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Russia:Leningrad, Tauria palace, 1973Russia:Leningrad, Tauria palace, 1973IVANHOE1452961.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Karjala, Kizi churches, 1971Russia:Karjala, Kizi churches, 1971IVANHOE1452701.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Moscow, Theatralny lane, 1961Russia:Moscow, Theatralny lane, 1961IVANHOE1452881.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Sotsi, Lenin statue and building, 1976Russia:Sotsi, Lenin statue and building, 1976IVANHOE1452921.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Moscow, Red square and Lenin mausoleum, 1961Russia:Moscow, Red square and Lenin mausoleum, 1961IVANHOE1452991.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Leningrad, admirality, 1977Russia:Leningrad, admirality, 1977IVANHOE1452971.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Moscow, View of Kotelnicheskaya embankment, 1961Russia:Moscow, View of Kotelnicheskaya embankment, 1961IVANHOE1452981.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Ritsa lake, autumn, 1970Russia:Ritsa lake, autumn, 1970IVANHOE1452931.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Leningrad, Finnish bay view, 1968Russia:Leningrad, Finnish bay view, 1968IVANHOE1452941.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Perm, Children hospital, 1958Russia:Perm, Children hospital, 1958IVANHOE1452951.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Moscow, Spasski tower in Kremlin, 1981Russia:Moscow, Spasski tower in Kremlin, 1981IVANHOE1452851.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Leningrad, Field of Mars, 1967Russia:Leningrad, Field of Mars, 1967IVANHOE1452841.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Leningrad, Bell tower Nikolski army-navy cathedral, 1975Russia:Leningrad, Bell tower Nikolski army-navy cathedral, 1975IVANHOE1452821.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Leningrad, Ethnographic museum, 1975Russia:Leningrad, Ethnographic museum, 1975IVANHOE1452831.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Moscow, Exhibition of Economic Achievement of the USSR, 1961Russia:Moscow, Exhibition of Economic Achievement of the USSR, 1961IVANHOE1452811.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Leningrad, Ermitage, 1953Russia:Leningrad, Ermitage, 1953IVANHOE1452741.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Moscow, Spasski tower and salute, 1974, Postal stationeryRussia:Moscow, Spasski tower and salute, 1974, Postal stationeryIVANHOE1452751.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Pskov, Museum interior, 1974Russia:Pskov, Museum interior, 1974IVANHOE1452761.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Pskov, 1918 red army winning obelisk, 1974Russia:Pskov, 1918 red army winning obelisk, 1974IVANHOE1452771.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Pskov, October square, 1974Russia:Pskov, October square, 1974IVANHOE1452781.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Pskov, Factory pioneer's camp, 1974Russia:Pskov, Factory pioneer's camp, 1974IVANHOE1452791.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Pskov, House-museum Iskra, 1974Russia:Pskov, House-museum Iskra, 1974IVANHOE1452801.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Moscow, View from University to stadium, 1961Russia:Moscow, View from University to stadium, 1961IVANHOE1452861.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Moscow, V.I.Lenin central museum, 1961Russia:Moscow, V.I.Lenin central museum, 1961IVANHOE1452871.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Karjala, Kivats waterfall, 1971Russia:Karjala, Kivats waterfall, 1971IVANHOE1452711.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Vyborg, Memorial to Finnsih red guardsRussia:Vyborg, Memorial to Finnsih red guardsIVANHOE1452721.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Leningrad, Nevski prospect, Books buildingRussia:Leningrad, Nevski prospect, Books buildingIVANHOE1452731.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Sotsi, overview, 1974Russia:Sotsi, overview, 1974IVANHOE1452671.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Sotsi, universal store, 1974Russia:Sotsi, universal store, 1974IVANHOE1452681.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Karjala, Gablake shore, tourist, tent, fire, sunset, 1971Russia:Karjala, Gablake shore, tourist, tent, fire, sunset, 1971IVANHOE1452691.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Moscow, Monument to A.S.Pushkin, 1961Russia:Moscow, Monument to A.S.Pushkin, 1961IVANHOE1452911.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Moscow, Town government building, 1961Russia:Moscow, Town government building, 1961IVANHOE1452891.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Moscow, Leninsky prospect, 1961Russia:Moscow, Leninsky prospect, 1961IVANHOE1452901.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia:Karjala, Kizi island, Lake Yandom, sunset, 1979Russia:Karjala, Kizi island, Lake Yandom, sunset, 1979IVANHOE1454011.000 Mar-26-18, 16:01:21
Russia-Chelyabinsk 124-Samara 7 to Moscow 1913Russia-Chelyabinsk 124-Samara 7 to Moscow 1913WME434288.500 7 Days After 1st Bid