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Ukraine:Typical view, pre 1920Ukraine:Typical view, pre 1920IVANHOE14608210.00
Ukraine:Kiev, T.G.Schevcenko opera houseUkraine:Kiev, T.G.Schevcenko opera houseIVANHOE1458271.00
Ukraine:Lenin monumentUkraine:Lenin monumentIVANHOE1458071.00
Ukraine:Kiev, V.I.Lenin central museum, 1970Ukraine:Kiev, V.I.Lenin central museum, 1970IVANHOE1458061.00
Ukraine:Kiev, T.G.Schevcenko opera house, 1970Ukraine:Kiev, T.G.Schevcenko opera house, 1970IVANHOE1458261.00
Ukraina:Krim peninsula, pioneer camp Artek, 1969Ukraina:Krim peninsula, pioneer camp Artek, 1969IVANHOE1450121.00
Ukraina:Kiev, Ukraina national exhibition, 1973Ukraina:Kiev, Ukraina national exhibition, 1973IVANHOE1450141.00
Ukraina:Kiev, International university named by T.G.Tsevtsenko, 1973Ukraina:Kiev, International university named by T.G.Tsevtsenko, 1973IVANHOE1450161.00
Ukraina:Lvov, Green street, 1971Ukraina:Lvov, Green street, 1971IVANHOE1450211.00
Ukraina:Krim peninsula, pioner camp Artek, 1975Ukraina:Krim peninsula, pioner camp Artek, 1975IVANHOE1450111.00
Ukraina:Kiev, A.S.Pushkin monument, 1973Ukraina:Kiev, A.S.Pushkin monument, 1973IVANHOE1450191.00
Ukraina:Kiev, Government building, 1973Ukraina:Kiev, Government building, 1973IVANHOE1450181.00
Ukraina:Kiev, T.G.Tsevtsenko monument, 1973Ukraina:Kiev, T.G.Tsevtsenko monument, 1973IVANHOE1450171.00
Ukraina:Kiev, Ww II monument, 1973Ukraina:Kiev, Ww II monument, 1973IVANHOE1450201.00
Ukraina:Kiev, Main street, Kreshatik, 1973Ukraina:Kiev, Main street, Kreshatik, 1973IVANHOE1450151.00
Ukraina:Uzgorod, Lenin statue, WW II statue, 1974Ukraina:Uzgorod, Lenin statue, WW II statue, 1974IVANHOE1450131.00
Ukraina:Krim peninsula, V.I.Lenin monument in JaltaUkraina:Krim peninsula, V.I.Lenin monument in JaltaIVANHOE1450221.00
Ukraine:Carpat mountains, Usttsjornoi waterfallsUkraine:Carpat mountains, Usttsjornoi waterfallsIVANHOE1446731.00
Ukraine:Lvov, Opera and ballet theatre named by Ivan Frank, 1970Ukraine:Lvov, Opera and ballet theatre named by Ivan Frank, 1970IVANHOE1446821.00
Ukraine:Kiev, Culture palace Ukraine, 1973Ukraine:Kiev, Culture palace Ukraine, 1973IVANHOE1446841.00
KIEV, Ukraine, 1940-1960's; Kiev HotelKIEV, Ukraine, 1940-1960's; Kiev HotelSCVIEW5230445.77
V. I. Lenin's Monument, Kiev, UkraineV. I. Lenin's Monument, Kiev, UkraineIVANHOE1352841.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, Theatre named by A.P.TšehhovUkraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, Theatre named by A.P.TšehhovIVANHOE1398341.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta port, Passenger shipsUkraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta port, Passenger shipsIVANHOE1399741.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta bus stationUkraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta bus stationIVANHOE1399731.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, rockUkraine:Krim peninsula, rockIVANHOE1407151.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Spa KurpatyUkraine:Krim peninsula, Spa KurpatyIVANHOE1407161.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Karadag, golden gate, 1978Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Karadag, golden gate, 1978IVANHOE1407271.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, overview, 1978Ukraine:Krim peninsula, overview, 1978IVANHOE1407281.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Alushta beach, 1978Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Alushta beach, 1978IVANHOE1407291.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Gurzuf, mount Medved, 1978Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Gurzuf, mount Medved, 1978IVANHOE1407301.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, south shoreline overview, 1978Ukraine:Krim peninsula, south shoreline overview, 1978IVANHOE1407311.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Alupka, overview, 1978Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Alupka, overview, 1978IVANHOE1407321.00
Ukraine:Kiev, University named by T.G.Shevchenko, 1970Ukraine:Kiev, University named by T.G.Shevchenko, 1970IVANHOE1407331.00
Ukraine:Kiev, Art museum, 1970Ukraine:Kiev, Art museum, 1970IVANHOE1407341.00
Ukraine:Kiev, Ladja monument, 1989Ukraine:Kiev, Ladja monument, 1989IVANHOE1407351.00
Ukraine:Truskavets, kindergarden Galitsanka, 1970Ukraine:Truskavets, kindergarden Galitsanka, 1970IVANHOE1407361.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, pansionat DonbasUkraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, pansionat DonbasIVANHOE1407371.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, overviewUkraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, overviewIVANHOE1407381.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, museum filialeUkraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, museum filialeIVANHOE1407391.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, port and castleUkraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, port and castleIVANHOE1407401.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, shoping center, 1973Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, shoping center, 1973IVANHOE1407411.00
Post-Office Yalta , Ukraine , PU-1967Post-Office Yalta , Ukraine , PU-1967SCVIEW4940306.11
SV: 1910s ; Exporting Wheat , ODESSA , Black Sea , UkraineSV: 1910s ; Exporting Wheat , ODESSA , Black Sea , UkraineSCVIEW48625117.77
The Blessed Xenia , KIEV , Ukrane , 50-60sThe Blessed Xenia , KIEV , Ukrane , 50-60sSCVIEW4726286.77
Ukraina:Ukraine:Kiev, Kreshatik, tram, horses, street view, pre 1920Ukraina:Ukraine:Kiev, Kreshatik, tram, horses, street view, pre 1920IVANHOE1384748.00
QSL Radio Postcard , Ukraine , 40-50sQSL Radio Postcard , Ukraine , 40-50sSCVIEW4364753.11
Motorcycle, Bila Tserkva City, Ukraine, 1970-80sMotorcycle, Bila Tserkva City, Ukraine, 1970-80sSCVIEW4021985.74
QSL Card, Ukraine, Alushta, 60-70sQSL Card, Ukraine, Alushta, 60-70sSCVIEW4020283.90
Ukrane QSL radio card, Chelnizki, 60-70sUkrane QSL radio card, Chelnizki, 60-70sSCVIEW4019266.36

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