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Spain 1891-1896 MNH SetSpain 1891-1896 MNH SetWME540641.00
Spain 1951-1953 MNH SetSpain 1951-1953 MNH SetWME540631.00
Spain 2515A-2517 MNH SetSpain 2515A-2517 MNH SetWME540621.00
Spain 1556-1565 MNH SetSpain 1556-1565 MNH SetWME540611.50
Spain 1105-1107 MNH SetSpain 1105-1107 MNH SetWME540601.00
Spain RA6-7 MH SetSpain RA6-7 MH SetWME539151.00
Espana 75 World Stamp Exhibition Label- UnusedEspana 75 World Stamp Exhibition Label- UnusedWME538161.00
Spain 1947-1950 MNH SetSpain 1947-1950 MNH SetWME529591.00
Spain 60 MNH, Light CreaseSpain 60 MNH, Light CreaseWME5037715.00
Spain 54 UsedSpain 54 UsedWME503765.00
Spain 53 UsedSpain 53 UsedWME503756.50
Spain C137 MH SetSpain C137 MH SetWME502101.50
Spain 1365-1372 MNH SetSpain 1365-1372 MNH SetWME498591.25
Spain 1280-1289 MNH SetSpain 1280-1289 MNH SetWME498581.50
Spain 1487-1496 MNH SetSpain 1487-1496 MNH SetWME498571.25
Spain 1187-1194 MNH SetSpain 1187-1194 MNH SetWME493935.00
Spain 1766-1770 MNH SetSpain 1766-1770 MNH SetWME475841.00
Fernando Poo 146 usedFernando Poo 146 usedWME475791.75
Spain 1170--1172 MNH SetSpain 1170--1172 MNH SetWME492751.00
Spain 1155-1158 MNH SetSpain 1155-1158 MNH SetWME492742.50
Spain 1871 Revenue Used, Pen CancelSpain 1871 Revenue Used, Pen CancelWME485941.00
Spain X6 MHSpain X6 MHWME481334.00
Spain 1761-1765 MNH SetSpain 1761-1765 MNH SetWME475851.00
Spain 66 UsedSpain 66 UsedWME447454.25
Spain 1887 Revenue UsedSpain 1887 Revenue UsedWME462601.00
Spain 1900 Revenue UsedSpain 1900 Revenue UsedWME462591.00
Spain Civil War Contra El Frio label UsedSpain Civil War Contra El Frio label UsedWME462571.25
Spain 986A MNHSpain 986A MNHWME442222.50
Cape Juby B1 MNH Cape Juby B1 MNH WME451929.50
Cape Juby B2-4 MH Cape Juby B2-4 MH WME451918.50