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Betherlands, Amsterdam, New Amsterbrug used 1903Betherlands, Amsterdam, New Amsterbrug used 1903WME562831.000 Sep-25-18, 14:42:16
Spain, Puerta de Justicia & Pilar de Carlos V @1903Spain, Puerta de Justicia & Pilar de Carlos V @1903WME562821.000 Sep-25-18, 14:42:16
Columbia River Highway Scene, OregonColumbia River Highway Scene, OregonWME556181.000 Sep-25-18, 14:42:16
Diamond Lake & Mt. Theilsen Scene, OregonDiamond Lake & Mt. Theilsen Scene, OregonWME556191.000 Sep-25-18, 14:42:16
Mt. Hood from Lolo Pass, OregonMt. Hood from Lolo Pass, OregonWME556201.000 Sep-25-18, 14:42:16
Sweden, Royal Children @1903Sweden, Royal Children @1903WME556232.750 Sep-25-18, 19:56:57
Germany, Crown Prince & Family@1903Germany, Crown Prince & Family@1903WME556242.500 Sep-25-18, 19:56:57
Alaska-Yukon -Pacific Expo 1909, Forestry Building in SeattleAlaska-Yukon -Pacific Expo 1909, Forestry Building in SeattleWME556251.500 Sep-25-18, 19:56:57
RP Innsbruck Scene 1950RP Innsbruck Scene 1950WME562901.000 Sep-25-18, 19:56:57
Bellagio Scenes [2] @1910Bellagio Scenes [2] @1910WME562911.000 Sep-25-18, 20:42:40
RP Waterfall by Thunersee, SwitzerlandRP Waterfall by Thunersee, SwitzerlandWME562921.000 Sep-25-18, 20:42:40
Mt. Vernon, VA, Martha Washington's Spinning RoomMt. Vernon, VA, Martha Washington's Spinning RoomWME562931.000 Sep-25-18, 20:42:40
Stratford-Upon-Avon Scene @1902Stratford-Upon-Avon Scene @1902WME562941.000 Sep-25-18, 20:42:40
Dressed Chicks on Easter Card @ 1910Dressed Chicks on Easter Card @ 1910WME552751.000 Sep-25-18, 23:43:27
And No Stomach Ache, Amen 1923And No Stomach Ache, Amen 1923WME552761.000 Sep-25-18, 23:43:27
Paris 1932 Champs-Elysees SceneParis 1932 Champs-Elysees SceneWME563011.000 Sep-25-18, 23:43:27
Paris Notre Dame Scene @1910Paris Notre Dame Scene @1910WME563021.000 Sep-25-18, 23:43:27
Nice Promenade Scene @1910Nice Promenade Scene @1910WME563031.000 Sep-25-18, 23:43:27
WWI Trench Scene1916WWI Trench Scene1916WME563041.000 Sep-25-18, 23:43:27
China-PRC Horse HerdChina-PRC Horse HerdWME563051.000 Sep-25-18, 23:43:27
Puebla, Danza de Los QuetalesPuebla, Danza de Los QuetalesWME556281.000 Sep-26-18, 14:45:21
RP Rio De Janetro Brasil 1934RP Rio De Janetro Brasil 1934WME556291.000 Sep-26-18, 14:45:21
China PRC-The Meidaizhao Temple on Postal Stat. CardChina PRC-The Meidaizhao Temple on Postal Stat. CardWME560661.000 Sep-26-18, 14:45:21
China PRC-Ningxia- Tongsin Mosque on Postal Stat. CardChina PRC-Ningxia- Tongsin Mosque on Postal Stat. CardWME560671.000 Sep-26-18, 14:45:21
Cartagena de Indias, Colombia RPCartagena de Indias, Colombia RPWME556271.000 Sep-26-18, 14:45:21
Interlaken & Jungfrau RPInterlaken & Jungfrau RPWME556261.000 Sep-26-18, 14:45:21
Devil's Tower, WyomingDevil's Tower, WyomingWME563101.000 Sep-26-18, 19:54:58
Edinburgh Scene @1910, TuckEdinburgh Scene @1910, TuckWME563071.000 Sep-26-18, 19:54:58
Edinburgh Scene @1910, TuckEdinburgh Scene @1910, TuckWME563061.000 Sep-26-18, 19:54:58
North Dakota Grabbag[3]North Dakota Grabbag[3]WME558491.000 Sep-26-18, 20:12:53
North Dakota Badlands Grabbag[3]North Dakota Badlands Grabbag[3]WME558501.000 Sep-26-18, 20:12:53
Dewey, Kindling LoveDewey, Kindling LoveWME556371.000 Sep-26-18, 20:12:53
Heidelberg CastleHeidelberg CastleWME556381.000 Sep-26-18, 20:12:53
Bryce Canyon, Utah Grabbag[3]Bryce Canyon, Utah Grabbag[3]WME558481.000 Sep-26-18, 20:12:53
RP Seattle, Washington , Green River GorgeRP Seattle, Washington , Green River GorgeWME558521.000 Sep-26-18, 20:12:53
Nubble Light, York Beach, MaineNubble Light, York Beach, MaineWME558531.000 Sep-26-18, 20:12:53
Argentina, Buenos Aires ViewsArgentina, Buenos Aires ViewsWME555691.000 Sep-26-18, 20:12:53
Stage Drivers Retreat, Columbia CaliforniaStage Drivers Retreat, Columbia CaliforniaWME556351.000 Sep-26-18, 20:12:53
El Greco, St. Martin & the BeggarEl Greco, St. Martin & the BeggarWME556361.000 Sep-26-18, 20:12:53
Raft Transport, Carpatho-Ukraine @1920Raft Transport, Carpatho-Ukraine @1920WME556342.250 Sep-26-18, 20:12:53
Weidersheim, Two Girls HugWeidersheim, Two Girls HugWME5563212.000 Sep-26-18, 20:12:53
Pan-Pacific Expo 1915-Auditorium, San FranciscoPan-Pacific Expo 1915-Auditorium, San FranciscoWME556301.500 Sep-26-18, 20:12:53
Vatican City, St. Peters Square & the basilicaVatican City, St. Peters Square & the basilicaWME556411.000 Sep-26-18, 20:12:53
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MNMayo Clinic, Rochester, MNWME556311.000 Sep-26-18, 20:12:53
The Red Barn, Westport, Conn.The Red Barn, Westport, Conn.WME556391.000 Sep-26-18, 20:12:53
RP, Westminster Abbey, LondonRP, Westminster Abbey, LondonWME556401.000 Sep-26-18, 20:12:53
Fort Michilimackinac Entrance, MichiganFort Michilimackinac Entrance, MichiganWME564311.000 Sep-27-18, 18:13:09
Steamer QuebecSteamer QuebecWME564291.000 Sep-27-18, 18:13:09
Canoeing in Delaware Park, 1931 Buffalo, NYCanoeing in Delaware Park, 1931 Buffalo, NYWME564301.000 Sep-27-18, 18:13:09
Ship in Lachine Rapids-MontrealShip in Lachine Rapids-MontrealWME564271.500 Sep-27-18, 18:13:09

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