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Mechancial - Turn tWheel - Birds - ReproMechancial - Turn tWheel - Birds - ReproNYPOSTCARDS1380037.50
Mechancial - Turn tWheel - Birds - ReproMechancial - Turn tWheel - Birds - ReproNYPOSTCARDS1380045.00
I never thought he was do Big ! - Boxer by S MorinetI never thought he was do Big ! - Boxer by S MorinetNYPOSTCARDS13799415.00
Saturday- Little Bear Goes to MarketSaturday- Little Bear Goes to MarketNYPOSTCARDS1379084.50
Spring - Love BearsSpring - Love BearsNYPOSTCARDS1379054.50
Horse Drawn CartHorse Drawn CartNYPOSTCARDS1343643.50
Waltz me around again WillieWaltz me around again WillieNYPOSTCARDS1341874.00
RPPC, Cat Reading a BookRPPC, Cat Reading a BookNYPOSTCARDS1313704.00
RPPC, Mountain SheepRPPC, Mountain SheepNYPOSTCARDS1312725.00
Seal SlaughterSeal SlaughterNYPOSTCARDS1298224.00
Collie's Magpie-JayCollie's Magpie-JayNYPOSTCARDS1291723.00
Scaup DucksScaup DucksNYPOSTCARDS1291693.00
Ring-Necked PheasantRing-Necked PheasantNYPOSTCARDS1291653.00
Canvasback DucksCanvasback DucksNYPOSTCARDS1291613.00
Ruffed Grouse - American WildlifeRuffed Grouse - American WildlifeNYPOSTCARDS1291213.00
Woodcock - American WildlifeWoodcock - American WildlifeNYPOSTCARDS1290543.00
Dungeness CrabDungeness CrabNYPOSTCARDS1289203.00
2 - Mountain Goats2 - Mountain GoatsNYPOSTCARDS1288704.00
RPPC, Herd Elk or Rain DeerRPPC, Herd Elk or Rain DeerNYPOSTCARDS1288535.00
Horse by I RivstHorse by I RivstNYPOSTCARDS1288314.50
Horse by I RivstHorse by I RivstNYPOSTCARDS1287984.50
Dead Birds - Hunting by Aug MullerDead Birds - Hunting by Aug MullerNYPOSTCARDS1287625.00
Bird in Flight, Serie 350 by Aug MullerBird in Flight, Serie 350 by Aug MullerNYPOSTCARDS1286104.50
Birds on a BranchBirds on a BranchNYPOSTCARDS1280813.00
RPPC, Pigs at Dinner TimeRPPC, Pigs at Dinner TimeNYPOSTCARDS1280304.50
Spider & Her WebSpider & Her WebNYPOSTCARDS1276243.00
Dressed Rabbits Playing Tennis by Racey HelpsDressed Rabbits Playing Tennis by Racey HelpsNYPOSTCARDS1274743.50
RPPC, Ox Drawn WagonRPPC, Ox Drawn WagonNYPOSTCARDS1272794.00
Chichens - Rooster & HenChichens - Rooster & HenNYPOSTCARDS1265203.00
Snake Charmers CobraSnake Charmers CobraNYPOSTCARDS1264583.00
Woman and a Pigy Bank / Tuck's 2569Woman and a Pigy Bank / Tuck's 2569NYPOSTCARDS1261368.00
RPPC, Pigs & PigletsRPPC, Pigs & PigletsNYPOSTCARDS1261325.00
Pig - Dont GruntPig - Dont GruntNYPOSTCARDS1260504.00
Woman and a PigWoman and a PigNYPOSTCARDS1260407.50
Monkey's and TelephoneMonkey's and TelephoneNYPOSTCARDS1255563.50
Cold Wate Cure - Gratification - Monkey'sCold Wate Cure - Gratification - Monkey'sNYPOSTCARDS1255414.00
RPPC,  Monkey and Boy at TypesRPPC, Monkey and Boy at TypesNYPOSTCARDS1254424.50
Pig - Blow-CardPig - Blow-CardNYPOSTCARDS1254105.00
Bee, Ein Frohes PfingstfestBee, Ein Frohes PfingstfestNYPOSTCARDS1250927.00
Bee & FlowersBee & FlowersNYPOSTCARDS1250513.50
Woman, Umbrella & a GrasshopperWoman, Umbrella & a GrasshopperNYPOSTCARDS1250495.00
Bear Ironing Clothes - TuesdayBear Ironing Clothes - TuesdayNYPOSTCARDS1250396.00
Bear Ironing Clothes - TuesdayBear Ironing Clothes - TuesdayNYPOSTCARDS1250357.50
Baby Chicks Watching a GrasshopperBaby Chicks Watching a GrasshopperNYPOSTCARDS1250124.50
RPPC, Woman on a DonkeyRPPC, Woman on a DonkeyNYPOSTCARDS12494012.00
Polo, Aiken SC FieldPolo, Aiken SC FieldNYPOSTCARDS1248874.00
Dressed Cats Playing Golf by Alfred MainzerDressed Cats Playing Golf by Alfred MainzerNYPOSTCARDS1248056.00

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