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Hungary Budapest Vajdahunyad CastleHungary Budapest Vajdahunyad CastleAPOPKAPCSHOPPE4913095.33
Budapest,The Eastern Railway Station illuminated,postal used 1939,corners few wearyBudapest,The Eastern Railway Station illuminated,postal used 1939,corners few wearyIVANHOE1224395.00
Kaposvar, Gyalogsagi laktanya, HungaryKaposvar, Gyalogsagi laktanya, HungaryIVANHOE1309575.00
Hungary:Budapest, Szent Istvan monument, church, pre 1940Hungary:Budapest, Szent Istvan monument, church, pre 1940IVANHOE1460605.00
13818  Hungary Budapest   Jozsef foherczeg pavillonja  189513818 Hungary Budapest Jozsef foherczeg pavillonja 1895ABOVEALL240884.76
Budapest view - bridge, river, HungaryBudapest view - bridge, river, HungaryIVANHOE1344764.00
Budapest ,Petöfi Square, HungaryBudapest ,Petöfi Square, HungaryIVANHOE1344774.00
Budapest ,Margarete Badehaus, HungaryBudapest ,Margarete Badehaus, HungaryIVANHOE1344784.00
Budapest ,The Hungarian Parliament BuildingBudapest ,The Hungarian Parliament BuildingIVANHOE1344794.00
Budapest , Palace Budapest , Palace IVANHOE1344804.00
Budapest , Bridge, Partie mit Milleniums - DenkmalBudapest , Bridge, Partie mit Milleniums - DenkmalIVANHOE1344814.00
Budapest , Monument of Prinz Eugen, BurggartenBudapest , Monument of Prinz Eugen, BurggartenIVANHOE1344824.00
Budapest , St Stefan Denkmal, Fiscer basteiBudapest , St Stefan Denkmal, Fiscer basteiIVANHOE1344834.00
Budapest view , bridgeBudapest view , bridgeIVANHOE1344844.00
Budapest , St Stefan BasilicaBudapest , St Stefan BasilicaIVANHOE1344854.00
Budapest , Vajda Schloss - Hunyad im StadtwäldchenBudapest , Vajda Schloss - Hunyad im StadtwäldchenIVANHOE1344864.00
Budapest view and bridgeBudapest view and bridgeIVANHOE1344874.00
Hungary:Budapest railway station, car, pre 1940Hungary:Budapest railway station, car, pre 1940IVANHOE1368194.00
Hungary:Debrecen, The college reformist, pre 1940Hungary:Debrecen, The college reformist, pre 1940IVANHOE1368204.00
Hungary:Csepel, schoolhouse, pre 1940Hungary:Csepel, schoolhouse, pre 1940IVANHOE1428274.00
Hungary, Budapest, Kilatas a Szt., Aussicht vom Blocksberg, two part panorama folding card; VGHungary, Budapest, Kilatas a Szt., Aussicht vom Blocksberg, two part panorama folding card; VGCHILDSPT66623.75
Hungary, Gruss aus Poprad, Hauptplatz; pm; VGHungary, Gruss aus Poprad, Hauptplatz; pm; VGCHILDSPT64513.50
Bridge in Budapest, HungaryBridge in Budapest, HungaryIVANHOE1309583.00
 Budapest, Elisabeth Bridge , Hungary Budapest, Elisabeth Bridge , HungaryIVANHOE1309593.00
 Budapest, Gate , Hungary Budapest, Gate , HungaryIVANHOE1309603.00
Hungary:Card with stamp, Parliament houseHungary:Card with stamp, Parliament houseIVANHOE593922.75
Hungary, Budapest, Szabadsagter Freiheitsplatz; VG-EXHungary, Budapest, Szabadsagter Freiheitsplatz; VG-EXCHILDSPT66632.75
Hungary, Magyar nepviselet, Ungarische Volkstracht, native costume; G-VGHungary, Magyar nepviselet, Ungarische Volkstracht, native costume; G-VGCHILDSPT66612.50
Hungary, native costumes (see message); GoodHungary, native costumes (see message); GoodCHILDSPT66602.00
Hungary:Budapest, ParliamentHungary:Budapest, ParliamentIVANHOE472991.00
Unknown waterfall, Probably in HungaryUnknown waterfall, Probably in HungaryIVANHOE594001.00
Hungary:Debrecen, Red Army streetHungary:Debrecen, Red Army streetIVANHOE709171.00
Hungary:Budapest, views, church, palaceHungary:Budapest, views, church, palaceIVANHOE785521.00
Hungary:Budapest, Gellert poolHungary:Budapest, Gellert poolIVANHOE759171.00
Hungary:Bükfürdo. views, train, hotelHungary:Bükfürdo. views, train, hotelIVANHOE759131.00
Hungary:Postal stationery, 20 years stadiumHungary:Postal stationery, 20 years stadiumIVANHOE749111.00
Hungary:Budapest, railway station, tramHungary:Budapest, railway station, tramIVANHOE859791.00
Hungary:Tihan port, passanger shipsHungary:Tihan port, passanger shipsIVANHOE818611.00
Hungary:Debrecen, Red army boulevardHungary:Debrecen, Red army boulevardIVANHOE549161.00
Hungary:Budapest, Parlament building, interiorsHungary:Budapest, Parlament building, interiorsIVANHOE548961.00
Hungary:Sarospatak, Raloczi castleHungary:Sarospatak, Raloczi castleIVANHOE886031.00
Hungary:Budapest,Clock tower in Vaidahunjad castleHungary:Budapest,Clock tower in Vaidahunjad castleIVANHOE886111.00
Hungary:Simontornya, War museumHungary:Simontornya, War museumIVANHOE885431.00
Hungary:Budapest, BridgeHungary:Budapest, BridgeIVANHOE534361.00
Hungary:Budapest, Matthias church, interiorHungary:Budapest, Matthias church, interiorIVANHOE434751.00
Hungary:Budapest, churchHungary:Budapest, churchIVANHOE332871.00
Hungary:Szekesfehervar, Liberty squareHungary:Szekesfehervar, Liberty squareIVANHOE320561.00
Hungary:Budapest, church, carsHungary:Budapest, church, carsIVANHOE278621.00
Hungary:Debrecen, UniversityHungary:Debrecen, UniversityIVANHOE277221.00
Hungary:Budapest, Parliament buildingHungary:Budapest, Parliament buildingIVANHOE828321.00

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