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Cover; ZANZIBAR , PU-1935Cover; ZANZIBAR , PU-1935SCVIEW52404634.70
Cover; Southern Rhodesia , PU-1943 ; Opened by ExaminerCover; Southern Rhodesia , PU-1943 ; Opened by ExaminerSCVIEW52404124.70
Zanzibar 327-330 MNH SetZanzibar 327-330 MNH SetWME530561.00
Zanzibar 319-322 MNH SetZanzibar 319-322 MNH SetWME530551.00
Dahomey C85-88 MNH SetDahomey C85-88 MNH SetWME498903.50
Dahomey C81-84 MNH SetDahomey C81-84 MNH SetWME470163.50
Dahomey C137 MLHDahomey C137 MLHWME470153.25
Dahomey C55-56 MH SetDahomey C55-56 MH SetWME470142.00
Dahomey C60-61 MH Sets[2]Dahomey C60-61 MH Sets[2]WME470132.00
Dahomey 144 MNH SetDahomey 144 MNH SetWME470121.75
Dahomey C278 MNHDahomey C278 MNHWME463731.75