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Spanish Andorra , Casa de VallSpanish Andorra , Casa de VallWME531842.000 Jan-24-18, 14:32:17
Denmark, Rosenborg Slot 1911Denmark, Rosenborg Slot 1911WME522611.000 Jan-24-18, 14:48:41
Heidelberg, Schlosshof@ 1902Heidelberg, Schlosshof@ 1902WME532002.000 Jan-24-18, 14:48:41
Salzburg, Hotel Pitter @ 1925Salzburg, Hotel Pitter @ 1925WME531991.000 Jan-24-18, 14:48:41
Eiffel Tower, Paris Grabbag[2]Eiffel Tower, Paris Grabbag[2]WME522641.000 Jan-24-18, 14:48:41
Monaco, Monte Carlo View @1930Monaco, Monte Carlo View @1930WME526911.000 Jan-24-18, 14:48:41
Denmark,  Kobnhavn, Parade at Amalienborg1908Denmark, Kobnhavn, Parade at Amalienborg1908WME382891.750 Jan-24-18, 18:53:30
Denmark, RP Kobnhavn, Borsen @1910Denmark, RP Kobnhavn, Borsen @1910WME382881.000 Jan-24-18, 18:53:30
Aachen, Kaiser Wilhelm statueAachen, Kaiser Wilhelm statueWME555931.250 Jan-24-18, 23:19:11
Gruss Aus Leipzig, Bismarck Statue 1898Gruss Aus Leipzig, Bismarck Statue 1898WME555921.750 Jan-24-18, 23:19:11
Heidelberg Castle @ 1904Heidelberg Castle @ 1904WME549231.000 Jan-25-18, 15:47:48
Monaco, Palace of the PrinceMonaco, Palace of the PrinceWME549191.000 Jan-25-18, 15:47:48
Berlin, MarchenbrunnenBerlin, MarchenbrunnenWME549181.000 Jan-25-18, 15:47:48
GutenfelsGutenfelsWME549171.000 Jan-25-18, 15:47:48
Cote D'Azur, Une Paysanne, 1910Cote D'Azur, Une Paysanne, 1910WME546471.000 Jan-25-18, 15:47:48
Sweden:Nyköping Hus, bridgeSweden:Nyköping Hus, bridgeIVANHOE1452271.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Sweden:Stockholm, Hälsning near Nyköping, castle, bridgeSweden:Stockholm, Hälsning near Nyköping, castle, bridgeIVANHOE1452181.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Sweden:Nyköping, ParkSweden:Nyköping, ParkIVANHOE1452191.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Sweden:Skoklosters slott, Lake MälarSweden:Skoklosters slott, Lake MälarIVANHOE1452201.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Finland:Helsinki, Students club in Dipoli, 1971Finland:Helsinki, Students club in Dipoli, 1971IVANHOE1452071.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Finland:Helsinki, Finnish president building, 1971Finland:Helsinki, Finnish president building, 1971IVANHOE1452041.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Finland:Helsinki, Lahti bay, 1971Finland:Helsinki, Lahti bay, 1971IVANHOE1452061.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Finland:Helsinki, Pools in Tapioki region, 1971Finland:Helsinki, Pools in Tapioki region, 1971IVANHOE1452051.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Sweden:Stockholm, Kaknäs tower, TV towerSweden:Stockholm, Kaknäs tower, TV towerIVANHOE1452221.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Bahtsisarai history and architecture museum, Tsufut-kale cave entrance, 1981Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Bahtsisarai history and architecture museum, Tsufut-kale cave entrance, 1981IVANHOE1452411.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Sweden:Stockholm, Royal palace, White chamberSweden:Stockholm, Royal palace, White chamberIVANHOE1452261.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Bahtsisarai history and architecture museum, Uspenski cathedral, 1981Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Bahtsisarai history and architecture museum, Uspenski cathedral, 1981IVANHOE1452401.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Russia:Leningrad, Tauria palace, 1973Russia:Leningrad, Tauria palace, 1973IVANHOE1452961.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, swimming poolUkraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, swimming poolIVANHOE1452611.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Ukraine:Kiev, monument to poet Taras ShevchenkoUkraine:Kiev, monument to poet Taras ShevchenkoIVANHOE1452591.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, Pansionat DonbassUkraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, Pansionat DonbassIVANHOE1452601.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Russia:Karjala, Kizi churches, 1971Russia:Karjala, Kizi churches, 1971IVANHOE1452701.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Finland:Helsinki, Shopping center, 1971Finland:Helsinki, Shopping center, 1971IVANHOE1452081.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Russia:Moscow, Theatralny lane, 1961Russia:Moscow, Theatralny lane, 1961IVANHOE1452881.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Finland:Helsinki, Tapiola region, 1971Finland:Helsinki, Tapiola region, 1971IVANHOE1452111.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Sweden:Stockholm view, 1958Sweden:Stockholm view, 1958IVANHOE1452311.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Sweden:Stockholm, Passenger ship and riksdag buildingSweden:Stockholm, Passenger ship and riksdag buildingIVANHOE1452161.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Denmark:Skaelaskor sailing schoolDenmark:Skaelaskor sailing schoolIVANHOE1452011.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Sweden:Stockholm, Drottingholm palaceSweden:Stockholm, Drottingholm palaceIVANHOE1452241.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Sweden:Nyköpingshus, Guest hallSweden:Nyköpingshus, Guest hallIVANHOE1452301.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Finland:Helsinki, Russian embassy, 1971Finland:Helsinki, Russian embassy, 1971IVANHOE1452031.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Finland:Helsinki, Monument, 1971Finland:Helsinki, Monument, 1971IVANHOE1452101.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Russia:Sotsi, Lenin statue and building, 1976Russia:Sotsi, Lenin statue and building, 1976IVANHOE1452921.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Russia:Moscow, Red square and Lenin mausoleum, 1961Russia:Moscow, Red square and Lenin mausoleum, 1961IVANHOE1452991.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Russia:Leningrad, admirality, 1977Russia:Leningrad, admirality, 1977IVANHOE1452971.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Russia:Moscow, View of Kotelnicheskaya embankment, 1961Russia:Moscow, View of Kotelnicheskaya embankment, 1961IVANHOE1452981.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Denmark:Lemvig, Peter Laursen sculpture HavfugleDenmark:Lemvig, Peter Laursen sculpture HavfugleIVANHOE1454001.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Russia:Ritsa lake, autumn, 1970Russia:Ritsa lake, autumn, 1970IVANHOE1452931.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Russia:Leningrad, Finnish bay view, 1968Russia:Leningrad, Finnish bay view, 1968IVANHOE1452941.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50
Russia:Perm, Children hospital, 1958Russia:Perm, Children hospital, 1958IVANHOE1452951.000 Jan-26-18, 10:19:50

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