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Wrestler - Cyclone AnayaWrestler - Cyclone AnayaNYPOSTCARDS1379495.00
Wrestler - The Great BalloWrestler - The Great BalloNYPOSTCARDS1379505.00
Wrestler - Michael LeoneWrestler - Michael LeoneNYPOSTCARDS1379475.00
Wrestler - George DrakeWrestler - George DrakeNYPOSTCARDS1379485.00
Wrestler -  Farmer Don MarlinWrestler - Farmer Don MarlinNYPOSTCARDS1379455.00
Wrestler -  Jim LondosWrestler - Jim LondosNYPOSTCARDS1379445.00
Wrestler -  Antonio RoccaWrestler - Antonio RoccaNYPOSTCARDS1379435.00
Wrestler - Roger MackayWrestler - Roger MackayNYPOSTCARDS1379405.00
Wrestler - Billy DarnellWrestler - Billy DarnellNYPOSTCARDS1379395.00
Russia:Fencing and wrestling, 1981Russia:Fencing and wrestling, 1981IVANHOE1440131.25
Hard Boiled HaggertyHard Boiled HaggertyNYPOSTCARDS1275405.00
Don JouddianDon JouddianNYPOSTCARDS1275274.00
Buddy RogersBuddy RogersNYPOSTCARDS1274985.00
Russia:Sportsman, Levan Tediashvili, wrestling, 1979Russia:Sportsman, Levan Tediashvili, wrestling, 1979IVANHOE1401561.00
WCW Nitro TNT, Hulk HoganWCW Nitro TNT, Hulk HoganAHA171956.98
Japanese Sumo Wrestling Multi View Champion Yokozuna-no-DohyoiriJapanese Sumo Wrestling Multi View Champion Yokozuna-no-DohyoiriAPOPKAPCSHOPPE2962247.77
Florida Miami Tropical Hobbyland Henry Nelson Alligator WrestlingFlorida Miami Tropical Hobbyland Henry Nelson Alligator WrestlingSUNSHINEPCS429967.33