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Lady of Fashion @1905Lady of Fashion @1905WME568641.500 Mar-27-19, 23:37:57
Paris, Opera 1911Paris, Opera 1911WME552781.000 Mar-27-19, 23:37:57
London, Tower Green @1910London, Tower Green @1910WME552791.000 Mar-27-19, 23:37:57
RP H.M.S. Ben-LomondRP H.M.S. Ben-LomondWME561811.000 Mar-27-19, 23:37:57
Switzerland, Burgenstock Scene @1910Switzerland, Burgenstock Scene @1910WME561821.000 Mar-27-19, 23:37:57
Switzerland, Rigi-Kulm Scene 1903Switzerland, Rigi-Kulm Scene 1903WME561831.000 Mar-27-19, 23:37:57
Switzerland, Stansstad & the Alps 1920Switzerland, Stansstad & the Alps 1920WME561841.000 Mar-27-19, 23:37:57
RP Basel, Bundesbahnhof 1919RP Basel, Bundesbahnhof 1919WME561851.000 Mar-27-19, 23:37:57
Switzerland, Luzern, Hotel du Lac@1910Switzerland, Luzern, Hotel du Lac@1910WME561861.000 Mar-27-19, 23:37:57
Switzerland, Luzern Scene @1910Switzerland, Luzern Scene @1910WME561871.000 Mar-27-19, 23:37:57
Switzerland, Luzern Promenade Scene @1910Switzerland, Luzern Promenade Scene @1910WME561881.000 Mar-27-19, 23:37:57
Switzerland, Goldau Scene @1910Switzerland, Goldau Scene @1910WME561891.000 Mar-27-19, 23:37:57
USA Army Band ih Paris 1918USA Army Band ih Paris 1918WME561901.000 Mar-27-19, 23:37:57
Germany, Chatillon Castle 1926Germany, Chatillon Castle 1926WME561921.000 Mar-27-19, 23:37:57
RP Samaden, Switzerland 1927RP Samaden, Switzerland 1927WME561931.000 Mar-27-19, 23:37:57
RP Zurich, Switzerland 1955RP Zurich, Switzerland 1955WME561941.000 Mar-27-19, 23:37:57
RP Oberstdorf, Germany 1958RP Oberstdorf, Germany 1958WME561951.000 Mar-27-19, 23:37:57
Partenkirchen Scene, Bavaria 1913Partenkirchen Scene, Bavaria 1913WME561981.000 Mar-27-19, 23:37:57
Tuck, Embossed. Lovely Angei 1910Tuck, Embossed. Lovely Angei 1910WME568651.000 Mar-27-19, 23:37:57
Lovely Ladies Dancing 1905Lovely Ladies Dancing 1905WME568661.000 Mar-27-19, 23:37:57
Lovely Mother & Daughter 1907Lovely Mother & Daughter 1907WME568671.000 Mar-27-19, 23:37:57
Gray Mountain Trading Post, ArizonaGray Mountain Trading Post, ArizonaWME568681.000 Mar-27-19, 23:37:57
Newburgh NY Scenes, sent to Malta 1906Newburgh NY Scenes, sent to Malta 1906WME568751.000 Mar-28-19, 01:00:53
Tuck, "A well Earned Nap", Historic Holland SeriesTuck, "A well Earned Nap", Historic Holland SeriesWME568761.000 Mar-28-19, 01:00:53
RP, Ceylon, Mount LaviniaRP, Ceylon, Mount LaviniaWME568771.000 Mar-28-19, 01:00:53
RP, Ceylon, Abhayagiri  Dagoba, AnuradhapuraRP, Ceylon, Abhayagiri Dagoba, AnuradhapuraWME568781.000 Mar-28-19, 01:00:53
RP, Venice, Italy Scene @1921RP, Venice, Italy Scene @1921WME568801.000 Mar-28-19, 01:00:53
Woman of Naples, Italy with Vegetables in Basket on Head @1904Woman of Naples, Italy with Vegetables in Basket on Head @1904WME568811.000 Mar-28-19, 01:00:53
Mission Inn, Garden of the Bells, Riverside, CAMission Inn, Garden of the Bells, Riverside, CAWME568821.000 Mar-28-19, 01:00:53
U,S.S. Rhode IslandU,S.S. Rhode IslandWME513741.250 Mar-28-19, 22:04:38
U,S.S. New MexicoU,S.S. New MexicoWME513751.250 Mar-28-19, 22:04:38
U,S.Armored Cruiser Washington 1909U,S.Armored Cruiser Washington 1909WME513761.250 Mar-28-19, 22:04:38
Split Rock Light House, Minnesota-North Shore, Lake SuperiorSplit Rock Light House, Minnesota-North Shore, Lake SuperiorWME513581.000 Mar-28-19, 22:04:38
Camp Snapshots-Military HumorCamp Snapshots-Military HumorWME513561.000 Mar-28-19, 22:04:38
Old Spanish Light House, Pt. Loma CAOld Spanish Light House, Pt. Loma CAWME513571.000 Mar-28-19, 22:04:38
S.S. FloridaS.S. FloridaWME513721.000 Mar-28-19, 22:04:38
U.S.S. New JerseyU.S.S. New JerseyWME513731.250 Mar-28-19, 22:04:38
China-PRC OWL 1995 CTO-not mailedChina-PRC OWL 1995 CTO-not mailedWME564921.000 Mar-28-19, 23:34:32
China-PRC OWL 1995 CTO-not mailedChina-PRC OWL 1995 CTO-not mailedWME564931.000 Mar-28-19, 23:34:32
Buffalo NY, Hutchinson High School 1930Buffalo NY, Hutchinson High School 1930WME497331.000 Mar-29-19, 16:59:43
Deer at Kasuga Park, Japan, NaraDeer at Kasuga Park, Japan, NaraWME497341.000 Mar-29-19, 16:59:43
Peacock, San Diego ZooPeacock, San Diego ZooWME497351.000 Mar-29-19, 16:59:43
Colorado Grabbag[3]Colorado Grabbag[3]WME497361.000 Mar-29-19, 16:59:43
Maine Grabbag[3]Maine Grabbag[3]WME497371.000 Mar-29-19, 16:59:43
RP Actress Miss Jane May @1910RP Actress Miss Jane May @1910WME563712.250 Mar-29-19, 17:30:33
RP Actress Miss Kathleen Warren 1905RP Actress Miss Kathleen Warren 1905WME563702.250 Mar-29-19, 17:30:33
RP Actress Jean Aylwin 1910RP Actress Jean Aylwin 1910WME563672.250 Mar-29-19, 17:30:33
RP Actress Miss Zena Dare 1908WME563682.250 Mar-29-19, 17:30:33
RP Actress Miss Julia Neilson 1910RP Actress Miss Julia Neilson 1910WME563692.250 Mar-29-19, 17:30:33
The Tower, London, @1908The Tower, London, @1908WME552131.000 Mar-29-19, 17:30:33

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