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Motel Oak-Land, Oakland MDMotel Oak-Land, Oakland MDNYPOSTCARDS1381215.00
Home of Harry S TrumanHome of Harry S TrumanNYPOSTCARDS1381224.00
Fairylandd Caverns, Lookout MTFairylandd Caverns, Lookout MTNYPOSTCARDS1381234.00
Ma's Motel & Restaurant Amoco Service Station, Dunn NCMa's Motel & Restaurant Amoco Service Station, Dunn NCNYPOSTCARDS1381206.50
Callaway's Motor Court, Griffin GACallaway's Motor Court, Griffin GANYPOSTCARDS1381184.00
Del-Mar Motor Court, New Castle DEDel-Mar Motor Court, New Castle DENYPOSTCARDS1381165.00
Clearview Motel, Wheeling IlClearview Motel, Wheeling IlNYPOSTCARDS1381174.00
2 - Hot Springs AR Cards2 - Hot Springs AR CardsNYPOSTCARDS1381157.00
2 - Hot Springs AR Cards2 - Hot Springs AR CardsNYPOSTCARDS1381145.00
Lamar Bath House, Hot Springs ARLamar Bath House, Hot Springs ARNYPOSTCARDS1381134.50
Hotel Moody & Bath House, Hot Springs ARHotel Moody & Bath House, Hot Springs ARNYPOSTCARDS1381124.00
3 - RPPC - Dawson Camp, Seneca Rocks & Rt 50, WV3 - RPPC - Dawson Camp, Seneca Rocks & Rt 50, WVNYPOSTCARDS13811010.00
Mt Moosilauke from North Haverhill NHMt Moosilauke from North Haverhill NHNYPOSTCARDS1381085.00
B & H Station & H.P. Hood & Sons Plant North Haverhill NHB & H Station & H.P. Hood & Sons Plant North Haverhill NHNYPOSTCARDS1381096.00
2 - Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles CA2 - Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles CANYPOSTCARDS1381056.00
Main St. Woodsville NHMain St. Woodsville NHNYPOSTCARDS1381064.00
Covered Bridge, Ct River, Cornish - Windsor VTCovered Bridge, Ct River, Cornish - Windsor VTNYPOSTCARDS1381074.00
2 - Gathering Sap in VT2 - Gathering Sap in VTNYPOSTCARDS1381047.00
Wells River VTWells River VTNYPOSTCARDS1381035.00
Howard the Trader, Clearwater FlHoward the Trader, Clearwater FlNYPOSTCARDS1381025.00
Flagler Dr. West Palm Beach FlFlagler Dr. West Palm Beach FlNYPOSTCARDS1380994.00
RPPC - Trading Post Restaurant, Homestead FlRPPC - Trading Post Restaurant, Homestead FlNYPOSTCARDS13810024.00
Sulphur Springs, Baptist Church, Tampa FlSulphur Springs, Baptist Church, Tampa FlNYPOSTCARDS1381014.00
Scruggs Bros. Rainbow Cottages, Indian Rocks Beach, Tampa FlScruggs Bros. Rainbow Cottages, Indian Rocks Beach, Tampa FlNYPOSTCARDS1380978.00
Post Office, Arcadia FLPost Office, Arcadia FLNYPOSTCARDS1380988.00
Business Dist, Lissimmee FLBusiness Dist, Lissimmee FLNYPOSTCARDS1380945.00
Fl Sailing Assoc. Fort Pierce FlFl Sailing Assoc. Fort Pierce FlNYPOSTCARDS1380954.50
Hav-aTampa CigarHav-aTampa CigarNYPOSTCARDS1380965.00
Court House, Lissimmee FLCourt House, Lissimmee FLNYPOSTCARDS1380934.50
Zoo, Lissimmee FLZoo, Lissimmee FLNYPOSTCARDS1380924.50
Methodist Church, Lissimmee FLMethodist Church, Lissimmee FLNYPOSTCARDS1380894.00
Monument of States, Lissimmee FLMonument of States, Lissimmee FLNYPOSTCARDS1380904.50
Community House, Lissimmee FLCommunity House, Lissimmee FLNYPOSTCARDS1380914.00
Broadway, Lissimmee FLBroadway, Lissimmee FLNYPOSTCARDS1380876.00
All-State Tourist Club, Lissimmee FLAll-State Tourist Club, Lissimmee FLNYPOSTCARDS1380885.00
3 - Garrette Co. MD Cards3 - Garrette Co. MD CardsNYPOSTCARDS1380846.00
4 - Deep Creek Lake, near Oakland MD4 - Deep Creek Lake, near Oakland MDNYPOSTCARDS1380857.50
3 - Oakland MD3 - Oakland MDNYPOSTCARDS1380866.00
Medico-Chi PA Dental College, Philadelphia PAMedico-Chi PA Dental College, Philadelphia PANYPOSTCARDS1380285.00
Town Mall, Greece NYTown Mall, Greece NYNYPOSTCARDS1380154.00
1880 - Sanders & McDonald, St Joseph MO1880 - Sanders & McDonald, St Joseph MONYPOSTCARDS1380126.00
Brighton Laundry - Brooklyn NYBrighton Laundry - Brooklyn NYNYPOSTCARDS1380135.00
Fanny Farmer - Syracuse NYFanny Farmer - Syracuse NYNYPOSTCARDS1380146.00
Coconut Grove, Salt Lake City UTCoconut Grove, Salt Lake City UTNYPOSTCARDS1380113.50
Puzzle Card - New YorkPuzzle Card - New YorkNYPOSTCARDS1379605.00
RPPC - Chicago ? Man ?RPPC - Chicago ? Man ?NYPOSTCARDS1379375.00
Point Rochester, Canandaigua NYPoint Rochester, Canandaigua NYNYPOSTCARDS1377804.00
Hoo-rah - PennsylvaniaHoo-rah - PennsylvaniaNYPOSTCARDS1377816.00
Greetings from Rochestr NYGreetings from Rochestr NYNYPOSTCARDS1377797.00
Temple of Music, Buffalo NYTemple of Music, Buffalo NYNYPOSTCARDS1377474.00

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