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The Strip, Miami Beach FlThe Strip, Miami Beach FlNYPOSTCARDS196344.50
Snug Harbor, Lake Keuka NYSnug Harbor, Lake Keuka NYNYPOSTCARDS196327.50
RPPC, Dam at Cranberry Lake NYRPPC, Dam at Cranberry Lake NYNYPOSTCARDS1963012.50
Mirror Lake NYMirror Lake NYNYPOSTCARDS196313.00
Manhasset Hotel, 4th LakeManhasset Hotel, 4th LakeNYPOSTCARDS196295.50
First Baptist Church, Waverly NYFirst Baptist Church, Waverly NYNYPOSTCARDS196284.00
RPPC, Near High Bridge, Lowville NYRPPC, Near High Bridge, Lowville NYNYPOSTCARDS1962610.00
Aerial View, Hammondsport NYAerial View, Hammondsport NYNYPOSTCARDS196278.00
Mt Hope Chapel, Norwich NYMt Hope Chapel, Norwich NYNYPOSTCARDS196255.00
Fulton House, Canada Lake NYFulton House, Canada Lake NYNYPOSTCARDS196248.00
RR Station, Allston MassRR Station, Allston MassNYPOSTCARDS1962210.00
Adriance Memorial Library, Poughkeepsie NYAdriance Memorial Library, Poughkeepsie NYNYPOSTCARDS196233.00
Range Light, Fair Haven NYRange Light, Fair Haven NYNYPOSTCARDS1962010.00
RPPC, Hotel Kenrose,  PM Silver Lake NYRPPC, Hotel Kenrose, PM Silver Lake NYNYPOSTCARDS1962120.00
RPPC, Buffalo Street, Springville NYRPPC, Buffalo Street, Springville NYNYPOSTCARDS1961917.00
RPPC, Coolidge Homestead, Plymouth VTRPPC, Coolidge Homestead, Plymouth VTNYPOSTCARDS196185.00
Nature's Mirror, Thirst Quenched, # 11Nature's Mirror, Thirst Quenched, # 11NYPOSTCARDS196167.00
RPPC, Congregational Church, Smyrna NYRPPC, Congregational Church, Smyrna NYNYPOSTCARDS1961712.00
W.Y. Foote Co. Booksellers, Syracuse NYW.Y. Foote Co. Booksellers, Syracuse NYNYPOSTCARDS196157.50
The West Canada, Herkimer NYThe West Canada, Herkimer NYNYPOSTCARDS196146.00
Lake & Shore, Springville NYLake & Shore, Springville NYNYPOSTCARDS196134.00
RPPC, Canal Barge the Cyclone, Montezuma NYRPPC, Canal Barge the Cyclone, Montezuma NYNYPOSTCARDS1961127.00
RPPC, Wrecked Trolley, Dalton & Hinsdale, Pontoosuc Lake MARPPC, Wrecked Trolley, Dalton & Hinsdale, Pontoosuc Lake MANYPOSTCARDS1960932.00
Ontario Bible Conference, Lycoming NYOntario Bible Conference, Lycoming NYNYPOSTCARDS196105.50
RPPC, Street Scene, Hotel, Port Gibson NYRPPC, Street Scene, Hotel, Port Gibson NYNYPOSTCARDS1960838.00
Glimpse Amber Lake & White Lake NYGlimpse Amber Lake & White Lake NYNYPOSTCARDS196058.00
Lady smoking HashashLady smoking HashashNYPOSTCARDS196037.00
Trinkaus Manor, Oriskany NYTrinkaus Manor, Oriskany NYNYPOSTCARDS196013.50
Rustic Chapel, Camp Tekakwitha, Lake Luzerne NYRustic Chapel, Camp Tekakwitha, Lake Luzerne NYNYPOSTCARDS195996.00
RPPC, Kayutah Lake NYRPPC, Kayutah Lake NYNYPOSTCARDS195986.00
Source Susquehanna River, Cooperstown NYSource Susquehanna River, Cooperstown NYNYPOSTCARDS195965.00
RPPC, Cong Church, Little Valley NYRPPC, Cong Church, Little Valley NYNYPOSTCARDS1959712.00
Scenery at, Naples NYScenery at, Naples NYNYPOSTCARDS195955.00
Weight Lock, Erie Canal, Syracuse NYWeight Lock, Erie Canal, Syracuse NYNYPOSTCARDS195937.50
2 - RPPC, Romanian Couples2 - RPPC, Romanian CouplesNYPOSTCARDS195906.00
RPPC, Canadice Lake NYRPPC, Canadice Lake NYNYPOSTCARDS1959118.00
Erie RR Station / Depot, Hornell NYErie RR Station / Depot, Hornell NYNYPOSTCARDS1958915.00
RPPC, El Rancho, Starke FlaRPPC, El Rancho, Starke FlaNYPOSTCARDS195877.50
Summerville NYSummerville NYNYPOSTCARDS195887.50
RPPC, M.E. Church, Yorkshire NYRPPC, M.E. Church, Yorkshire NYNYPOSTCARDS1958516.00
RR Bridge, Fish's Eddy NYRR Bridge, Fish's Eddy NYNYPOSTCARDS195866.00
Baptist Church, Penn Yan NYBaptist Church, Penn Yan NYNYPOSTCARDS195844.00
Island Park Tourist Camp, Friendship NYIsland Park Tourist Camp, Friendship NYNYPOSTCARDS195835.00
County Building, Goshen NYCounty Building, Goshen NYNYPOSTCARDS195824.00
D. L. & W. Depot, Owego NYD. L. & W. Depot, Owego NYNYPOSTCARDS195818.00
Village Park, Boonville NYVillage Park, Boonville NYNYPOSTCARDS195794.50
Third Street, Dunkirk NYThird Street, Dunkirk NYNYPOSTCARDS195786.50
Farn House, Chesborough Seminary, N Chili NYFarn House, Chesborough Seminary, N Chili NYNYPOSTCARDS195775.00
Greetings from Palermo NYGreetings from Palermo NYNYPOSTCARDS195755.00
Oriskany Creek, Summit Park NYOriskany Creek, Summit Park NYNYPOSTCARDS195764.00

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