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Canada1139-1140 MNH SetCanada1139-1140 MNH SetWME550861.00
Canada 494 MH SetCanada 494 MH SetWME549711.00
Canada 950 MLH PairCanada 950 MLH PairWME549701.00
Canada 1545 MNH SetCanada 1545 MNH SetWME546801.00
Canada 1525-1526 MNH SetCanada 1525-1526 MNH SetWME546791.00
Canada 1270-1271 MH Sets[2]Canada 1270-1271 MH Sets[2]WME546781.00
Antigua 216-8, 224-7 MNH Sets[2]Antigua 216-8, 224-7 MNH Sets[2]WME546631.00
Canada 1516 MNHCanada 1516 MNHWME546621.00
Canada 415 MNHCanada 415 MNHWME543801.00
Canada 835-8 MLH SetCanada 835-8 MLH SetWME543371.00
Canada 465 MH Canada 465 MH WME531291.00
Canada O40-O44 MLH SetCanada O40-O44 MLH SetWME517561.00
Canada 486 MH SetCanada 486 MH SetWME514781.00
Canada 365-368 MLH SetCanada 365-368 MLH SetWME514771.00
Canada 494 MLH SetCanada 494 MLH SetWME514761.00
Canada 541 MNH SetCanada 541 MNH SetWME514751.00
Canada 1460,1466 MNH Sets[2]Canada 1460,1466 MNH Sets[2]WME503721.50
Canada O58 MNHCanada O58 MNHWME491091.75
Canada 455A MNH BookletCanada 455A MNH BookletWME496601.00
Canada 414-415 MNH SetCanada 414-415 MNH SetWME496592.25
Canada 612-614 MNH SetCanada 612-614 MNH SetWME494331.00
Canada 511A MNH  SetCanada 511A MNH SetWME493294.50
Canada 554-557 MNH SetCanada 554-557 MNH SetWME493021.00
Canada 656-657 MNH SetCanada 656-657 MNH SetWME492656.50
Canada 140 MH, has some album transfer on gumCanada 140 MH, has some album transfer on gumWME457518.50
Canada 238-240 MH SetCanada 238-240 MH SetWME457524.50
Canada 1375-1376 MNH Canada 1375-1376 MNH WME457532.75
Canada O15-15A MHCanada O15-15A MHWME457251.00
Canada E1 MH , Nice Spacefiller, Has small gum thinCanada E1 MH , Nice Spacefiller, Has small gum thinWME4572110.50
Canada O30 MLHCanada O30 MLHWME457241.00
Canada 278 MHCanada 278 MHWME457081.75
Canada 299 MHCanada 299 MHWME457101.00
Canada 231-236 MH SetCanada 231-236 MH SetWME457123.75
Canada 328B MVLHCanada 328B MVLHWME457131.00
Canada 309-310 MLH SetCanada 309-310 MLH SetWME457141.00
Canada 98 MH Spacefiller, has small gum thinCanada 98 MH Spacefiller, has small gum thinWME456964.75
Canada 151 MHCanada 151 MHWME4729214.00
Canada 204 MLH SetCanada 204 MLH SetWME472875.00
Canada 1181 MHCanada 1181 MHWME472861.00
Canada 152 MHCanada 152 MHWME4728412.50
Canada 154 MH Canada 154 MH WME464319.50
Canada 1163A MNH BookletCanada 1163A MNH BookletWME455174.00
Canada 202 MNH Set of OneCanada 202 MNH Set of OneWME455169.50
Canada 947A MNH BookletCanada 947A MNH BookletWME455181.00
Canada 81 MH, has small amount of missing gumCanada 81 MH, has small amount of missing gumWME4551430.00
Canada 914-916 MNH Sets[3]Canada 914-916 MNH Sets[3]WME455391.00
Canada 1191 MNH Canada 1191 MNH WME455341.00
Canada 513-514 MLH Set Canada 513-514 MLH Set WME455261.00
Canada B10-12 MLH Set Canada B10-12 MLH Set WME455251.25
Canada B7-9 MLH Set Canada B7-9 MLH Set WME455241.00

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