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Canada:Sunwapta waterfallsCanada:Sunwapta waterfallsIVANHOE1485351.500 Oct-18-19, 14:51:08
Canada:Niagara waterfallsCanada:Niagara waterfallsIVANHOE1485361.500 Oct-18-19, 14:51:36
Canada:B.C.Vancouver island, Englisman river waterfallsCanada:B.C.Vancouver island, Englisman river waterfallsIVANHOE1485371.500 Oct-18-19, 14:52:17
Canada:Cascade mountains and Bow waterfallsCanada:Cascade mountains and Bow waterfallsIVANHOE1485381.500 Oct-18-19, 14:52:55
Canada:B.C.Vancouver, Moon over the evening skylineCanada:B.C.Vancouver, Moon over the evening skylineIVANHOE1490401.000 Oct-23-19, 11:42:23
Canada:B.C.Vancouver, Evening reflections on the waterfrontCanada:B.C.Vancouver, Evening reflections on the waterfrontIVANHOE1490411.000 Oct-23-19, 11:42:43
Canada:B.C.Vancouver, The City from little mountainCanada:B.C.Vancouver, The City from little mountainIVANHOE1490421.000 Oct-23-19, 11:42:58
Canada:B.C.Vancouver, West end apartments and downtownCanada:B.C.Vancouver, West end apartments and downtownIVANHOE1490431.000 Oct-23-19, 11:43:21
Canada:Ontario, 1000 islandsCanada:Ontario, 1000 islandsIVANHOE1490441.000 Oct-23-19, 11:43:59
Canada:Gananoque viewCanada:Gananoque viewIVANHOE1490451.000 Oct-23-19, 11:44:45
Canada:Ottawa, A mosaic of the city landmarks, soldier, viewsCanada:Ottawa, A mosaic of the city landmarks, soldier, viewsIVANHOE1490461.000 Oct-23-19, 11:46:04
Canada:Ottawa, The parade of the gard at the parliament of CanadaCanada:Ottawa, The parade of the gard at the parliament of CanadaIVANHOE1490471.000 Oct-23-19, 11:46:32
Canada:Ontario, 1000 islands, castle, viewsCanada:Ontario, 1000 islands, castle, viewsIVANHOE1490481.000 Oct-23-19, 11:47:03
USA and Canada border, Peace Arch memorialUSA and Canada border, Peace Arch memorialIVANHOE1490491.000 Oct-23-19, 11:47:49
Canada:Nova Scotia, Dories at Rest Picturesque Nova ScotiaCanada:Nova Scotia, Dories at Rest Picturesque Nova ScotiaIVANHOE1491611.000 7 Days After 1st Bid