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RP Sweden, Oskarstrom Kyrkan 1956RP Sweden, Oskarstrom Kyrkan 1956WME180061.00
RP Kullen, Porten fra Vester @ 1920RP Kullen, Porten fra Vester @ 1920WME166661.00
Sweden, Upsala, Slottet och DomkyrkanSweden, Upsala, Slottet och DomkyrkanWME179971.00
Sweden, Lake Siljan, Tallberg 1957Sweden, Lake Siljan, Tallberg 1957WME193611.00
Vi har flyttat - We've Moved - Sweden - Post Office, Address Forwarding Post CardVi har flyttat - We've Moved - Sweden - Post Office, Address Forwarding Post CardHOMERBOB53891.25
The Royal Opera House Stockholm SWEDEN   *EARLY*The Royal Opera House Stockholm SWEDEN *EARLY*SWAMPFOX8442.00
Sweden:Norrköping, Hedvigs churchSweden:Norrköping, Hedvigs churchIVANHOE396121.00
Sweden?:Selso Slot, BuildingSweden?:Selso Slot, BuildingIVANHOE895901.00
Sweden:Stockholm??:Jesus Christ born,statue, icon?Sweden:Stockholm??:Jesus Christ born,statue, icon?IVANHOE878971.00
Sweden?:Älvdalen, river and rapids, pre 1940Sweden?:Älvdalen, river and rapids, pre 1940IVANHOE864322.00
Sweden:Dalarna, Gamla Havesta, viewSweden:Dalarna, Gamla Havesta, viewIVANHOE912561.00
Sweden:Landskrona, town hallSweden:Landskrona, town hallIVANHOE466561.00
Sweden:Helsingborg, Town HallSweden:Helsingborg, Town HallIVANHOE466541.00
Sweden:Landskrona, views, housesSweden:Landskrona, views, housesIVANHOE396941.00
Sweden:Göteborg, yachts portSweden:Göteborg, yachts portIVANHOE305721.00
Sweden:Stockholm, Statue, St.George and the dragonSweden:Stockholm, Statue, St.George and the dragonIVANHOE277261.00
Sweden:Göteborg, 4 views, concert hall, fountainSweden:Göteborg, 4 views, concert hall, fountainIVANHOE295781.00
Sweden:Stockholm, town hall, port, music hallSweden:Stockholm, town hall, port, music hallIVANHOE295671.00
Sweden:Sigtuna, town hallSweden:Sigtuna, town hallIVANHOE277251.00
Sweden:Göteborg, Town theatreSweden:Göteborg, Town theatreIVANHOE655131.00
Sweden:Göteborg,Liseberg,amusement park,wheel,carSweden:Göteborg,Liseberg,amusement park,wheel,carIVANHOE714901.00
Sweden:Stockholm, Norrbro with the GuardSweden:Stockholm, Norrbro with the GuardIVANHOE714911.00
Sweden:Stockholm, overview, bridgesSweden:Stockholm, overview, bridgesIVANHOE742741.00
Sweden:Stockholm, fountain, 80, *PU 1924Sweden:Stockholm, fountain, 80, *PU 1924IVANHOE696473.25
Sweden:Göteborg, port, ships, fountainSweden:Göteborg, port, ships, fountainIVANHOE714871.00
Sweden:Stockholm?, Farsta centrumSweden:Stockholm?, Farsta centrumIVANHOE674621.00
Sweden:Saltsjöbaden, overview, *PU 1905Sweden:Saltsjöbaden, overview, *PU 1905IVANHOE666854.00
Sweden?:Unknown waterfallsSweden?:Unknown waterfallsIVANHOE936551.00
Sweden?:Jämtland, Ristafallet, waterfallSweden?:Jämtland, Ristafallet, waterfallIVANHOE936201.00
Sweden:Stockholm, Concert hall, theatreSweden:Stockholm, Concert hall, theatreIVANHOE635691.00
Sweden?:Vänesborg, views, bridge, ship, portSweden?:Vänesborg, views, bridge, ship, portIVANHOE391081.00
Sweden:Stockholm, embankment with shipSweden:Stockholm, embankment with shipIVANHOE390961.00
Sweden:Halmstad, fountain, real photo, *PU 1937Sweden:Halmstad, fountain, real photo, *PU 1937IVANHOE613253.75
Sweden:Marienham, church, real photo, pre 1940Sweden:Marienham, church, real photo, pre 1940IVANHOE571643.75

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