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Firefighter trucks Praga NTS, Tatra 815, Tatra 148 and Avia A30 DVSFirefighter trucks Praga NTS, Tatra 815, Tatra 148 and Avia A30 DVSIVANHOE1478011.500 Sep-22-18, 11:07:24
Firefighter truck Praga NTS 265 CAS 24Firefighter truck Praga NTS 265 CAS 24IVANHOE1478021.500 Sep-22-18, 11:07:56
Firefighter truck Tatra 148 CAS 32Firefighter truck Tatra 148 CAS 32IVANHOE1478031.500 Sep-22-18, 11:08:23
Firefighter truck Praga V3SFirefighter truck Praga V3SIVANHOE1478041.500 Sep-22-18, 11:08:49
Firefighter truck Tatra 815 DA 15Firefighter truck Tatra 815 DA 15IVANHOE1478051.500 Sep-22-18, 11:09:12
Firefighter truck Tatra 138 AV 8Firefighter truck Tatra 138 AV 8IVANHOE1478061.500 Sep-22-18, 11:09:37
Firefighter trucks, Ostrava firestationFirefighter trucks, Ostrava firestationIVANHOE1478071.500 Sep-22-18, 11:10:51
Firefighter truck Tatra 138 AV 8Firefighter truck Tatra 138 AV 8IVANHOE1478081.500 Sep-22-18, 11:11:15
Firefighter truck Škoda 706 RTHP ADC 25Firefighter truck Škoda 706 RTHP ADC 25IVANHOE1478091.500 Sep-22-18, 11:11:43
Firefighter truck Tatra 43/52 AS 12Firefighter truck Tatra 43/52 AS 12IVANHOE1478101.500 Sep-22-18, 11:12:05
Firefighter truck Renault Kerax 4x4Firefighter truck Renault Kerax 4x4IVANHOE1478111.500 Sep-22-18, 11:12:35
Mercedes Benz logoMercedes Benz logoIVANHOE1478121.500 Sep-22-18, 11:12:53
Family car, automatic, motor 750 ccm, 26 PSFamily car, automatic, motor 750 ccm, 26 PSIVANHOE1478131.500 Sep-22-18, 11:13:35
Family carFamily carIVANHOE1478141.500 Sep-22-18, 11:14:07
Old truckOld truckIVANHOE1478151.500 Sep-22-18, 11:14:30
Passenger car Mercedes-Benz GLKPassenger car Mercedes-Benz GLKIVANHOE1478161.500 Sep-22-18, 11:15:01
Classic car, advertisingClassic car, advertisingIVANHOE1478171.500 Sep-22-18, 11:15:25
Family car, advertisingFamily car, advertisingIVANHOE1478181.500 Sep-22-18, 11:15:50
Car Scania Vabis 1913Car Scania Vabis 1913IVANHOE1478191.500 Sep-22-18, 11:16:15
Car in front of Santa Claus sleighCar in front of Santa Claus sleighIVANHOE1478201.500 Sep-22-18, 11:16:39
Mercedes-benz museum advertsing card, carMercedes-benz museum advertsing card, carIVANHOE1478211.500 Sep-22-18, 11:17:18
USA classic carUSA classic carIVANHOE1478221.500 Sep-22-18, 11:17:36
USA classic carUSA classic carIVANHOE1478231.500 Sep-22-18, 11:17:48
USA classic carUSA classic carIVANHOE1478241.500 Sep-22-18, 11:18:12
Russian advertising card, car Peugeot 307 and girlRussian advertising card, car Peugeot 307 and girlIVANHOE1478251.500 Sep-22-18, 11:18:40
Space shuttle Inn, carSpace shuttle Inn, carIVANHOE1478261.500 Sep-22-18, 11:19:10
Old muscle carOld muscle carIVANHOE1478271.500 Sep-22-18, 11:19:25
Firefighter bus Mercedes Benz 208D SprinterFirefighter bus Mercedes Benz 208D SprinterIVANHOE1478281.500 Sep-22-18, 11:20:04
Firefighter bus Mercedes Benz 208D TransporterFirefighter bus Mercedes Benz 208D TransporterIVANHOE1478291.500 Sep-22-18, 11:20:22
Truck and car museum carsTruck and car museum carsIVANHOE1478301.500 Sep-22-18, 11:20:43
Bus, trolley bus, tramsBus, trolley bus, tramsIVANHOE1478311.500 Sep-22-18, 11:21:09
Old passenger busOld passenger busIVANHOE1478321.500 Sep-22-18, 11:21:30
Old passenger bus Škoda 306Old passenger bus Škoda 306IVANHOE1478331.500 Sep-22-18, 11:22:01
Old trolley bus Škoda T11Old trolley bus Škoda T11IVANHOE1478341.500 Sep-22-18, 11:22:37
Old trolley bus Škoda 3 Tr1Old trolley bus Škoda 3 Tr1IVANHOE1478351.500 Sep-22-18, 11:22:58
Old trolley bus Škoda 9 TrHT26Old trolley bus Škoda 9 TrHT26IVANHOE1478361.500 Sep-22-18, 11:23:20
Passenger bus NO 80Passenger bus NO 80IVANHOE1478371.500 Sep-22-18, 11:24:02
Trolley bus Škoda 25 Tr IrisbusTrolley bus Škoda 25 Tr IrisbusIVANHOE1478381.500 Sep-22-18, 11:24:49
Passenger bus RTOPassenger bus RTOIVANHOE1478391.500 Sep-22-18, 11:25:14
Passenger bus Karosa C 954.1360Passenger bus Karosa C 954.1360IVANHOE1478401.500 Sep-22-18, 11:26:03
Passenger bus Solaris UrbinoPassenger bus Solaris UrbinoIVANHOE1478411.500 Sep-22-18, 11:26:20
Trolley bus Škoda SanosTrolley bus Škoda SanosIVANHOE1478421.500 Sep-22-18, 11:26:46
Passenger bus Solaris UrbinoPassenger bus Solaris UrbinoIVANHOE1478431.500 Sep-22-18, 11:27:15
Passenger bus Karosa B 741.1908Passenger bus Karosa B 741.1908IVANHOE1478441.500 Sep-22-18, 11:27:42
Macau Brand Prix museum, formula carsMacau Brand Prix museum, formula carsIVANHOE1478451.500 Sep-22-18, 11:28:07
Advertising card, formula carAdvertising card, formula carIVANHOE1478461.500 Sep-22-18, 11:28:26
Ferrari carFerrari carIVANHOE1478471.500 Sep-22-18, 11:28:45
A Breakdown, 1909A Breakdown, 1909WME377331.250 7 Days After 1st Bid
RP, Early French LimoRP, Early French LimoWME563741.750 7 Days After 1st Bid