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A Daughter of the West 1908A Daughter of the West 1908WME568381.500 Jan-23-19, 15:03:56
Waiting Series #1200, Here Alone I Wait for YouWaiting Series #1200, Here Alone I Wait for YouWME568391.750 Jan-23-19, 15:03:56
U.S.N.S. General W.C. LangfrittU.S.N.S. General W.C. LangfrittWME550941.000 Jan-23-19, 16:28:04
Steamship ItaliaSteamship ItaliaWME550911.500 Jan-23-19, 16:28:04
U.S.S. Cayuga LST-1186U.S.S. Cayuga LST-1186WME550921.000 Jan-23-19, 16:28:04
RP Actresses Phyliss & Zena Dare 1907RP Actresses Phyliss & Zena Dare 1907WME550962.250 Jan-23-19, 16:28:04
RP Actress Ethel Oliver 1906RP Actress Ethel Oliver 1906WME550972.250 Jan-23-19, 16:28:04
London, Changing of the Guard, Horseguards, WhitehallLondon, Changing of the Guard, Horseguards, WhitehallWME550981.000 Jan-23-19, 16:28:04
Chile, Arica Scene @1925Chile, Arica Scene @1925WME554451.000 Jan-23-19, 21:03:49
Sydney Scene on Post Card to USA 1956Sydney Scene on Post Card to USA 1956WME554441.000 Jan-23-19, 21:03:49
Phoenix Grabbag[3]Phoenix Grabbag[3]WME563461.000 Jan-23-19, 21:03:49
Utah Grabbag[3]Utah Grabbag[3]WME563471.000 Jan-23-19, 21:03:49
California Grabbag[3]California Grabbag[3]WME563451.000 Jan-23-19, 21:03:49
Grabbag[3]Grabbag[3]WME563411.000 Jan-23-19, 21:03:49
California Grabbag[3]California Grabbag[3]WME563421.000 Jan-23-19, 21:03:49
California Grabbag[3]California Grabbag[3]WME563431.000 Jan-23-19, 21:03:49
California Grabbag[3]California Grabbag[3]WME563441.000 Jan-23-19, 21:03:49
Argentina Filatelica Exposicion Inter. 1950 on Mariano Moreno CardArgentina Filatelica Exposicion Inter. 1950 on Mariano Moreno CardWME554501.000 Jan-24-19, 17:47:58
Aachen, Kaiser Wilhelm statueAachen, Kaiser Wilhelm statueWME555931.000 Jan-24-19, 17:47:58
RP, Actor Adam Poulsen 1903RP, Actor Adam Poulsen 1903WME555911.000 Jan-24-19, 17:47:58
Gruss Aus Leipzig, Bismarck Statue 1898Gruss Aus Leipzig, Bismarck Statue 1898WME555921.000 Jan-24-19, 17:47:58
RP Lovely Thailand SceneRP Lovely Thailand SceneWME564561.000 Jan-24-19, 17:47:58
California Contrast 1910California Contrast 1910WME564571.000 Jan-24-19, 17:47:58
Legnora @1910Legnora @1910WME568401.500 Jan-24-19, 18:02:38
Lovely Young Lady @1910Lovely Young Lady @1910WME568411.500 Jan-24-19, 18:02:38
RP Rock of Ages @1925RP Rock of Ages @1925WME568421.000 Jan-24-19, 18:02:38
RP The Lost Chord @1925RP The Lost Chord @1925WME568431.000 Jan-24-19, 18:02:38
RP Lead Kindly Light @1925RP Lead Kindly Light @1925WME568441.000 Jan-24-19, 18:02:38
Lovely Young Lady 1911Lovely Young Lady 1911WME568451.500 Jan-24-19, 19:57:58
Lovely Young Lady on Best Wishes Card 1910Lovely Young Lady on Best Wishes Card 1910WME568461.500 Jan-24-19, 19:57:58
A. Brullov, Portrait of a Young Lady@ 1910A. Brullov, Portrait of a Young Lady@ 1910WME568472.000 Jan-24-19, 19:57:58
Land's End-Two CardsLand's End-Two CardsWME561211.000 Jan-24-19, 23:16:05
Bilibin-The MeetingBilibin-The MeetingWME561221.750 Jan-24-19, 23:16:05
RP British Actress, Mrs Tree 1905RP British Actress, Mrs Tree 1905WME564581.250 Jan-24-19, 23:16:05
Steamship Saguenay leaving MontrealSteamship Saguenay leaving MontrealWME564601.000 Jan-24-19, 23:16:05
RP M/S GripsholmRP M/S GripsholmWME564611.000 Jan-24-19, 23:16:05
RP Yacht & Steamship in QuebecRP Yacht & Steamship in QuebecWME564621.000 Jan-24-19, 23:16:05
RP Steamship Camille Marcoux at Matane, QuebecRP Steamship Camille Marcoux at Matane, QuebecWME564631.000 Jan-24-19, 23:16:05
 Steamship St. Lawrence Steamship St. LawrenceWME564641.000 Jan-24-19, 23:16:05
King George V, The King at the Front WWIKing George V, The King at the Front WWIWME559122.000 Jan-25-19, 17:58:10
Persian Lady 1932Persian Lady 1932WME568481.000 Jan-25-19, 17:58:18
Dancing Lady 1912Dancing Lady 1912WME568501.000 Jan-25-19, 17:58:18
Lady on Lovers CardLady on Lovers CardWME568491.000 Jan-25-19, 17:58:18
Durham CathedralDurham CathedralWME546701.000 Jan-25-19, 18:08:18
Old Bridge, A.R. QuintonOld Bridge, A.R. QuintonWME546601.000 Jan-25-19, 18:08:18
Oxford, Christ Church, Dining HallOxford, Christ Church, Dining HallWME546671.000 Jan-25-19, 18:08:18
The White Horse, Preston near WeymouthThe White Horse, Preston near WeymouthWME546611.000 Jan-25-19, 18:08:18
Old Canterbury & River StourOld Canterbury & River StourWME546581.000 Jan-25-19, 18:08:18
Warwick, Guy's Cliff House 1904Warwick, Guy's Cliff House 1904WME546661.000 Jan-25-19, 18:08:18
Lovely 1903 German Easter cardLovely 1903 German Easter cardWME545641.000 Jan-25-19, 18:08:18

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