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47215 Clara Barton Civil War Front Lines Relief47215 Clara Barton Civil War Front Lines ReliefKDL583404.00
47217 Irene Knigevitch Translator, Civil War47217 Irene Knigevitch Translator, Civil WarKDL583424.00
47214 Astronomer Annie Jump Cannon47214 Astronomer Annie Jump CannonKDL583394.00
47211 Anna Freud, Sigmond Freud Daughter,47211 Anna Freud, Sigmond Freud Daughter,KDL583364.00
47212Alice Roosevelt Longworth, Roosevelt Daughter47212Alice Roosevelt Longworth, Roosevelt DaughterKDL583374.00
43101Karen Horney, Psychologist, Feminine Theories43101Karen Horney, Psychologist, Feminine TheoriesKDL706764.00
47235 Ella Baker, NAACP, SNCC Civil Rights Leader47235 Ella Baker, NAACP, SNCC Civil Rights LeaderKDL759584.00
11050 Silk Calling Costume Southern Belle11050 Silk Calling Costume Southern BelleKDL648684.00
11052 Yellow Ball Gown Southern Belle11052 Yellow Ball Gown Southern BelleKDL648704.00
47388 Turn of the Century African-American Woman47388 Turn of the Century African-American WomanKDL594714.00
47389 Strong Looking African-American Young Lady47389 Strong Looking African-American Young LadyKDL594724.00
47230 Shanta Rao Classical Indian Dancer47230 Shanta Rao Classical Indian DancerKDL649904.00
47229 Rebecca Felton Newspaperwoman Activist47229 Rebecca Felton Newspaperwoman ActivistKDL693434.00
11051 Silk Walking Gown with Plaid Southern Belle11051 Silk Walking Gown with Plaid Southern BelleKDL648694.00
47228   Queen Victoria47228 Queen VictoriaKDL725334.00
47384 African-American Girl in Furry Outfit47384 African-American Girl in Furry OutfitKDL594674.00
47375 Thin Waist, African-American Woman47375 Thin Waist, African-American WomanKDL594584.00
47399 Striking African-American Lady, Pretty!47399 Striking African-American Lady, Pretty!KDL594824.00
47397 African-American Girl in Pretty Dress47397 African-American Girl in Pretty DressKDL594804.00
47396 Sweet and Innocent African-American Girl47396 Sweet and Innocent African-American GirlKDL594794.00
47395 Dark Skinned African-American Young Lady47395 Dark Skinned African-American Young LadyKDL594784.00
47393 African-American Woman with Glasses, Hat47393 African-American Woman with Glasses, HatKDL594764.00
47394 African-American Woman with Beautiful Blouse47394 African-American Woman with Beautiful BlouseKDL594774.00
47392 African-American Lady with Fancy Blouse47392 African-American Lady with Fancy BlouseKDL594754.00
47385 African-American Woman or Girl PRETTY47385 African-American Woman or Girl PRETTYKDL594684.00
47390 Delightful African-American Young Lady47390 Delightful African-American Young LadyKDL594734.00
47386 African-American Girl in Frilly White Gown47386 African-American Girl in Frilly White GownKDL594694.00
47383 Young and Pretty African-American Woman47383 Young and Pretty African-American WomanKDL594664.00
47382 African-American Woman with Pretty Blouse47382 African-American Woman with Pretty BlouseKDL594654.00
47376 African-American Woman In White Dress47376 African-American Woman In White DressKDL594594.00
47380 African-American Woman with Plaid Shirt47380 African-American Woman with Plaid ShirtKDL594634.00
47379 Pretty African-American Woman Posing47379 Pretty African-American Woman PosingKDL594624.00
47378 Profile African-American Woman, Corsage47378 Profile African-American Woman, CorsageKDL594614.00
47374 Profile of African-American Woman47374 Profile of African-American WomanKDL594574.00
47387 African-American Young Lady PRETTY47387 African-American Young Lady PRETTYKDL594704.00
47372 African-American Woman Profile Portrait47372 African-American Woman Profile PortraitKDL594554.00
47371 Pretty African-American Woman Close Up,47371 Pretty African-American Woman Close Up,KDL594544.00
47373 Dressed Up African-American Woman47373 Dressed Up African-American WomanKDL594564.00
47398 Dignified African-American Woman47398 Dignified African-American WomanKDL594814.00
11068 Yellow Jacket and Skirt Southern Belle11068 Yellow Jacket and Skirt Southern BelleKDL648864.00
43112 Emma Goldman, Socialist Radical Activist43112 Emma Goldman, Socialist Radical ActivistKDL706834.00
43104 Gabriela Mistral, Chile 1889-195743104 Gabriela Mistral, Chile 1889-1957KDL706784.00
43150 Mary Wollstoncraft English Feminist Author43150 Mary Wollstoncraft English Feminist AuthorKDL706734.00
43130 Pioneer Mother, Baby by Newcastle Wyoming43130 Pioneer Mother, Baby by Newcastle WyomingKDL706684.00
43793  Mother, Kids, Modern Kitchen 195043793 Mother, Kids, Modern Kitchen 1950KDL569594.00
43133 Harriet Tubman American Slavery Abolitionist43133 Harriet Tubman American Slavery AbolitionistKDL706694.00
43109 Maria Mitchell 1st to see Comet w Telescope43109 Maria Mitchell 1st to see Comet w TelescopeKDL706814.00
47028 Black Lady Looks Through Fingers -Uwe Ommer47028 Black Lady Looks Through Fingers -Uwe OmmerKDL633894.00
47029 Black Lady in White Robe -Uwe Ommer47029 Black Lady in White Robe -Uwe OmmerKDL633904.00
47031 Black Lady with Beads -Uwe Ommer47031 Black Lady with Beads -Uwe OmmerKDL726494.00

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