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Botswana 100-101 MNH SetBotswana 100-101 MNH SetWME540651.00
Zanzibar 327-330 MNH SetZanzibar 327-330 MNH SetWME530561.00
Zanzibar 319-322 MNH SetZanzibar 319-322 MNH SetWME530551.00
Senegal C105 MH SetSenegal C105 MH SetWME529601.00
Egypt B3-6 MH SetEgypt B3-6 MH SetWME524571.00
Egypt 54 MH Egypt 54 MH WME517271.00
Belgian Congo C6 UsedBelgian Congo C6 UsedWME514661.00
Belgian Congo 137 UsedBelgian Congo 137 UsedWME514651.00
Belgian Congo 156 UsedBelgian Congo 156 UsedWME514641.00
Congo, Peoples Republic 140-141 MH Sets[2]Congo, Peoples Republic 140-141 MH Sets[2]WME512511.00
Central African Republic C9 MH SetCentral African Republic C9 MH SetWME510431.25
Upper Volta[Burkina Faso] 358 UsedUpper Volta[Burkina Faso] 358 UsedWME506381.25
Guinea 188-189 MH SetGuinea 188-189 MH SetWME503431.25
Upper Volta[Burkina Faso] 218-219 MNH SetUpper Volta[Burkina Faso] 218-219 MNH SetWME502071.00
Upper Volta[Burkina Faso] 214-217 MNH SetUpper Volta[Burkina Faso] 214-217 MNH SetWME502061.50
Upper Volta[Burkina Faso] 252 MNH SetUpper Volta[Burkina Faso] 252 MNH SetWME502051.00
Upper Volta[Burkina Faso] 220-221 MNH SetUpper Volta[Burkina Faso] 220-221 MNH SetWME502041.00
Egypt 240 UsedEgypt 240 UsedWME499932.50
Guinea 169 MH SetGuinea 169 MH SetWME499702.25
Guinea 168 MNH SetGuinea 168 MNH SetWME499692.25
Dahomey C85-88 MNH SetDahomey C85-88 MNH SetWME498903.50
Ethiopia C57-59 MNH SetEthiopia C57-59 MNH SetWME495751.75
Zanzibar 323-326 MNH SetZanzibar 323-326 MNH SetWME494441.00
Lesotho 313A-C MNH SetLesotho 313A-C MNH SetWME493481.00
Zambia 77-80 MNH SetZambia 77-80 MNH SetWME493112.50
Ghana 109A MNH Ghana 109A MNH WME492472.25
Ethiopia C86-88 MNH SetEthiopia C86-88 MNH SetWME483252.00
Malawi 36A MNHMalawi 36A MNHWME482772.50
Malawi 32A MNHMalawi 32A MNHWME482764.00
Malawi 21A MNHMalawi 21A MNHWME482751.25
Malawi 61A MNHMalawi 61A MNHWME482741.75
Malawi 57A MNHMalawi 57A MNHWME482733.50
Algeria 372-3 MH SetAlgeria 372-3 MH SetWME481211.00
Guinea 248-253 MH SetGuinea 248-253 MH SetWME475784.00
Guinea B19-24 MH SetGuinea B19-24 MH SetWME475773.50
Guinea 201-2,C24-26 MH SetGuinea 201-2,C24-26 MH SetWME4757645.00
Guinea B12-16 MH SetGuinea B12-16 MH SetWME475755.00
Guinea 196-200 MH SetGuinea 196-200 MH SetWME475741.75
Guinea 194-195 MH SetGuinea 194-195 MH SetWME475731.00
Guinea J42-47 MH SetGuinea J42-47 MH SetWME475723.00
Guinea J36-41 MH SetGuinea J36-41 MH SetWME475714.50
Guinea 188-189 MH SetGuinea 188-189 MH SetWME475701.75
Guinea 180-187 MH SetGuinea 180-187 MH SetWME475694.00
Guinea C17-21 MH SetGuinea C17-21 MH SetWME475686.50
Guinea C14-16 MH SetGuinea C14-16 MH SetWME475678.50
Guinea 175-179 MH SetGuinea 175-179 MH SetWME475662.00
Guinea 170-174 MH SetGuinea 170-174 MH SetWME475655.50
Guinea 159 MH SetGuinea 159 MH SetWME475642.50
Guinea 158 MH SetGuinea 158 MH SetWME475632.25
Guinea 261-274,C41-43 MH SetGuinea 261-274,C41-43 MH SetWME4756215.00

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