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Poland:FDC, dinosaur, 1965Poland:FDC, dinosaur, 1965IVANHOE1496491.50
Spain:FDC, SAHARA, fauna, 1955Spain:FDC, SAHARA, fauna, 1955IVANHOE1496945.00
Spain:FDC, Rio Muni, beetles, bugs, insects, 1965Spain:FDC, Rio Muni, beetles, bugs, insects, 1965IVANHOE1496721.50
Spain:FDC, Fernando Poo, insects, 1965Spain:FDC, Fernando Poo, insects, 1965IVANHOE1496761.50
Spain:FDC, IFNI, fauna, 1965Spain:FDC, IFNI, fauna, 1965IVANHOE1496871.50
Spain:FDC, IFNI, fauna, 1967Spain:FDC, IFNI, fauna, 1967IVANHOE1496841.50
Spain:FDC, SAHARA, insects, 1965Spain:FDC, SAHARA, insects, 1965IVANHOE1496995.00
Spain:FDC, Rio Muni, animals, 1966Spain:FDC, Rio Muni, animals, 1966IVANHOE1496691.50
Spain:FDC, Sahara, animals, 1970Spain:FDC, Sahara, animals, 1970IVANHOE1496751.50
Finland:Aerogramme, bird, 1976 Finland:Aerogramme, bird, 1976 IVANHOE1496221.50
Spain:FDC, IFNI, fauna, 1964Spain:FDC, IFNI, fauna, 1964IVANHOE1496831.50
Spain:FDC, SAHARA, fauna, 1958Spain:FDC, SAHARA, fauna, 1958IVANHOE1496954.00
Spain:FDC, IFNI, sheperds, fauna, 1956Spain:FDC, IFNI, sheperds, fauna, 1956IVANHOE1496852.50
Spain:FDC, SAHARA, animals, 1957Spain:FDC, SAHARA, animals, 1957IVANHOE1496905.00
Spain:FDC, SAHARA, birds, 1958Spain:FDC, SAHARA, birds, 1958IVANHOE1496914.00
Spain:FDC, SAHARA, insects, 1964Spain:FDC, SAHARA, insects, 1964IVANHOE1496975.00
Spain:FDC, Rio Muni, animals, 1966Spain:FDC, Rio Muni, animals, 1966IVANHOE1496741.50
Sweden:Aerogram, eagle 1975Sweden:Aerogram, eagle 1975IVANHOE1496201.00
Spain:FDC, Fernando Poo, apes, monkeys, 1966Spain:FDC, Fernando Poo, apes, monkeys, 1966IVANHOE1496781.50
Spain:FDC, IFNI, butterfly, butterflies, 1963Spain:FDC, IFNI, butterfly, butterflies, 1963IVANHOE1496801.50
Spain:FDC, dogs 1983Spain:FDC, dogs 1983IVANHOE1496631.00
Sweden:Ingermanländs kulturenfestival special cancellation, 1987Sweden:Ingermanländs kulturenfestival special cancellation, 1987IVANHOE1496211.00
Spain:FDC, Rio Muni, zodiac, 1968Spain:FDC, Rio Muni, zodiac, 1968IVANHOE1496661.50
Spain:FDC, IFNI, insects, 1964Spain:FDC, IFNI, insects, 1964IVANHOE1496821.50
Spain:FDC, SAHARA, camels, 1963Spain:FDC, SAHARA, camels, 1963IVANHOE1496925.00
Spain:FDC, Rio Muni, animals, 1965Spain:FDC, Rio Muni, animals, 1965IVANHOE1496711.50
Spain:FDC, SAHARA, animals, 1961Spain:FDC, SAHARA, animals, 1961IVANHOE1496885.00
Spain:FDC, Rio Muni, animals, 1964Spain:FDC, Rio Muni, animals, 1964IVANHOE1496731.50
Spain:FDC, IFNI, sheperds, fauna, 1955Spain:FDC, IFNI, sheperds, fauna, 1955IVANHOE1496791.50
Spain:FDC, SAHARA, fishes, 1963Spain:FDC, SAHARA, fishes, 1963IVANHOE1496965.00
Spain:FDC, Rio Muni, animals, 1961Spain:FDC, Rio Muni, animals, 1961IVANHOE1496681.50
Spain:FDC, Guinea espaniaola, elephants, 1957Spain:FDC, Guinea espaniaola, elephants, 1957IVANHOE1496651.50
Spain:FDC, dogs 1983Spain:FDC, dogs 1983IVANHOE1496641.00
Spain:FDC, Rio Muni, animals, 1967Spain:FDC, Rio Muni, animals, 1967IVANHOE1496701.50
Spain:FDC, IFNI, birds, 1965Spain:FDC, IFNI, birds, 1965IVANHOE1496811.50
Spain:FDC, SAHARA, fauna, 1964Spain:FDC, SAHARA, fauna, 1964IVANHOE1496934.00
Sweden:Postal stationery, egale 75 öre, 1975Sweden:Postal stationery, egale 75 öre, 1975IVANHOE1496231.00
Spain sc# 2619 FDC - Ciclo-Cross - Cyclo-Cross Championship February 2, 1990Spain sc# 2619 FDC - Ciclo-Cross - Cyclo-Cross Championship February 2, 1990HOMERBOB320492.75
San Marino #609-611 - FDC - 1965 Giro D'Italia Bicycle RaceSan Marino #609-611 - FDC - 1965 Giro D'Italia Bicycle RaceHOMERBOB314562.75
Island:FDC, Landbokasafn Islands, 1968Island:FDC, Landbokasafn Islands, 1968IVANHOE1462053.00
Island:FDC, Samband Iglenzkra samvinnufelaga, 1977Island:FDC, Samband Iglenzkra samvinnufelaga, 1977IVANHOE1462062.50
Island:FDC, Albidsamband Islands 60 ara, 1976Island:FDC, Albidsamband Islands 60 ara, 1976IVANHOE1462073.00
Sweden:FDC, animals, moose, squirrel, goats, 1992Sweden:FDC, animals, moose, squirrel, goats, 1992IVANHOE1462084.50
Island:FDC, Hid Islendzka Bokmenta-Felag, 1966Island:FDC, Hid Islendzka Bokmenta-Felag, 1966IVANHOE1462503.50
Sweden:Cover with original stamp, 2 ? öre, pre 1940Sweden:Cover with original stamp, 2 ? öre, pre 1940IVANHOE1429993.00
Sweden:Cover with overprinted original stamp, 3 öre + 7 öre overprinted stamp, pre 1921IVANHOE1430003.00
Sweden:Cover with original stamp, 10 ? öre, *PU 1935Sweden:Cover with original stamp, 10 ? öre, *PU 1935IVANHOE1429976.00
Sweden:Estonia:Scouts postcard and special cancellation Braheloppet, stamp 50 years Estonian republic, 1966Sweden:Estonia:Scouts postcard and special cancellation Braheloppet, stamp 50 years Estonian republic, 1966IVANHOE1428527.00
Czechslovakia:Olympic game stamps on registered air mail, rowing, bike, 1984Czechslovakia:Olympic game stamps on registered air mail, rowing, bike, 1984IVANHOE1428552.00
Sweden:Estonia:Scouts postcard, pre 1990Sweden:Estonia:Scouts postcard, pre 1990IVANHOE1428533.00

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