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Russia:Jasnaja Polnaja,L.N.Tolstoi visitors roomRussia:Jasnaja Polnaja,L.N.Tolstoi visitors roomIVANHOE596791.00
Estonia:Tallinn, Stout Margarette tower,sea museumEstonia:Tallinn, Stout Margarette tower,sea museumIVANHOE596801.00
Estonia:Tallinn, Medeival city overviewEstonia:Tallinn, Medeival city overviewIVANHOE596811.00
Ship on rocks, sinking, boats, TSN 1748, *PU 1925Ship on rocks, sinking, boats, TSN 1748, *PU 1925IVANHOE602443.75
Birds,Rooster, chickens,chicks,Peluba 223,*PU 1922Birds,Rooster, chickens,chicks,Peluba 223,*PU 1922IVANHOE603664.25
Chicken, eggs, chicks, blackboard, *PU 1926Chicken, eggs, chicks, blackboard, *PU 1926IVANHOE582283.00
Estonia:Statue in graveyard, pre 1940Estonia:Statue in graveyard, pre 1940IVANHOE572133.75
Belarus:Minsk, Trade Unions Palace of Culture,theaBelarus:Minsk, Trade Unions Palace of Culture,theaIVANHOE596151.00
Belarus:Minsk, Exhibition of Economic AchievementsBelarus:Minsk, Exhibition of Economic AchievementsIVANHOE596161.00
Belarus:Minsk, Hotel JubileinajaBelarus:Minsk, Hotel JubileinajaIVANHOE596171.00
Belarus:Minsk, Karl Marx street, statue, tankBelarus:Minsk, Karl Marx street, statue, tankIVANHOE596181.00
Estonia:Tallinn, Medeival city fortified wallEstonia:Tallinn, Medeival city fortified wallIVANHOE596191.00
Large dog head, PELUBA 240, pre 1920Large dog head, PELUBA 240, pre 1920IVANHOE602383.75
E.Samson, 2 dogs hunting rat, 254, *PU 1921E.Samson, 2 dogs hunting rat, 254, *PU 1921IVANHOE602373.75
Man, lady,Christmas tree,piano,Ceko 1440,pre 1920Man, lady,Christmas tree,piano,Ceko 1440,pre 1920IVANHOE602363.75
Lady with Christmas tree, ELA 3752, *PU 1935Lady with Christmas tree, ELA 3752, *PU 1935IVANHOE602343.75
Dogs with cats, flowers, *PU 1939Dogs with cats, flowers, *PU 1939IVANHOE602233.75
Lady with Christmas tree and letter, 5489,pre 1920Lady with Christmas tree and letter, 5489,pre 1920IVANHOE602333.75
Spain:Ibiza island, aereal view, portSpain:Ibiza island, aereal view, portIVANHOE913611.00
Spain:Ibiza island, town viewSpain:Ibiza island, town viewIVANHOE913631.00
Russia:Moscow, Old Moscow streetRussia:Moscow, Old Moscow streetIVANHOE597181.00
Russia:Moscow, Spasski tower in KremlRussia:Moscow, Spasski tower in KremlIVANHOE597191.00
Russia:Moscow, Troitskaja tower, palaceRussia:Moscow, Troitskaja tower, palaceIVANHOE597201.00
Russia:Moscow, Kreml overview in winterRussia:Moscow, Kreml overview in winterIVANHOE597211.00
Bug on tree, beetle, *PU 1910Bug on tree, beetle, *PU 1910IVANHOE602283.75
Tiger hunting, dead tiger, hunters, pre 1920Tiger hunting, dead tiger, hunters, pre 1920IVANHOE602264.75
Russia:Tula, M.Gorky drama theatreRussia:Tula, M.Gorky drama theatreIVANHOE597331.00
Russia:Leningrad, Academic drama theatreRussia:Leningrad, Academic drama theatreIVANHOE594461.00
Russia:Moscow, Grand theatre, 1962Russia:Moscow, Grand theatre, 1962IVANHOE594481.00
Russia:Leningrad, Academic Drama theatre, 1959Russia:Leningrad, Academic Drama theatre, 1959IVANHOE594521.00
Russia:Sotsi, theatre, 1954Russia:Sotsi, theatre, 1954IVANHOE594531.00
Deer with ducks, TSN 1798, pre 1920Deer with ducks, TSN 1798, pre 1920IVANHOE602253.75
Ducks, birds, OGZL 1061, *PU 1930Ducks, birds, OGZL 1061, *PU 1930IVANHOE602243.75
Boy painting egg, dog, pre 1940Boy painting egg, dog, pre 1940IVANHOE602223.75
Girl driving bike, running dog, pre 1940Girl driving bike, running dog, pre 1940IVANHOE602213.75
Russia:Jasnaja Polnaja,State of writer L.N.TolstoiRussia:Jasnaja Polnaja,State of writer L.N.TolstoiIVANHOE596631.00
Russia:Jasnaja Polnaja,L.N.Tolstoi house museumRussia:Jasnaja Polnaja,L.N.Tolstoi house museumIVANHOE596641.00
Estonia:Teacher with violin, schoolclass,1933Estonia:Teacher with violin, schoolclass,1933IVANHOE604743.75
Estonia:Circus, brothers Sihvers, pre 1940Estonia:Circus, brothers Sihvers, pre 1940IVANHOE600903.75
Russia:Tula, Moskva hotelRussia:Tula, Moskva hotelIVANHOE597371.00
Russia:Tula, Tula SamovarsRussia:Tula, Tula SamovarsIVANHOE597391.00
Russia:Tula, Obelisk of Soviet-Czechoslovak friendRussia:Tula, Obelisk of Soviet-Czechoslovak friendIVANHOE597341.00
Russia:Tula, Monument to commander V.F.RudnevRussia:Tula, Monument to commander V.F.RudnevIVANHOE597281.00
Belarus:Minsk, Railway stationBelarus:Minsk, Railway stationIVANHOE596061.00
Belarus:Minsk, Memorial kompleks HatynBelarus:Minsk, Memorial kompleks HatynIVANHOE596071.00
Belarus:Minsk, State Art GalleryBelarus:Minsk, State Art GalleryIVANHOE596081.00
Belarus:Minsk, Monument to Yakub KolasBelarus:Minsk, Monument to Yakub KolasIVANHOE596091.00
Russia:Tula, Monument to L.N.TolstoiRussia:Tula, Monument to L.N.TolstoiIVANHOE597261.00
Bulgaria:Plovdiv, Ethnographic museumBulgaria:Plovdiv, Ethnographic museumIVANHOE596871.00
Russia:Moscow, reindeers in streetRussia:Moscow, reindeers in streetIVANHOE597141.00

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