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La France BluesLa France BluesNYPOSTCARDS1380273.00
Standard Oil Co. Great Lakes Expo, Cleveland OHStandard Oil Co. Great Lakes Expo, Cleveland OHNYPOSTCARDS1380264.00
The DramaThe DramaNYPOSTCARDS1380234.00
My Hou You Flatters Yourself DearieMy Hou You Flatters Yourself DearieNYPOSTCARDS1380224.00
Chrysler Building - Chicago Worlds FairChrysler Building - Chicago Worlds FairNYPOSTCARDS1380103.50
Ford Motor - Chicago Worlds FairFord Motor - Chicago Worlds FairNYPOSTCARDS1380093.50
Black American - Carbon CopiesBlack American - Carbon CopiesNYPOSTCARDS1379976.00
3 - Dead Birds3 - Dead BirdsNYPOSTCARDS1379986.00
Black American - Im on the GoBlack American - Im on the GoNYPOSTCARDS1379965.00
Pansy's and a GirlPansy's and a GirlNYPOSTCARDS1379924.00
Walk-Over Shoes - In the StocksWalk-Over Shoes - In the StocksNYPOSTCARDS1379934.00
Scotch Scout ScootsScotch Scout ScootsNYPOSTCARDS1379895.00
Greetings - Swastika CornersGreetings - Swastika CornersNYPOSTCARDS1379904.50
Music - Face to FaceMusic - Face to FaceNYPOSTCARDS1379865.00
Go to Sleep My Little BabeGo to Sleep My Little BabeNYPOSTCARDS1379875.00
Bonnet Baby - Mary Had a Little LambBonnet Baby - Mary Had a Little LambNYPOSTCARDS1379776.00
Woman on Old Telephone - It Listen GoodWoman on Old Telephone - It Listen GoodNYPOSTCARDS1379735.00
Couple - Embroidered DressCouple - Embroidered DressNYPOSTCARDS1379745.00
Dancer - WomanDancer - WomanNYPOSTCARDS1379715.00
Couple - DreamingCouple - DreamingNYPOSTCARDS1379704.00
Halka - Prawda juz mnie nie porzucisz !Halka - Prawda juz mnie nie porzucisz !NYPOSTCARDS1379684.00
With Tender LoveWith Tender LoveNYPOSTCARDS1379664.00
Milose moja juz wykutaMilose moja juz wykutaNYPOSTCARDS1379674.00
The ByrdsThe ByrdsNYPOSTCARDS1379575.00
Four SeasonsFour SeasonsNYPOSTCARDS1379535.00
The OutsidersThe OutsidersNYPOSTCARDS1379545.00
Beach BoysBeach BoysNYPOSTCARDS1379525.00
Sonny & CherSonny & CherNYPOSTCARDS1379515.00
RPPC - Two WomenRPPC - Two WomenNYPOSTCARDS1379345.00
RPPC - Women with a Fancy HatRPPC - Women with a Fancy HatNYPOSTCARDS1379355.00
RPPC - Carpenter or Wagon MakerRPPC - Carpenter or Wagon MakerNYPOSTCARDS1379366.00
Let Women Run the Government - Suffrage - Womans RightsLet Women Run the Government - Suffrage - Womans RightsNYPOSTCARDS13790312.50
Suffragette Madonna - Womans RightsSuffragette Madonna - Womans RightsNYPOSTCARDS13790212.00
Centrifugal, Sugar Beet FactoryCentrifugal, Sugar Beet FactoryNYPOSTCARDS1377785.00
Black Americana - Folder - DixielandBlack Americana - Folder - DixielandNYPOSTCARDS1377767.50
Black Americana - Folder - Sunny DixieBlack Americana - Folder - Sunny DixieNYPOSTCARDS1377777.50
Black Americana - I Take Delight DroopingBlack Americana - I Take Delight DroopingNYPOSTCARDS1377754.00
RPPC -- Sesquicentennial International ExpositionRPPC -- Sesquicentennial International ExpositionNYPOSTCARDS1377735.00
American Indian Signs & SymbolsAmerican Indian Signs & SymbolsNYPOSTCARDS1377743.00
1893 - Worlds Columbian Expo - Horticultural Bldg1893 - Worlds Columbian Expo - Horticultural BldgNYPOSTCARDS13775410.00
NY Worlds Fair Small Cards - Set of 15NY Worlds Fair Small Cards - Set of 15NYPOSTCARDS13775517.50
Pack of 13 - CA Midwinter International ExpoPack of 13 - CA Midwinter International ExpoNYPOSTCARDS13775620.00
1907 Jametown Expo - Official Seal1907 Jametown Expo - Official SealNYPOSTCARDS13775210.00
Pan-American Expo - Machinery & TransportationPan-American Expo - Machinery & TransportationNYPOSTCARDS13775310.00
St Louis Worlds Fair, Night LagoonSt Louis Worlds Fair, Night LagoonNYPOSTCARDS1377497.00
Pan-American Expo, The StadiumPan-American Expo, The StadiumNYPOSTCARDS1377486.00

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