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Small Dog in basket of blue flowers; embossed; p/ Tuck; Undivided Back; glitter; VG-EXSmall Dog in basket of blue flowers; embossed; p/ Tuck; Undivided Back; glitter; VG-EXCHILDSPT113652.00
Dogs Dachshund PupsDogs Dachshund PupsAPOPKAPCSHOPPE5750735.33
Eskimo Sled Dog At Clark's Ranch North Woodstock New Hampshire CurteichEskimo Sled Dog At Clark's Ranch North Woodstock New Hampshire CurteichAPOPKAPCSHOPPE5737946.33
Texas Prairie Dogs 1991Texas Prairie Dogs 1991APOPKAPCSHOPPE5730185.33
Poudle, dogPoudle, dogIVANHOE1468821.50
White dog in grassWhite dog in grassIVANHOE1466141.50
Puppie in holePuppie in holeIVANHOE1466131.50
Looking dog, greyhoundLooking dog, greyhoundIVANHOE1464771.50
Looking dog, houndLooking dog, houndIVANHOE1464761.50
Dogi, standing dogDogi, standing dogIVANHOE1464751.50
Brown dogs, spanielsBrown dogs, spanielsIVANHOE1464731.50
Yellow dog with flower potYellow dog with flower potIVANHOE1464721.50
White dogs, labradors?White dogs, labradors?IVANHOE1464711.50
White dogs in baskets, puppiesWhite dogs in baskets, puppiesIVANHOE1464701.50
White dog with rosesWhite dog with rosesIVANHOE1464691.50
Four brown dogsFour brown dogsIVANHOE1464681.50
Two brown puppiesTwo brown puppiesIVANHOE1464671.50
Dogs on grass, Yorkshire terriersDogs on grass, Yorkshire terriersIVANHOE1464661.50
Puppie with kittenPuppie with kittenIVANHOE1464651.50
Dog with rose basket, Yorkshire terrierDog with rose basket, Yorkshire terrierIVANHOE1464641.50
Puppie and kittenPuppie and kittenIVANHOE1464631.50
Black dog on bedBlack dog on bedIVANHOE1464621.50
Looking brown dogLooking brown dogIVANHOE1464611.00
Looking white dogLooking white dogIVANHOE1464601.00
Looking dogs, houndsLooking dogs, houndsIVANHOE1464591.50
Looking dog, dacshundLooking dog, dacshundIVANHOE1464581.50
Looking dog, alsatianLooking dog, alsatianIVANHOE1464571.50
Looking dog, setter?Looking dog, setter?IVANHOE1464561.50
Looking dog, dogiLooking dog, dogiIVANHOE1464551.50
Looking dog, alsatianLooking dog, alsatianIVANHOE1464541.50
Looking dog, boxerLooking dog, boxerIVANHOE1464531.50
Siting dogs, Yorkshire terriersSiting dogs, Yorkshire terriersIVANHOE1464521.50
Siting dog, alsatianSiting dog, alsatianIVANHOE1464511.50
Siting dog, basset houndSiting dog, basset houndIVANHOE1464501.50
Siting dog, mopsSiting dog, mopsIVANHOE1464491.50
Siting dog, Spaniel King CharlesSiting dog, Spaniel King CharlesIVANHOE1464481.50
Siting dog, Caucasian sheep dogSiting dog, Caucasian sheep dogIVANHOE1464471.50
Looking dog, Irish terrierLooking dog, Irish terrierIVANHOE1464461.50
Looking dog, collieLooking dog, collieIVANHOE1464451.50
Looking dogLooking dogIVANHOE1464441.50
Siting dog, dogi?Siting dog, dogi?IVANHOE1464431.50
Siting dog with candiesSiting dog with candiesIVANHOE1464421.50
Dog, collieDog, collieIVANHOE1464411.50
Siting dog with bird, setterSiting dog with bird, setterIVANHOE1464401.50
Siting dogSiting dogIVANHOE1464391.50
Looking dogLooking dogIVANHOE1464381.50
Looking dog, alsatianLooking dog, alsatianIVANHOE1464371.50
Poodle Havin' A Ball In FloridaPoodle Havin' A Ball In FloridaSUNSHINEPCS1717975.33
Comical Dog - A lot of little thins to worry me (fleas?) - Humor - pm 1923 at Churchville NY - Linen CardComical Dog - A lot of little thins to worry me (fleas?) - Humor - pm 1923 at Churchville NY - Linen CardHOMERBOB327993.75

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