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Heidelberg Castle @ 1904Heidelberg Castle @ 1904WME549231.000 Apr-21-19, 17:31:44
Berlin, MarchenbrunnenBerlin, MarchenbrunnenWME549181.000 Apr-21-19, 17:31:44
Capri, The Blue Grotto 1908Capri, The Blue Grotto 1908WME544671.000 Apr-22-19, 22:36:31
Andorra, Ensalonga ViewAndorra, Ensalonga ViewWME550781.000 Apr-22-19, 22:36:31
RP Luzern Scene, used in 1960RP Luzern Scene, used in 1960WME561721.000 Apr-23-19, 19:40:48
RP Jungfrau Scene, used in 1953RP Jungfrau Scene, used in 1953WME561731.000 Apr-23-19, 19:40:48
RP Cortina Scene, used in 1949RP Cortina Scene, used in 1949WME561741.000 Apr-23-19, 19:40:48
Bellagio, Italy Scene 1930Bellagio, Italy Scene 1930WME561751.000 Apr-23-19, 19:40:48
Lago di Lugano, Rocca di Gandria @1925Lago di Lugano, Rocca di Gandria @1925WME561761.000 Apr-23-19, 19:40:48
RP, Paris, Opera House 1975RP, Paris, Opera House 1975WME561771.000 Apr-23-19, 19:40:48
RP Hohensybourg MemorialRP Hohensybourg MemorialWME563521.000 Apr-23-19, 19:40:48
Paris, Room Interior, Hotel George V @1937Paris, Room Interior, Hotel George V @1937WME485361.000 Apr-23-19, 22:02:51
Paris, Opera 1911Paris, Opera 1911WME552781.000 Apr-24-19, 23:52:41
Switzerland, Burgenstock Scene @1910Switzerland, Burgenstock Scene @1910WME561821.000 Apr-24-19, 23:52:41
Switzerland, Rigi-Kulm Scene 1903Switzerland, Rigi-Kulm Scene 1903WME561831.000 Apr-24-19, 23:52:41
Switzerland, Stansstad & the Alps 1920Switzerland, Stansstad & the Alps 1920WME561841.000 Apr-24-19, 23:52:41
RP Basel, Bundesbahnhof 1919RP Basel, Bundesbahnhof 1919WME561851.000 Apr-24-19, 23:52:41
Switzerland, Luzern, Hotel du Lac@1910Switzerland, Luzern, Hotel du Lac@1910WME561861.000 Apr-24-19, 23:52:41
Switzerland, Luzern Scene @1910Switzerland, Luzern Scene @1910WME561871.000 Apr-24-19, 23:52:41
Switzerland, Luzern Promenade Scene @1910Switzerland, Luzern Promenade Scene @1910WME561881.000 Apr-24-19, 23:52:41
Switzerland, Goldau Scene @1910Switzerland, Goldau Scene @1910WME561891.000 Apr-24-19, 23:52:41
Germany, Chatillon Castle 1926Germany, Chatillon Castle 1926WME561921.000 Apr-24-19, 23:52:41
RP Samaden, Switzerland 1927RP Samaden, Switzerland 1927WME561931.000 Apr-24-19, 23:52:41
RP Zurich, Switzerland 1955RP Zurich, Switzerland 1955WME561941.000 Apr-24-19, 23:52:41
RP Oberstdorf, Germany 1958RP Oberstdorf, Germany 1958WME561951.000 Apr-24-19, 23:52:41
Partenkirchen Scene, Bavaria 1913Partenkirchen Scene, Bavaria 1913WME561981.000 Apr-24-19, 23:52:41
RP, Venice, Italy Scene @1921RP, Venice, Italy Scene @1921WME568801.000 Apr-25-19, 01:32:08
Geneve, Switzerland, Pont du Mont-Blanc, 1910Geneve, Switzerland, Pont du Mont-Blanc, 1910WME546831.000 Apr-25-19, 23:24:56
Andorra First Day Card 1975Andorra First Day Card 1975WME551021.000 Apr-26-19, 17:20:34
Two Athens Views @1902Two Athens Views @1902WME552161.000 Apr-26-19, 17:37:26
Malta, Gozo, the Azure WindowMalta, Gozo, the Azure WindowWME563731.000 Apr-26-19, 21:12:44
Paris, WWI Church Damaged in 1914 BombardmentParis, WWI Church Damaged in 1914 BombardmentWME561991.000 Apr-26-19, 22:13:33
Paris Scene @1910Paris Scene @1910WME562111.000 Apr-26-19, 22:13:33
Luzern Scene @1913Luzern Scene @1913WME562081.000 Apr-26-19, 22:13:33
Heidelberg Scenes Two Cards @1910Heidelberg Scenes Two Cards @1910WME562101.000 Apr-26-19, 22:13:33
Germany, Oberammergau Scene @1925Germany, Oberammergau Scene @1925WME562031.000 Apr-26-19, 22:13:33
Germany, Nurnberg, Han Sachs House @1925Germany, Nurnberg, Han Sachs House @1925WME562001.000 Apr-26-19, 22:13:33
Germany, Oberammergau Scene @1925Germany, Oberammergau Scene @1925WME562021.000 Apr-26-19, 22:13:33
Black Forest Scene 1924Black Forest Scene 1924WME562061.000 Apr-26-19, 22:13:33
Mittenwald Scene 1913Mittenwald Scene 1913WME562071.000 Apr-26-19, 22:13:33
Belgium, Facade Principal, Bruxelles 1910Belgium, Facade Principal, Bruxelles 1910WME564051.000 Apr-27-19, 22:09:22
Paris, Hotel de La Ville & Pont d'Arcole@1915Paris, Hotel de La Ville & Pont d'Arcole@1915WME552341.000 Apr-27-19, 22:09:22
Paris, St. Coeur Church & Funicular@1915Paris, St. Coeur Church & Funicular@1915WME552331.000 Apr-27-19, 22:09:22
RP, Germany, Sachs, Schweiz, Bastelbrucke @1935RP, Germany, Sachs, Schweiz, Bastelbrucke @1935WME562161.000 Apr-27-19, 22:09:22
Germany, Sachs, Schweiz, Konigstein View @1935Germany, Sachs, Schweiz, Konigstein View @1935WME562171.000 Apr-27-19, 22:09:22
RP Venice, Italy SceneRP Venice, Italy SceneWME569091.000 Apr-28-19, 00:24:23
Venice, Italy, Basilica of St. MarkVenice, Italy, Basilica of St. MarkWME569151.000 Apr-28-19, 00:24:23
Morocco, Marrakech,Hotel Mamounia@1920Morocco, Marrakech,Hotel Mamounia@1920WME545981.000 7 Days After 1st Bid
Russia-Chelyabinsk 124-Samara 7 to Moscow 1913Russia-Chelyabinsk 124-Samara 7 to Moscow 1913WME434286.500 7 Days After 1st Bid
Heidelberg 1907Heidelberg 1907WME470461.000 7 Days After 1st Bid

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