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Birds, Swimming swansBirds, Swimming swansIVANHOE583631.00
Bird:Swan, Cygnus olorBird:Swan, Cygnus olorIVANHOE583771.00
Bird:Erithacus rubeculaBird:Erithacus rubeculaIVANHOE583661.00
2 birds on flowers, artist signed, *PU 19232 birds on flowers, artist signed, *PU 1923IVANHOE582265.00
Birds, gull with chicksBirds, gull with chicksIVANHOE562621.00
2 birds on tree in winter, pre 19402 birds on tree in winter, pre 1940IVANHOE582274.00
Bird, Acrocephalus arundinaceusBird, Acrocephalus arundinaceusIVANHOE621521.00
Parrot, leafs, Serie 615 - 6, pre 1920Parrot, leafs, Serie 615 - 6, pre 1920IVANHOE580695.00
Swimming swans in stream, pre 1930Swimming swans in stream, pre 1930IVANHOE568242.75
Girl with rooster, 2245-4, pre 1920Girl with rooster, 2245-4, pre 1920IVANHOE568273.75
Sweden:Stockholm, swans, ducks, real photo,pre1940Sweden:Stockholm, swans, ducks, real photo,pre1940IVANHOE568252.75
Girl fighting with rooster, eggs, *PU 1922Girl fighting with rooster, eggs, *PU 1922IVANHOE568503.75
Marabou, duck, PELUBA 277, *PU 1933Marabou, duck, PELUBA 277, *PU 1933IVANHOE572155.00
Birds, rooster, ducks, chicks, 408, pre 1920Birds, rooster, ducks, chicks, 408, pre 1920IVANHOE571293.75
Singing bird, pre 1940Singing bird, pre 1940IVANHOE570853.75
Boy with chicken and egg, *PU 1931Boy with chicken and egg, *PU 1931IVANHOE569633.75
Singing bird, *PU 1939Singing bird, *PU 1939IVANHOE563643.75
Bird:Saxicola rubetraBird:Saxicola rubetraIVANHOE583781.00
Boy with rooster, chicks, pre 1920Boy with rooster, chicks, pre 1920IVANHOE570793.75
Girl with roosters, *PU 1916Girl with roosters, *PU 1916IVANHOE563804.75

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