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Algeria 721-722 MH Set Algeria 721-722 MH Set WME440061.00
Burundi C8-16 Used SetBurundi C8-16 Used SetWME344371.00
Eritrea 120 MHEritrea 120 MHWME427971.00
Libya[Italian] B5 MHLibya[Italian] B5 MHWME427941.00
Eritrea B11-12 MHEritrea B11-12 MHWME427951.00
Eritrea 121 MHEritrea 121 MHWME427961.00
Gabon J16 MHGabon J16 MHWME418441.00
Gabon C36 MH  set of OneGabon C36 MH set of OneWME418461.00
French Sudan J8 MH  French Sudan J8 MH WME418471.00
Cyrenaica B7-8 MHCyrenaica B7-8 MHWME427991.00
Oltre Giuba 3 MH, some minor toningOltre Giuba 3 MH, some minor toningWME427911.00
Oltre Giuba B2,B5 MHOltre Giuba B2,B5 MHWME427921.00
Libya[Italian] J1 MHLibya[Italian] J1 MHWME427931.00
Cyrenaica B11-12 MHCyrenaica B11-12 MHWME427981.00
French Congo 42 UsedFrench Congo 42 UsedWME348801.00
French Congo 45 UsedFrench Congo 45 UsedWME348812.50
French Morocco 346-350 MH SetFrench Morocco 346-350 MH SetWME437831.25
French Morocco 351-9 MH SetFrench Morocco 351-9 MH SetWME437821.75
Somali Coast 102 MNHSomali Coast 102 MNHWME370681.00
Somali Coast 38 MHSomali Coast 38 MHWME370621.00
Somali Coast 116 MH Somali Coast 116 MH WME377031.00
Somali Coast 114 MH Somali Coast 114 MH WME377081.00
Somali Coast 111 MH Somali Coast 111 MH WME377041.00
Somali Coast 102 MNH Somali Coast 102 MNH WME377071.00
Uganda 222A MNHUganda 222A MNHWME380541.00
Egypt 105-107 Used SetEgypt 105-107 Used SetWME376803.75
Nyassa 39-41 MH SetNyassa 39-41 MH SetWME436161.00
Port. Guinea RA1-3 MH SetPort. Guinea RA1-3 MH SetWME436071.00
Nyassa J1-9 MH SetNyassa J1-9 MH SetWME436133.75
Egypt 291 MH Set of One Egypt 291 MH Set of One WME402191.00
Ethiopia 4 MH Ethiopia 4 MH WME402171.00
Egypt 292-4 MH Set  Egypt 292-4 MH Set WME402201.00
Egypt 281-283 MH Set  Egypt 281-283 MH Set WME402211.00
Algeria 126-130 MH Set  Algeria 126-130 MH Set WME412092.00
Belgian Congo 136-137 Used SetBelgian Congo 136-137 Used SetWME424691.25
Cameroun 190-193 MHCameroun 190-193 MHWME413461.00
Ubangi-Shari 50-52,54,56 MHUbangi-Shari 50-52,54,56 MHWME413472.00
Angola 236 UsedAngola 236 UsedWME403711.00
Somali Coast B13 MLH Set of OneSomali Coast B13 MLH Set of OneWME398941.00
Somali Coast J5-6 MHSomali Coast J5-6 MHWME398911.00
Somali Coast J38A-E MH SetSomali Coast J38A-E MH SetWME3989227.00
French Guinea 60-61 MHFrench Guinea 60-61 MHWME337631.00
Mali C487 MNH Set Mali C487 MNH Set WME401171.00
Madagascar[Malagasy Rep.] 696 MNH Set Madagascar[Malagasy Rep.] 696 MNH Set WME401181.00
Ghana 204-207 MH SetGhana 204-207 MH SetWME405871.00
Ghana 251-255 MH SetGhana 251-255 MH SetWME405881.00
Ghana 200-203 MH SetGhana 200-203 MH SetWME405861.00
Ghana 301-304 MH SetGhana 301-304 MH SetWME405901.00
Ghana 189-191 MH SetGhana 189-191 MH SetWME405851.00
Ghana 264-268 MH SetGhana 264-268 MH SetWME405891.00

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