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Older man with 3 young ladiesOlder man with 3 young ladiesIVANHOE257771.00
Man, lady with twins, perambulator, pre 1920Man, lady with twins, perambulator, pre 1920IVANHOE661424.00
Seasickness people on ship board, pre 1920Seasickness people on ship board, pre 1920IVANHOE696974.25
Austria:I WW humorous card, drunk men, pre 1920Austria:I WW humorous card, drunk men, pre 1920IVANHOE797938.00
Brasil:Bahia, humorous, Bar interiorBrasil:Bahia, humorous, Bar interiorIVANHOE719141.00
Brasil:Bahia, humorous, lovers, watchers, parentsBrasil:Bahia, humorous, lovers, watchers, parentsIVANHOE719151.00
Brasil:Bahia, humorous, very full tramBrasil:Bahia, humorous, very full tramIVANHOE719191.00
Brasil:Bahia, food seller, eatersBrasil:Bahia, food seller, eatersIVANHOE719171.00
Brasil:Bahia, mailman, kids, butterfly catcherBrasil:Bahia, mailman, kids, butterfly catcherIVANHOE719161.00
Man with monkey and umbrella, *PU 1929Man with monkey and umbrella, *PU 1929IVANHOE754466.00
Man with twins, baby's, cradle, *PU 1926Man with twins, baby's, cradle, *PU 1926IVANHOE661414.00
Brasil:Bahia, humorous, Market, seller with ananasBrasil:Bahia, humorous, Market, seller with ananasIVANHOE719181.00
Humorous,lady with phone, pre 1940Humorous,lady with phone, pre 1940IVANHOE581064.00
Shiting rooster, sleeping man, humorous, *PU 1926Shiting rooster, sleeping man, humorous, *PU 1926IVANHOE624344.00
Humour, lady with monkey, ape, pre 1905Humour, lady with monkey, ape, pre 1905IVANHOE622404.00
FRance:Paris types, Doctor, illusion, *PU 1912FRance:Paris types, Doctor, illusion, *PU 1912IVANHOE6124810.50
Boys, horse with hat, car, man, lady, pre 1905Boys, horse with hat, car, man, lady, pre 1905IVANHOE609203.75
Large man face, grimace, idiot?,humorous?,pre 1905Large man face, grimace, idiot?,humorous?,pre 1905IVANHOE581314.00
Very drunk men coming from bar, *PU 1910Very drunk men coming from bar, *PU 1910IVANHOE568404.75
Ladies, geese, humorous, pre 1940Ladies, geese, humorous, pre 1940IVANHOE572433.75
Devil, humour, man, There's the devil...,1909Devil, humour, man, There's the devil...,1909IVANHOE572163.75

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