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Turkeys in yard, 1989Turkeys in yard, 1989IVANHOE1468581.50
Goose, geese in yard, 1989Goose, geese in yard, 1989IVANHOE1468561.50
Goose, geese in yard, 1989Goose, geese in yard, 1989IVANHOE1468551.50
Chicken, rooster in yard, 1989Chicken, rooster in yard, 1989IVANHOE1468541.50
Walking geese, gooseWalking geese, gooseIVANHOE1466171.50
Three young owls on treeThree young owls on treeIVANHOE1466161.50
Flying bird, eagleFlying bird, eagleIVANHOE1464261.50
Honduras:Copan ruins, parrotsHonduras:Copan ruins, parrotsIVANHOE1464251.50
Martinique:Bird on tree, colibrisMartinique:Bird on tree, colibrisIVANHOE1464241.50
Bird on tree, parrotBird on tree, parrotIVANHOE1464231.50
Bird on tree, parrotBird on tree, parrotIVANHOE1464221.50
Bird on Christmas tree, parrotBird on Christmas tree, parrotIVANHOE1464211.50
Swimming swanSwimming swanIVANHOE1464201.00
Birds on tree, parrots?Birds on tree, parrots?IVANHOE1464191.50
Senegal:Bird on weird treeSenegal:Bird on weird treeIVANHOE1464181.50
Birds near seaBirds near seaIVANHOE1464171.50
Penquins, Eudyptes chrysolophusPenquins, Eudyptes chrysolophusIVANHOE1464161.50
Bird, dove, Columba palumbusBird, dove, Columba palumbusIVANHOE1464151.50
Bird, Crimson RosellaBird, Crimson RosellaIVANHOE1464141.50
Bird, Oriolus oriolusBird, Oriolus oriolusIVANHOE1464131.50
Bird, Alcedo atthis, kingfisherBird, Alcedo atthis, kingfisherIVANHOE1464121.50
Bird, phaesantBird, phaesantIVANHOE1464111.50
Flying gullFlying gullIVANHOE1464101.50
Bird close viewBird close viewIVANHOE1464091.50
Birds on tree, parrotsBirds on tree, parrotsIVANHOE1464081.50
Birds on nests and swamp, storksBirds on nests and swamp, storksIVANHOE1464071.50
Australia:Birds on tree, KookaburrasAustralia:Birds on tree, KookaburrasIVANHOE1464061.50
Bird catching dragonflyBird catching dragonflyIVANHOE1464051.00
Owl on treeOwl on treeIVANHOE1464041.00
Landing ducksLanding ducksIVANHOE1464031.00
Tomtit on appleTomtit on appleIVANHOE1464021.00
William Vanderdasson:Birds on treeWilliam Vanderdasson:Birds on treeIVANHOE1464011.00
Poland:Singing birdPoland:Singing birdIVANHOE1464001.50
New Zealand bird, KiwiNew Zealand bird, KiwiIVANHOE1463991.50
Bird on treeBird on treeIVANHOE1463981.50
Australia:Birds on tree, Rainbow LorikeetsAustralia:Birds on tree, Rainbow LorikeetsIVANHOE1463971.50
Birds on treeBirds on treeIVANHOE1463961.50
Birds on tree, Cractes infaustus, WWFBirds on tree, Cractes infaustus, WWFIVANHOE1463951.50
Bird on tree, tucanBird on tree, tucanIVANHOE1463941.50
Bird in grass, gullBird in grass, gullIVANHOE1463931.50
Australia:Birds on tree, KookaburrasAustralia:Birds on tree, KookaburrasIVANHOE1463921.50
Penquins on seashorePenquins on seashoreIVANHOE1463911.50
Brasil:Birds on treeBrasil:Birds on treeIVANHOE1463901.50
Brasil:Birds on tree, TuiuiuBrasil:Birds on tree, TuiuiuIVANHOE1463891.50
Bird, parrotBird, parrotIVANHOE1463881.50
Bird, owls, Strix uralensisBird, owls, Strix uralensisIVANHOE1463871.50
Bird, owl, Otus scopsBird, owl, Otus scopsIVANHOE1463861.50
Bird, owl, Bubo buboBird, owl, Bubo buboIVANHOE1463851.50
Bird, Philippine eagleBird, Philippine eagleIVANHOE1463841.50
Bird, Platalea leucorodiaBird, Platalea leucorodiaIVANHOE1463831.50

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