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Neth. Antilles B55-57 MH SetNeth. Antilles B55-57 MH SetWME539081.00
Netherlands Antilles 109 MH SetNetherlands Antilles 109 MH SetWME522111.00
Netherlands Indies 331-332 MH SetNetherlands Indies 331-332 MH SetWME521901.00
Netherlands Antilles B39-42 MLH SetNetherlands Antilles B39-42 MLH SetWME521891.00
Netherlands Antilles 459-461 MNH SetNetherlands Antilles 459-461 MNH SetWME519571.00
Netherlands Antilles B109-112 MNH SetNetherlands Antilles B109-112 MNH SetWME519561.00
Neth. New Guinea 38-40 MH Sets[2]Neth. New Guinea 38-40 MH Sets[2]WME518591.50
Neth. Indies B36A-B MH SetNeth. Indies B36A-B MH SetWME518581.00
Surinam C27 MH SetSurinam C27 MH SetWME515251.00
Surinam C28-29 MLH SetSurinam C28-29 MLH SetWME515241.00
Surinam J33-34 MH Surinam J33-34 MH WME515231.75
Surinam J30-32 MH Surinam J30-32 MH WME515222.50
Surinam J25-28 MH Surinam J25-28 MH WME515211.25
Surinam C30-41 MLH SetSurinam C30-41 MLH SetWME515202.00
Surinam 382-384 MH SetSurinam 382-384 MH SetWME515191.25
Surinam 385-387 MH SetSurinam 385-387 MH SetWME515181.00
Surinam 323-330 MH SetSurinam 323-330 MH SetWME515172.00
Surinam 250 MLH Surinam 250 MLH WME515161.00
Surinam 234-235 MLH SetSurinam 234-235 MLH SetWME515151.25
Surinam 93 MHSurinam 93 MHWME515141.00
Surinam 78-79 MHSurinam 78-79 MHWME515131.00
Netherlands 196-199 Used SetNetherlands 196-199 Used SetWME503601.50
Netherlands B485-488 MNH SetNetherlands B485-488 MNH SetWME500621.50
Netherlands B358-362 Used SetNetherlands B358-362 Used SetWME499342.00
Netherlands B189-193 Used SetNetherlands B189-193 Used SetWME499331.00
Netherlands B180-184 Used SetNetherlands B180-184 Used SetWME499321.00
Netherlands B175-179 Used SetNetherlands B175-179 Used SetWME499311.00
Netherlands J18 UsedNetherlands J18 UsedWME499301.00
Netherlands B676B MNH Booklet PaneNetherlands B676B MNH Booklet PaneWME491123.25
Netherlands B383-7 MH setNetherlands B383-7 MH setWME486841.00
Netherlands Antilles 233-234 MLH SetNetherlands Antilles 233-234 MLH SetWME491493.50
Netherlands 621A MNH BookletNetherlands 621A MNH BookletWME491482.00
Netherlands 4 UsedNetherlands 4 UsedWME491478.00
Netherlands B509-512 MLH SetNetherlands B509-512 MLH SetWME490511.50
Netherlands 90-92 MHNetherlands 90-92 MHWME487981.75
Netherlands 113-116 Used SetNetherlands 113-116 Used SetWME487971.00
Netherlands 135,136B Used SetNetherlands 135,136B Used SetWME4875516.00
Netherlands 20 UsedNetherlands 20 UsedWME4875435.00
Netherlands 24 UsedNetherlands 24 UsedWME487538.00
Netherlands 31 UsedNetherlands 31 UsedWME487525.00
Netherlands B673B MNH BookletNetherlands B673B MNH BookletWME487515.50
Netherlands B392-396 MH SetNetherlands B392-396 MH SetWME472691.50
Netherlands B399-401 MH SetNetherlands B399-401 MH SetWME472681.00
Surinam 17-19 Used Surinam 17-19 Used WME472292.50
Surinam 25-26 Used Surinam 25-26 Used WME472283.50
Surinam 21 MH Surinam 21 MH WME4722710.00
Surinam 1-2 MH Surinam 1-2 MH WME472261.75
Netherlands 8 usedNetherlands 8 usedWME457741.75
Surinam 28 UsedSurinam 28 UsedWME450391.00
Surinam 27 UsedSurinam 27 UsedWME450401.00

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