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Netherlands Antilles 221 MH Netherlands Antilles 221 MH WME408531.00
Colombia H2 Used, Signed Colombia H2 Used, Signed WME371471.00
Colombia H3 Used, SignedColombia H3 Used, SignedWME408251.00
Mexico CO2 MH Mexico CO2 MH WME390991.00
Salvador 613, C122-124 MNH Set Salvador 613, C122-124 MNH Set WME395025.50
Costa Rica RA12-15 MH Set Costa Rica RA12-15 MH Set WME394991.00
Chile Packet of 20 DifferentChile Packet of 20 DifferentWME205571.00
Neth. Antilles B31-34 MLH  Set Neth. Antilles B31-34 MLH Set WME411001.00
Early Chile Revenue Stamp UsedEarly Chile Revenue Stamp UsedWME406851.00
Mexico Revenue Stamp UsedMexico Revenue Stamp UsedWME404701.00
Spanish Puerto Rico Revenue Stamp MHSpanish Puerto Rico Revenue Stamp MHWME401921.50
Netherlands Antilles C11 MHNetherlands Antilles C11 MHWME368081.00
Colombia 428 UsedColombia 428 UsedWME359301.00
Cuba-U.S. Admin. 225 UsedCuba-U.S. Admin. 225 UsedWME345271.00
Cuba 171 MHCuba 171 MHWME345281.00
Colombia C109 UsedColombia C109 UsedWME345311.00
Uruguay C49 UsedUruguay C49 UsedWME345021.00
Cuba 666-667 MH Two Sets of One Cuba 666-667 MH Two Sets of One WME345051.00
Cuba C165 MH Set of OneCuba C165 MH Set of OneWME345091.00
Cuba C212-213 MLH Set Cuba C212-213 MLH Set WME345111.00
Cuba C219-221 MLH Set Cuba C219-221 MLH Set WME345121.00
Cuba C209-210 MLH Set Cuba C209-210 MLH Set WME345131.00
Cuba C195-196 MH Set Cuba C195-196 MH Set WME345141.00
Cuba C193-194 MH Set Cuba C193-194 MH Set WME345151.00
Cuba C90-91 MH SetCuba C90-91 MH SetWME345201.00
Colombia 37 Used, Pen CancelColombia 37 Used, Pen CancelWME367944.25
Cuba 449-451 MH SetCuba 449-451 MH SetWME371291.00
Mexico C94-96 MH SetMexico C94-96 MH SetWME332891.00
Neth. Antilles 221 MH Neth. Antilles 221 MH WME332681.00
Colombia 524-526 MH SetColombia 524-526 MH SetWME358881.00
Netherlands Antilles 6 Used, Numeral CancelNetherlands Antilles 6 Used, Numeral CancelWME332231.00
El Salvador C1 Used Set of OneEl Salvador C1 Used Set of OneWME305721.00
El Salvador C45 Used El Salvador C45 Used WME305731.00
Nicaragua 216 UsedNicaragua 216 UsedWME305761.00
Neth. Antilles 78 UsedNeth. Antilles 78 UsedWME318371.00
Colombia 65 Used, HandstampedColombia 65 Used, HandstampedWME305138.00
Argentina 26 Used Argentina 26 Used WME309711.00
Argentina 18A UsedArgentina 18A UsedWME313861.00
Argentina 37 UsedArgentina 37 UsedWME305961.00
Cuba 282 MH Imperf. PairCuba 282 MH Imperf. PairWME330781.00
Mexico 820-824 Used Set Mexico 820-824 Used Set WME330821.25
Argentina C18 UsedArgentina C18 UsedWME295571.00
Guadeloupe 14 MNHGuadeloupe 14 MNHWME366571.00
Netherlands Antilles 57 UsedNetherlands Antilles 57 UsedWME298311.00
Argentina 908-912 MH setArgentina 908-912 MH setWME364681.00
Surinam 129 MHSurinam 129 MHWME301821.00
Colombia 11 Used, SignedColombia 11 Used, SignedWME321619.50
Surinam 119 UsedSurinam 119 UsedWME323181.00
cuba 595-606 MH set, has a bit of Dist. Gumcuba 595-606 MH set, has a bit of Dist. GumWME365851.00
Danish West Indies 32 UsedDanish West Indies 32 UsedWME365871.00

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