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Denmark Mint Postal Stat. Envelope #3Denmark Mint Postal Stat. Envelope #3WME559046.000 Mar-21-18, 17:30:51
Denmark 1949 FDC with BlockDenmark 1949 FDC with BlockWME559052.000 Mar-21-18, 17:33:44
Denmark 1948 FDC with BlockDenmark 1948 FDC with BlockWME559063.000 Mar-21-18, 17:34:53
Denmark 1950 FDC with BlockDenmark 1950 FDC with BlockWME559073.500 Mar-21-18, 17:37:36
Denmark 1949 FDC with BlockDenmark 1949 FDC with BlockWME559082.000 Mar-21-18, 17:39:34
Denmark 1942 FDC Denmark 1942 FDC WME559093.500 Mar-21-18, 17:41:53
Denmark 1946 FDC Denmark 1946 FDC WME559103.500 Mar-21-18, 17:43:23
Iceland Registered 1966 Cover to USAIceland Registered 1966 Cover to USAWME559111.750 Mar-21-18, 17:46:40