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RP Lovely Lady with Flowers @1925RP Lovely Lady with Flowers @1925WME562421.000 May-30-18, 17:26:22
Fashionable Jady, E. Kurt @1925Fashionable Jady, E. Kurt @1925WME562431.500 May-30-18, 17:30:38
RP Actress  Nora Kerin@1925RP Actress Nora Kerin@1925WME562442.500 May-30-18, 17:34:26
RP Lovely French Lady 1928RP Lovely French Lady 1928WME562451.000 May-30-18, 17:38:52
Actress Miss Vesta Victoria @1928Actress Miss Vesta Victoria @1928WME562462.500 May-30-18, 17:44:13
RP Actress Miss PHilda Trevelyan @1925RP Actress Miss PHilda Trevelyan @1925WME562482.500 May-30-18, 17:54:27
RP Actress Miss Isabel Jay @1925RP Actress Miss Isabel Jay @1925WME562492.500 May-30-18, 17:58:23
RP Lovely French Lady @ 1925RP Lovely French Lady @ 1925WME562511.000 May-30-18, 18:05:47
 Lovely  Lady with Big Hat 1912 Lovely Lady with Big Hat 1912WME509321.500 7 Days After 1st Bid
RP Lovely Italian Lady RP Lovely Italian Lady WME509311.000 7 Days After 1st Bid
V. Seroff, The Girl in the SunV. Seroff, The Girl in the SunWME442761.500 7 Days After 1st Bid
Lovely Lady with Horse 1920Lovely Lady with Horse 1920WME551331.750 7 Days After 1st Bid