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Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Bahtsisarai history and architecture museum, Tsufut-kale cave entrance, 1981Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Bahtsisarai history and architecture museum, Tsufut-kale cave entrance, 1981IVANHOE1452411.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Bahtsisarai history and architecture museum, Uspenski cathedral, 1981Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Bahtsisarai history and architecture museum, Uspenski cathedral, 1981IVANHOE1452401.00
Ukraine:Typical view, pre 1920Ukraine:Typical view, pre 1920IVANHOE14608210.00
Ukraine:Kiev, T.G.Schevcenko opera houseUkraine:Kiev, T.G.Schevcenko opera houseIVANHOE1458271.00
Ukraine:Lenin monumentUkraine:Lenin monumentIVANHOE1458071.00
Ukraine:Kiev, V.I.Lenin central museum, 1970Ukraine:Kiev, V.I.Lenin central museum, 1970IVANHOE1458061.00
Ukraine:Kiev, T.G.Schevcenko opera house, 1970Ukraine:Kiev, T.G.Schevcenko opera house, 1970IVANHOE1458261.00
Ukraina:Krim peninsula, pioneer camp Artek, 1969Ukraina:Krim peninsula, pioneer camp Artek, 1969IVANHOE1450121.00
Ukraina:Kiev, Ukraina national exhibition, 1973Ukraina:Kiev, Ukraina national exhibition, 1973IVANHOE1450141.00
Ukraina:Kiev, International university named by T.G.Tsevtsenko, 1973Ukraina:Kiev, International university named by T.G.Tsevtsenko, 1973IVANHOE1450161.00
Ukraina:Lvov, Green street, 1971Ukraina:Lvov, Green street, 1971IVANHOE1450211.00
Ukraina:Krim peninsula, pioner camp Artek, 1975Ukraina:Krim peninsula, pioner camp Artek, 1975IVANHOE1450111.00
Ukraina:Kiev, A.S.Pushkin monument, 1973Ukraina:Kiev, A.S.Pushkin monument, 1973IVANHOE1450191.00
Ukraina:Kiev, Government building, 1973Ukraina:Kiev, Government building, 1973IVANHOE1450181.00
Ukraina:Kiev, T.G.Tsevtsenko monument, 1973Ukraina:Kiev, T.G.Tsevtsenko monument, 1973IVANHOE1450171.00
Ukraina:Kiev, Ww II monument, 1973Ukraina:Kiev, Ww II monument, 1973IVANHOE1450201.00
Ukraina:Kiev, Main street, Kreshatik, 1973Ukraina:Kiev, Main street, Kreshatik, 1973IVANHOE1450151.00
Ukraina:Uzgorod, Lenin statue, WW II statue, 1974Ukraina:Uzgorod, Lenin statue, WW II statue, 1974IVANHOE1450131.00
Ukraina:Krim peninsula, V.I.Lenin monument in JaltaUkraina:Krim peninsula, V.I.Lenin monument in JaltaIVANHOE1450221.00
Ukraine:Carpat mountains, Usttsjornoi waterfallsUkraine:Carpat mountains, Usttsjornoi waterfallsIVANHOE1446731.00
Ukraine:Lvov, Opera and ballet theatre named by Ivan Frank, 1970Ukraine:Lvov, Opera and ballet theatre named by Ivan Frank, 1970IVANHOE1446821.00
Ukraine:Kiev, Culture palace Ukraine, 1973Ukraine:Kiev, Culture palace Ukraine, 1973IVANHOE1446841.00
V. I. Lenin's Monument, Kiev, UkraineV. I. Lenin's Monument, Kiev, UkraineIVANHOE1352841.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, Theatre named by A.P.TšehhovUkraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, Theatre named by A.P.TšehhovIVANHOE1398341.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta port, Passenger shipsUkraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta port, Passenger shipsIVANHOE1399741.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta bus stationUkraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta bus stationIVANHOE1399731.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, rockUkraine:Krim peninsula, rockIVANHOE1407151.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Spa KurpatyUkraine:Krim peninsula, Spa KurpatyIVANHOE1407161.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Karadag, golden gate, 1978Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Karadag, golden gate, 1978IVANHOE1407271.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, overview, 1978Ukraine:Krim peninsula, overview, 1978IVANHOE1407281.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Alushta beach, 1978Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Alushta beach, 1978IVANHOE1407291.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Gurzuf, mount Medved, 1978Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Gurzuf, mount Medved, 1978IVANHOE1407301.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, south shoreline overview, 1978Ukraine:Krim peninsula, south shoreline overview, 1978IVANHOE1407311.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Alupka, overview, 1978Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Alupka, overview, 1978IVANHOE1407321.00
Ukraine:Kiev, University named by T.G.Shevchenko, 1970Ukraine:Kiev, University named by T.G.Shevchenko, 1970IVANHOE1407331.00
Ukraine:Kiev, Art museum, 1970Ukraine:Kiev, Art museum, 1970IVANHOE1407341.00
Ukraine:Kiev, Ladja monument, 1989Ukraine:Kiev, Ladja monument, 1989IVANHOE1407351.00
Ukraine:Truskavets, kindergarden Galitsanka, 1970Ukraine:Truskavets, kindergarden Galitsanka, 1970IVANHOE1407361.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, pansionat DonbasUkraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, pansionat DonbasIVANHOE1407371.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, overviewUkraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, overviewIVANHOE1407381.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, museum filialeUkraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, museum filialeIVANHOE1407391.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, port and castleUkraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, port and castleIVANHOE1407401.00
Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, shoping center, 1973Ukraine:Krim peninsula, Jalta, shoping center, 1973IVANHOE1407411.00
Ukraina:Ukraine:Kiev, Kreshatik, tram, horses, street view, pre 1920Ukraina:Ukraine:Kiev, Kreshatik, tram, horses, street view, pre 1920IVANHOE1384748.00
14474  Ukraine  Yalta, portside with Steamship being loaded14474 Ukraine Yalta, portside with Steamship being loadedABOVEALL154894.76
Odessa Railway Station, UkraineOdessa Railway Station, UkraineIVANHOE13446815.00
Kiev Palace of Culture, Kiyev, UkraineKiev Palace of Culture, Kiyev, UkraineIVANHOE1345871.00
Cinema-theatre Cosmos, Ivanovo-Frankovsk, UkraineCinema-theatre Cosmos, Ivanovo-Frankovsk, UkraineIVANHOE1345891.00
Subway station Kreschatik, UkraineSubway station Kreschatik, UkraineIVANHOE1345961.00
Railway (Train) Station , Ivano-Frankovsk, UkraineRailway (Train) Station , Ivano-Frankovsk, UkraineIVANHOE1346001.00

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