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Colombia 65 Used, HandstampedColombia 65 Used, HandstampedWME305138.00
Argentina 26 Used Argentina 26 Used WME309711.00
Argentina 18A UsedArgentina 18A UsedWME313861.00
Argentina 37 UsedArgentina 37 UsedWME305961.00
Cuba 282 MH Imperf. PairCuba 282 MH Imperf. PairWME330781.00
Mexico 820-824 Used Set Mexico 820-824 Used Set WME330821.25
Argentina C18 UsedArgentina C18 UsedWME295571.00
Guadeloupe 14 MNHGuadeloupe 14 MNHWME366571.00
Netherlands Antilles 57 UsedNetherlands Antilles 57 UsedWME298311.00
Argentina 908-912 MH setArgentina 908-912 MH setWME364681.00
Surinam 129 MHSurinam 129 MHWME301821.00
Colombia 11 Used, SignedColombia 11 Used, SignedWME321619.50
Surinam 119 UsedSurinam 119 UsedWME323181.00
cuba 595-606 MH set, has a bit of Dist. Gumcuba 595-606 MH set, has a bit of Dist. GumWME365851.00
Danish West Indies 32 UsedDanish West Indies 32 UsedWME365871.00
Danish West Indies 31 UsedDanish West Indies 31 UsedWME365881.00
Panama 82 UsedPanama 82 UsedWME365911.00
Panama F5 UsedPanama F5 UsedWME365954.75
Venezuela 250-255 MH SetVenezuela 250-255 MH SetWME345993.25
Venezuela 145 MH Venezuela 145 MH WME346001.00
Venezuela 147 MH Venezuela 147 MH WME346017.50
Venezuela 153 MH Venezuela 153 MH WME346021.00
Venezuela O2-4  UsedVenezuela O2-4 UsedWME346031.00
Colombia C110 UsedColombia C110 UsedWME371076.50
Netherlands Antilles 154 MHNetherlands Antilles 154 MHWME371081.00

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