:Museum, swords, pictures, pre 1940Belgium:Museum, swords, pictures, pre 1940IVANHOE581504.00
Belgium:I WW, museum,cannons,machine guns,pre 1940Belgium:I WW, museum,cannons,machine guns,pre 1940IVANHOE581554.00
Belgium:I WW, museum, cannon, missiles, pre 1940Belgium:I WW, museum, cannon, missiles, pre 1940IVANHOE581564.00
Belgium:I WW, museum, cannons, pictures, pre 1940Belgium:I WW, museum, cannons, pictures, pre 1940IVANHOE581634.00
Belgium:Museum, guns, pre 1940Belgium:Museum, guns, pre 1940IVANHOE581694.00
Belgium:I WW,museum, airplanes, statues, pre 1940Belgium:I WW,museum, airplanes, statues, pre 1940IVANHOE581704.00
Belgium:Museum, flags, guns, pre 1940Belgium:Museum, flags, guns, pre 1940IVANHOE581594.00
Belgium:Museum, many swords, pre 1940Belgium:Museum, many swords, pre 1940IVANHOE581534.00
Belgium:I WW, museum, cannon, flags, pre 1940Belgium:I WW, museum, cannon, flags, pre 1940IVANHOE581584.00
Belgium:Museum, cannon,machine guns,pre 1940Belgium:Museum, cannon,machine guns,pre 1940IVANHOE581574.00
Belgium:I WW, museum, cannons, airplanes, pre 1940Belgium:I WW, museum, cannons, airplanes, pre 1940IVANHOE581544.00
Belgium:Museum, cannons, pictures, pre 1940Belgium:Museum, cannons, pictures, pre 1940IVANHOE581514.00
Belgium:Museum, uniforms, pre 1940Belgium:Museum, uniforms, pre 1940IVANHOE581484.00
Belgium:Museum,France,period to Waterloo,pre 1940Belgium:Museum,France,period to Waterloo,pre 1940IVANHOE581494.00
Battle, grenadier in battle, 1711, *PU 1910Battle, grenadier in battle, 1711, *PU 1910IVANHOE580624.00
Belgium:I WW, museum, cannons, airplanes, pre 1940Belgium:I WW, museum, cannons, airplanes, pre 1940IVANHOE581524.00
Russia:Young officer, orders, medal, 1947Russia:Young officer, orders, medal, 1947IVANHOE572784.75
Russia:War propaganda, soldiers on horses, 1940Russia:War propaganda, soldiers on horses, 1940IVANHOE572912.75
Belgium:Museum, many swords and guns,pre 1940Belgium:Museum, many swords and guns,pre 1940IVANHOE581624.00
Belgium:Museum, uniforms, Leopold I, pre 1940Belgium:Museum, uniforms, Leopold I, pre 1940IVANHOE581604.00
United Kingdom:Uniforms,Yorkshire hussarsUnited Kingdom:Uniforms,Yorkshire hussarsIVANHOE948961.00
Belgium:I WW,museum, missiles, cannons, pre 1940Belgium:I WW,museum, missiles, cannons, pre 1940IVANHOE581674.00

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