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The Blacksione Hotel Lobby, Chicago IL@1925The Blacksione Hotel Lobby, Chicago IL@1925WME531911.000 Jan-24-18, 14:48:41
Lake McDonald, New Glacier Hotel, MT@1915Lake McDonald, New Glacier Hotel, MT@1915WME531901.000 Jan-24-18, 14:48:41
Honolulu, Moanalua Palms @1920Honolulu, Moanalua Palms @1920WME531861.000 Jan-24-18, 14:48:41
Hawaii, Banana Plantation @1910Hawaii, Banana Plantation @1910WME531871.250 Jan-24-18, 14:48:41
RP, Mt. Shasta CA 1938RP, Mt. Shasta CA 1938WME529981.000 Jan-24-18, 14:48:41
Pine Lake Dock, Lansing MI 1913Pine Lake Dock, Lansing MI 1913WME529991.000 Jan-24-18, 14:48:41
Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, ColoradoRoyal Gorge Suspension Bridge, ColoradoWME529971.000 Jan-24-18, 14:48:41
Pensacola Light House, FLPensacola Light House, FLWME529931.000 Jan-24-18, 14:48:41
Bridge in City Park, Portland OR 1909Bridge in City Park, Portland OR 1909WME529941.000 Jan-24-18, 14:48:41
China Clipper over San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge @1935China Clipper over San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge @1935WME529902.500 Jan-24-18, 14:48:41
California Oil Wells 1911California Oil Wells 1911WME529912.000 Jan-24-18, 14:48:41
RP Bishop's Cap, Columbia River Highway OR,@1920RP Bishop's Cap, Columbia River Highway OR,@1920WME529891.000 Jan-24-18, 14:48:41
RP Hawaii, Banana Plantation @1930RP Hawaii, Banana Plantation @1930WME526871.000 Jan-24-18, 14:48:41
 Hawaii, Gathering Coconuts 1917 Hawaii, Gathering Coconuts 1917WME526891.000 Jan-24-18, 14:48:41
Long Island Lighthouse, Apostle islands, Lake SuperiorLong Island Lighthouse, Apostle islands, Lake SuperiorWME545411.000 Jan-25-18, 15:47:48
RP Castle Crags CA @1925RP Castle Crags CA @1925WME538661.000 Jan-25-18, 15:47:48
RP Mt. Shasta CA @1925RP Mt. Shasta CA @1925WME538671.000 Jan-25-18, 15:47:48
"Giant", Big Tree Grove, near Santa Cruz, CA @1925"Giant", Big Tree Grove, near Santa Cruz, CA @1925WME538651.000 Jan-25-18, 15:47:48
Sand Island Lighthouse, Apostle islands, Lake SuperiorSand Island Lighthouse, Apostle islands, Lake SuperiorWME545421.000 Jan-25-18, 15:47:48
Portland  Head Light, MainePortland Head Light, MaineWME545401.000 Jan-25-18, 15:47:48
University of Kansas, Lawrence @ 1903University of Kansas, Lawrence @ 1903WME549151.000 Jan-25-18, 15:47:48
Tunnel, Red Rocks Park, Denver COTunnel, Red Rocks Park, Denver COWME549141.000 Jan-25-18, 15:47:48
The Aladdin, Kansas City, MOThe Aladdin, Kansas City, MOWME549131.000 Jan-25-18, 15:47:48
Pine Bluff, Mohonk Lake, NYPine Bluff, Mohonk Lake, NYWME546461.000 Jan-25-18, 15:47:48
Custer State Park, Sentinel RocksCuster State Park, Sentinel RocksWME551941.000 Jan-25-18, 15:47:48
Zion Nat. Park, Mount Majetic & Angels LandingZion Nat. Park, Mount Majetic & Angels LandingWME551931.000 Jan-25-18, 15:47:48
San Francisco, Cliff House & Seal RocksSan Francisco, Cliff House & Seal RocksWME544281.750 Jan-25-18, 21:55:14
Norris Dam, Tenn.Norris Dam, Tenn.WME544291.000 Jan-25-18, 21:55:14
USA:Florida, Miami beach, Hotel RowUSA:Florida, Miami beach, Hotel RowIVANHOE1453381.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
USA:Florida cypress gardensUSA:Florida cypress gardensIVANHOE1453371.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
USA:South Carolina:Greenvillew countryUSA:South Carolina:Greenvillew countryIVANHOE1453351.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
USA:Wisconsin, farm and fieldUSA:Wisconsin, farm and fieldIVANHOE1453361.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
USA:Missouri, Lake of the OzarksUSA:Missouri, Lake of the OzarksIVANHOE1453331.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
USA:South Carolina:Myrtle beachUSA:South Carolina:Myrtle beachIVANHOE1453341.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
USA:Hawaii, Duke Kahanamoku statue, Waikiki beachUSA:Hawaii, Duke Kahanamoku statue, Waikiki beachIVANHOE1453421.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
USA:Michigan, Northern Michigan universityUSA:Michigan, Northern Michigan universityIVANHOE1453391.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
USA:Texas, Houston, San Jacinto monumentUSA:Texas, Houston, San Jacinto monumentIVANHOE1453411.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
USA:New York, The Jewish museumUSA:New York, The Jewish museumIVANHOE1453431.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
USA:New York, Statue of LibertyUSA:New York, Statue of LibertyIVANHOE1453441.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
USA:Texas, Houston, Texas medical centerUSA:Texas, Houston, Texas medical centerIVANHOE1453401.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
USA:Utah, Bonneville salt flatsUSA:Utah, Bonneville salt flatsIVANHOE1453471.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
California  Grabbag[3]California Grabbag[3]WME480651.000 Jan-26-18, 15:58:40
California Grabbag[3]California Grabbag[3]WME476571.000 Jan-26-18, 15:58:40
California Grabbag[3]California Grabbag[3]WME476581.000 Jan-26-18, 15:58:40
California Grabbag[3]California Grabbag[3]WME476781.000 Jan-26-18, 15:58:40
California Grabbag[3]California Grabbag[3]WME476791.000 Jan-26-18, 15:58:40
Florida Grabbag[3]Florida Grabbag[3]WME476801.000 Jan-26-18, 15:58:40
Colorado Grabbag[3]Colorado Grabbag[3]WME476521.000 Jan-26-18, 15:58:40
New Hampshire Grabbag[3]New Hampshire Grabbag[3]WME476541.000 Jan-26-18, 15:58:40
Colorado Grabbag[3]Colorado Grabbag[3]WME476441.000 Jan-26-18, 15:58:40

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