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Greetings From Surinam Local Dancers 1963Greetings From Surinam Local Dancers 1963APOPKAPCSHOPPE5319366.33
Suriname, Flag, United NationsSuriname, Flag, United NationsPMK804851.95
Suriname, Kokospalmen Te Coronie (Tottnes); EXSuriname, Kokospalmen Te Coronie (Tottnes); EXCHILDSPT81987.00
Bushlandcreole Village, Tapanahony River , SURINAM , 50-60sBushlandcreole Village, Tapanahony River , SURINAM , 50-60sSCVIEW5284156.77
Girls , Paramaribo , Surinam , 50-60sGirls , Paramaribo , Surinam , 50-60sSCVIEW5199437.77
Surinam Het Bakken van aardewerkSurinam Het Bakken van aardewerkAPOPKAPCSHOPPE42969718.77
Georgetown , DEMERARA , 00-10s : High StreetGeorgetown , DEMERARA , 00-10s : High StreetSCVIEW43752224.11
Boy Scouts of the World, SURINAM, 1960´sBoy Scouts of the World, SURINAM, 1960´sSCVIEW4254734.77
Fishingboats bring their load to the market of PARAMARIBO , Surinam , 30-50sFishingboats bring their load to the market of PARAMARIBO , Surinam , 30-50sSCVIEW41171715.14
RP: Paramaribo , SURINAM , PU-1937 ; R.K. ZlekenhuisRP: Paramaribo , SURINAM , PU-1937 ; R.K. ZlekenhuisSCVIEW33518912.44
Scouts Of The World, Surinam, 1968Scouts Of The World, Surinam, 1968SCVIEW3045534.82
Paramaribo,Suriname, 20-30s , S.S. "RENSSELAER" moored in harborParamaribo,Suriname, 20-30s , S.S. "RENSSELAER" moored in harborSCVIEW2498168.24
RP: Suriname-Paramaribo, Gouvernementhuis, 40-60sRP: Suriname-Paramaribo, Gouvernementhuis, 40-60sSCVIEW1592716.35
Torarica Hotel , Paramaribo , SURINAM , 40-60sTorarica Hotel , Paramaribo , SURINAM , 40-60sSCVIEW1423815.00
Gov Palace during Celebration of 100 year old abolition of slavery, SURINAME , 40-60sGov Palace during Celebration of 100 year old abolition of slavery, SURINAME , 40-60sSCVIEW1221186.37
Surinam Torarica , Paramarbo, SURINAM, 40-60sSurinam Torarica , Paramarbo, SURINAM, 40-60sSCVIEW1220046.37
Surinam . Surinaamse vruchten , 50-70sSurinam . Surinaamse vruchten , 50-70sSCVIEW1178627.15
Stroomversnelling in Tapanahony-rivier, SURINAM , 50-70sStroomversnelling in Tapanahony-rivier, SURINAM , 50-70sSCVIEW1172197.15
RP, Oorlogsmonument, Paramaribo, Suriname, 1920-1940sRP, Oorlogsmonument, Paramaribo, Suriname, 1920-1940sSCVIEW812509.74
Bushnegro painting a Paddle, Suriname, PU-1964Bushnegro painting a Paddle, Suriname, PU-1964SCVIEW807236.94
SURINAME , 40-60s ; Various Ethnic typesSURINAME , 40-60s ; Various Ethnic typesSCVIEW6896210.12