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3 - Bull Fighting, Corrida De Toro3 - Bull Fighting, Corrida De ToroNYPOSTCARDS34225.00
West Point NYWest Point NYNYPOSTCARDS34214.00
Physical Culture Hotel, Dansville NYPhysical Culture Hotel, Dansville NYNYPOSTCARDS34194.50
Neversink River Campgrounds, Woodbourne NYNeversink River Campgrounds, Woodbourne NYNYPOSTCARDS34203.50
RPPC, CanoeingRPPC, CanoeingNYPOSTCARDS34186.00
Island Park, Auburn NYIsland Park, Auburn NYNYPOSTCARDS34157.50
RPPC, Westport Bay, Westport on Lake Champlain NYRPPC, Westport Bay, Westport on Lake Champlain NYNYPOSTCARDS34147.00
Congregational Church, Antwerp NYCongregational Church, Antwerp NYNYPOSTCARDS34135.00
RPPC, Lake View House, Indian Lake NYRPPC, Lake View House, Indian Lake NYNYPOSTCARDS341110.00
RPPC - White Lily Pond, Grafton NYRPPC - White Lily Pond, Grafton NYNYPOSTCARDS341212.50
Greetings, New Brighton NYGreetings, New Brighton NYNYPOSTCARDS34094.00
Main & West Fulton St., Gloversville NYMain & West Fulton St., Gloversville NYNYPOSTCARDS34106.50
Holstein Cows, Pythian Home, Ogdensburg NYHolstein Cows, Pythian Home, Ogdensburg NYNYPOSTCARDS34084.50
Administration Building, Allegany State PkAdministration Building, Allegany State PkNYPOSTCARDS34073.50
RPPC, Cottages at Green Bowl, Burke NYRPPC, Cottages at Green Bowl, Burke NYNYPOSTCARDS340414.00
RPPC, Bird's Eye View, Lebanon NYRPPC, Bird's Eye View, Lebanon NYNYPOSTCARDS340522.00
Fort Stanwix Canning Factory, Fulton NYFort Stanwix Canning Factory, Fulton NYNYPOSTCARDS340312.00
RPPC, Horse Drawn Wagon Load of Corn, KansasRPPC, Horse Drawn Wagon Load of Corn, KansasNYPOSTCARDS340016.00
RPPC, River Scene, Bridgeport NYRPPC, River Scene, Bridgeport NYNYPOSTCARDS34018.00
Adams NYAdams NYNYPOSTCARDS33995.00
Lower Locks, Saranac Chain of Lakes NYLower Locks, Saranac Chain of Lakes NYNYPOSTCARDS33974.00
Obliston Flats, Utica NYObliston Flats, Utica NYNYPOSTCARDS33983.00
Midway Motel, Conastata NYMidway Motel, Conastata NYNYPOSTCARDS33955.00
Kingston Street View, Delhi NYKingston Street View, Delhi NYNYPOSTCARDS33964.50
Bagnell Dam & Lake of the Ozarks, Lakeside MOBagnell Dam & Lake of the Ozarks, Lakeside MONYPOSTCARDS33945.00
Certified Milk Plant, Tully Farms, Tully NYCertified Milk Plant, Tully Farms, Tully NYNYPOSTCARDS33937.00
Rumford Baking PowderRumford Baking PowderNYPOSTCARDS33916.00
Residence, Medina NYResidence, Medina NYNYPOSTCARDS33895.50
Chesapeake House, NYCChesapeake House, NYCNYPOSTCARDS33887.50
The Thompson Glen Cottage, Watkins NYThe Thompson Glen Cottage, Watkins NYNYPOSTCARDS338612.50
North Main Street, Masonville NYNorth Main Street, Masonville NYNYPOSTCARDS33845.00
St Agnes, Oswego NYSt Agnes, Oswego NYNYPOSTCARDS338510.00
King's Daughter's Chapel, South Lyons NYKing's Daughter's Chapel, South Lyons NYNYPOSTCARDS33837.50
RPPC, Bisby Lake NYRPPC, Bisby Lake NYNYPOSTCARDS33828.00
Ford & State Street, Ogdensburg NYFord & State Street, Ogdensburg NYNYPOSTCARDS33803.50
RPPC,  Barge Canal Lock # 6, Waterford NYRPPC, Barge Canal Lock # 6, Waterford NYNYPOSTCARDS338112.50
Roycroft Shop, East Aurora NYRoycroft Shop, East Aurora NYNYPOSTCARDS33794.00
Prospect Street., Canastota NYProspect Street., Canastota NYNYPOSTCARDS33766.00
Picnic Area Cayuga Lake State Park, Seneca Falls NYPicnic Area Cayuga Lake State Park, Seneca Falls NYNYPOSTCARDS33774.00
Speed Boat, Cayuga Lake at Taughannock FallsSpeed Boat, Cayuga Lake at Taughannock FallsNYPOSTCARDS33758.00
Main St & O-We-Go Hotel, Owego NYMain St & O-We-Go Hotel, Owego NYNYPOSTCARDS33743.50
Palatine Lutheran Church, St. Johnsville NYPalatine Lutheran Church, St. Johnsville NYNYPOSTCARDS33725.00
RPPC, M.E. Church, Constableville NYRPPC, M.E. Church, Constableville NYNYPOSTCARDS337315.00
RPPC, Baptist Church, Mt Vision NYRPPC, Baptist Church, Mt Vision NYNYPOSTCARDS337112.00
North Pole, NYNorth Pole, NYNYPOSTCARDS33704.00
RPPC, Library, Cambridge NYRPPC, Library, Cambridge NYNYPOSTCARDS33688.00
Frigate New Orleans, Sackets Harbor NYFrigate New Orleans, Sackets Harbor NYNYPOSTCARDS33698.00
RPPC, Haying, Newfield NYRPPC, Haying, Newfield NYNYPOSTCARDS336710.00
Watkins Salt Co, Watkins Glen NYWatkins Salt Co, Watkins Glen NYNYPOSTCARDS336612.00
Hydroplane Dock, Lake George NYHydroplane Dock, Lake George NYNYPOSTCARDS33645.00

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