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Australia Spec Cat # 111 UsedAustralia Spec Cat # 111 UsedWME543781.00
Australia Antarctic Territory L2 UsedAustralia Antarctic Territory L2 UsedWME543771.00
Australia Antarctic Territory L87 UsedAustralia Antarctic Territory L87 UsedWME543761.00
Australia J51 UsedAustralia J51 UsedWME543751.00
Australia J59 UsedAustralia J59 UsedWME543741.00
Australia 277 Used SetAustralia 277 Used SetWME503421.00
Australia 179 UsedAustralia 179 UsedWME4911111.00
Australia 203-205 MH  SetAustralia 203-205 MH SetWME495831.00
New Zealand 1077 UsedNew Zealand 1077 UsedWME495061.00
Australia C8 MNH SetAustralia C8 MNH SetWME494471.25
Australia 597-598 MNH SetAustralia 597-598 MNH SetWME494321.00
Australia 626-627 MH SetAustralia 626-627 MH SetWME493831.00
Australia 328A MH , small amount of album transfer on gumAustralia 328A MH , small amount of album transfer on gumWME493822.75
New Zealand 223-225  MLH SetNew Zealand 223-225 MLH SetWME493671.00
Australia 259-261 MNH SetAustralia 259-261 MNH SetWME493472.50
New Zealand O85 UsedNew Zealand O85 UsedWME492903.00
Australia 482A MH with ANPEX 1970 OverprintAustralia 482A MH with ANPEX 1970 OverprintWME4920712.50
Australia 482A MHAustralia 482A MHWME492066.50
Australia 952A MHAustralia 952A MHWME492052.50
Australia 219 Used Australia 219 Used WME487591.00
Australia 648 MNH SetAustralia 648 MNH SetWME486641.25
Australia 1001-1004 MLH Sets[2]Australia 1001-1004 MLH Sets[2]WME486621.50
Australia 992 MNH SetAustralia 992 MNH SetWME486611.75
Australia 406-408 MHAustralia 406-408 MHWME486603.50
Australia 572-573 MHAustralia 572-573 MHWME486581.50
Australia 567-568 MHAustralia 567-568 MHWME486571.00
Australia 892A-E Used SetAustralia 892A-E Used SetWME486561.50
Australia J66 UsedAustralia J66 UsedWME486551.00
New Zealand 820 MNH setNew Zealand 820 MNH setWME486161.00
Australia 687A MNHAustralia 687A MNHWME485871.00
Australia 414-416 UsedAustralia 414-416 UsedWME485862.00
New Zealand 434A Used SetNew Zealand 434A Used SetWME4832411.00
New Zealand 415-420 Used SetNew Zealand 415-420 Used SetWME483231.50
 Australian Antarctic Territory L34 Used Australian Antarctic Territory L34 Used WME481121.25
 Australia C8 used Set Australia C8 used SetWME481111.00
 Australia 675A MNH Set Australia 675A MNH SetWME481101.25
 Australia 945A-E used Set  Australia 945A-E used Set WME481071.00
 Australia 893A-E used Set  Australia 893A-E used Set WME481061.50
 Australia 713-718 used Set  Australia 713-718 used Set WME481051.00
 Australia 700-706 used Set  Australia 700-706 used Set WME481041.25
 Australia 602-605 used Set  Australia 602-605 used Set WME481031.00
 Australia 741A-E used Set  Australia 741A-E used Set WME481021.00
 Australia 832-838 used Set  Australia 832-838 used Set WME481011.25
 Australia 804-805 MH Set  Australia 804-805 MH Set WME481001.00
Australia 11S used ,Australian Spec. Catalog  Australia 11S used ,Australian Spec. Catalog WME480992.00
Australia 7L used ,Australian Spec. Catalog  Australia 7L used ,Australian Spec. Catalog WME4809812.50
 Australia 6L used Spacefiller, couple short perfs.,Australian Spec. Catalog  Australia 6L used Spacefiller, couple short perfs.,Australian Spec. Catalog WME480976.50
Western Australia 103 MHWestern Australia 103 MHWME480961.00
Western Australia 38 UsedWestern Australia 38 UsedWME4809550.00
Western Australia 37 UsedWestern Australia 37 UsedWME480941.25

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