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Ryukyu Islands 95-97 MH Sets[2]Ryukyu Islands 95-97 MH Sets[2]WME500641.00
Ryukyu Islands 89 MH SetRyukyu Islands 89 MH SetWME500631.00
Ryukyu Islands 185-189 MH SetRyukyu Islands 185-189 MH SetWME485811.00
Canal Zone 45 MHCanal Zone 45 MHWME4812412.50
Hawaii 79 MHHawaii 79 MHWME4754710.00
Philippines U38 Mint Cut SquarePhilippines U38 Mint Cut SquareWME464572.00
Philippines U2 Mint Cut SquarePhilippines U2 Mint Cut SquareWME464569.50
Philippines U19 Mint Cut SquarePhilippines U19 Mint Cut SquareWME464557.50
Philippines U32 Mint Cut SquarePhilippines U32 Mint Cut SquareWME464542.50
Philippines U36 Mint Cut SquarePhilippines U36 Mint Cut SquareWME464532.00
Philippines U37 Mint Cut SquarePhilippines U37 Mint Cut SquareWME464522.25
Canal Zone 70 MNHCanal Zone 70 MNHWME461541.25
Ryukyu Islands 136-145 MH Sets[6] Ryukyu Islands 136-145 MH Sets[6] WME450911.25
Ryukyu Islands 129-135 MH Sets[8] Ryukyu Islands 129-135 MH Sets[8] WME450921.25
Ryukyu Islands 90 MH Set of OneRyukyu Islands 90 MH Set of OneWME442341.00