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Danzig C27 UsedDanzig C27 UsedWME541521.00
Danzig 54 UsedDanzig 54 UsedWME541511.00
Danzig J15,19,21 MHDanzig J15,19,21 MHWME541501.00
Georgia 18-20 Perf.& Imperf MH SetsGeorgia 18-20 Perf.& Imperf MH SetsWME507442.25
Georgia 12-17 Perf. MH SetGeorgia 12-17 Perf. MH SetWME507432.50
Ukraine B1-4 MH SetUkraine B1-4 MH SetWME507422.25
Bosnia 27 MNH Bosnia 27 MNH WME506121.25
Crete O5-6 Used SetCrete O5-6 Used SetWME506021.25
Crete O5-6 Used SetCrete O5-6 Used SetWME506011.25
Crete J23 MHCrete J23 MHWME506004.50
Crete 101-102 Used sets[2]Crete 101-102 Used sets[2]WME505991.25
Crete 72-73 Used sets[2]Crete 72-73 Used sets[2]WME505981.00
Crete 74-78 Used Crete 74-78 Used WME505972.25
Danzig 187 Used Danzig 187 Used WME492803.00
Ukraine 1920 MH Set See Scott NoteUkraine 1920 MH Set See Scott NoteWME491322.75
Danzig C40 UsedDanzig C40 UsedWME481837.00
Danzig C29 UsedDanzig C29 UsedWME481821.75
Danzig C28 UsedDanzig C28 UsedWME481811.00
Danzig C26 UsedDanzig C26 UsedWME481802.00
Danzig C1-3 MH SetDanzig C1-3 MH SetWME481791.75
Danzig 58 UsedDanzig 58 UsedWME481782.50
Danzig 54-56 UsedDanzig 54-56 UsedWME481774.50
Danzig 52 UsedDanzig 52 UsedWME481761.75
Danzig 30 UsedDanzig 30 UsedWME481753.50
Danzig 30 MHDanzig 30 MHWME481741.75
Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus 169A MNH SetTurkish Republic of Northern Cyprus 169A MNH SetWME481552.00
Lithuania 185 MHLithuania 185 MHWME477001.75
Serbia 2N42-46 MH SetSerbia 2N42-46 MH SetWME472312.00
Latvia B92-95 MH SetLatvia B92-95 MH SetWME472255.00
Andorra[French] 181,184 MH Sets[Two]Andorra[French] 181,184 MH Sets[Two]WME468151.00
Andorra[French] 264,273 MNH Sets[Two]Andorra[French] 264,273 MNH Sets[Two]WME468141.25
Andorra[French] 284,299 MNH Sets[Two]Andorra[French] 284,299 MNH Sets[Two]WME468131.25
Andorra[French] C6 MHAndorra[French] C6 MHWME468121.00
Danzig 186 used Danzig 186 used WME450261.50
Danzig 183-184 used Danzig 183-184 used WME450231.00
Danzig 191A used Danzig 191A used WME450274.00