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Germany Koeln Gruss Fencing DuelGermany Koeln Gruss Fencing DuelSUNSHINEPCS15302424.33
Fencing Mask Le Masque de FerFencing Mask Le Masque de FerSUNSHINEPCS1507846.33
Fencing Girl Philadelphia Post Card CompanyFencing Girl Philadelphia Post Card CompanySUNSHINEPCS12700212.33
Gruss CharlottenburgGruss CharlottenburgNYPOSTCARDS1246367.00
Men FencingMen FencingNYPOSTCARDS1246194.00
Fencing by Georg MuhlbergFencing by Georg MuhlbergNYPOSTCARDS1246057.50
Fencing by Georg MuhlbergFencing by Georg MuhlbergNYPOSTCARDS1245767.50
Men Fencing - Heidelburg, Mensur im WaldeMen Fencing - Heidelburg, Mensur im WaldeNYPOSTCARDS1245655.00
Fencing by Georg MuhlbergFencing by Georg MuhlbergNYPOSTCARDS1245337.50
La Flotte Romaine dans - Ben-HurLa Flotte Romaine dans - Ben-HurNYPOSTCARDS1245256.00
Fencing by George MuhlbergFencing by George MuhlbergNYPOSTCARDS1245126.00
Fencing by Georg MuhlbergFencing by Georg MuhlbergNYPOSTCARDS1244797.50
RPPC, Two Men with Swords, FencingRPPC, Two Men with Swords, FencingNYPOSTCARDS5834516.00
Heldelberg, Mensur auf SchlagerHeldelberg, Mensur auf SchlagerNYPOSTCARDS434765.00
Auf die Mensur, fertig, losAuf die Mensur, fertig, losNYPOSTCARDS429935.00