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Belarus:Babruisk, National bank buildingBelarus:Babruisk, National bank buildingIVANHOE951211.00
Real photo,Locomotive, bridgeReal photo,Locomotive, bridgeIVANHOE989701.00
Firefighter car model Tatra 148Firefighter car model Tatra 148IVANHOE909201.00
Dog, Girl with puppie, EM, pre 1920Dog, Girl with puppie, EM, pre 1920IVANHOE565905.50
Real photo,Locomotive on railwayReal photo,Locomotive on railwayIVANHOE989711.00
Real photo, Old locomotiveReal photo, Old locomotiveIVANHOE989721.00
4 skulls, globe, fantasy, 555, pre 19204 skulls, globe, fantasy, 555, pre 1920IVANHOE565037.50
Real photo,Old locomotive in museumReal photo,Old locomotive in museumIVANHOE989661.00
Real photo, LocomotiveReal photo, LocomotiveIVANHOE989621.00
France:Toulon, city tram, replicaIVANHOE987991.00
Poland:Bydgoszcz, reprint!, churchPoland:Bydgoszcz, reprint!, churchIVANHOE499691.00
Belgium:Museum, many swords and guns,pre 1940Belgium:Museum, many swords and guns,pre 1940IVANHOE581624.00
Estonia:Tallinn, Hotel Viru, interiorEstonia:Tallinn, Hotel Viru, interiorIVANHOE501131.00
France:Paris, old tram, bike, replicaIVANHOE987881.00
Santa Claus packing gifts in bagSanta Claus packing gifts in bagIVANHOE640511.00
France:Lamastre, train, kids orchestraIVANHOE987971.00
Holland?:Cuxhaven lighthouse, *PU 1927Holland?:Cuxhaven lighthouse, *PU 1927IVANHOE605095.50
France:Ascain, tram in mountainsFrance:Ascain, tram in mountainsIVANHOE989071.00
Cat on windowsillCat on windowsillIVANHOE617951.00
Russia:Jasnaja Polnaja,L.N.Tolstoi Study room inteRussia:Jasnaja Polnaja,L.N.Tolstoi Study room inteIVANHOE596741.00
Spain:Barcelona, Rambla de mar, bridgeSpain:Barcelona, Rambla de mar, bridgeIVANHOE913041.00
France:La Roche-Posay, town trainIVANHOE987871.00
United Kingdom:Locomotive approaching GoathlandUnited Kingdom:Locomotive approaching GoathlandIVANHOE989521.00
Russia:Gorki, V.I.Lenin house museum, bedRussia:Gorki, V.I.Lenin house museum, bedIVANHOE501581.00
Czech:Children in small vagonCzech:Children in small vagonIVANHOE989451.00
Germany:Train vagonGermany:Train vagonIVANHOE989461.00
Czech:Brno,Tram locomotive Caroline nr.10Czech:Brno,Tram locomotive Caroline nr.10IVANHOE989491.00
Latvia:National motive, fire, pre 1940Latvia:National motive, fire, pre 1940IVANHOE623394.00
Czech:Postal stationery,Mikulov, castleCzech:Postal stationery,Mikulov, castleIVANHOE636021.00
Kids driving car, *PU 1930Kids driving car, *PU 1930IVANHOE622314.00
C.Underwood, Wanted-an answer, man, lady, pre 1916C.Underwood, Wanted-an answer, man, lady, pre 1916IVANHOE582307.00
Girl with roosters, *PU 1916Girl with roosters, *PU 1916IVANHOE563804.75
Lithuania:Kaunas, town hallLithuania:Kaunas, town hallIVANHOE497911.00
Spain:Costa Brava, Medeival castle, viewSpain:Costa Brava, Medeival castle, viewIVANHOE502191.00
Hungary:Kiralyret, resting house, trainIVANHOE987841.00
Germany:Berchtesgaden, waterfall, pre 1920Germany:Berchtesgaden, waterfall, pre 1920IVANHOE622014.00
Fruits, plums, pre 1940Fruits, plums, pre 1940IVANHOE603163.75
Russia:Jasnaja Polnaja,L.N.Tolstoi secretary roomRussia:Jasnaja Polnaja,L.N.Tolstoi secretary roomIVANHOE596771.00
Movie star Olaf Storm, ROSS 444/1, pre 1940Movie star Olaf Storm, ROSS 444/1, pre 1940IVANHOE611523.75
Poland:Gdansk, River catamaran ships in portPoland:Gdansk, River catamaran ships in portIVANHOE503721.00
Angel with violin, *PU 1925Angel with violin, *PU 1925IVANHOE564844.75
Advertising card, Movie Uma Thurman, Ralph FiennesAdvertising card, Movie Uma Thurman, Ralph FiennesIVANHOE502951.00
Belgium:Museum, uniforms, Leopold I, pre 1940Belgium:Museum, uniforms, Leopold I, pre 1940IVANHOE581604.00
Fresh garve, relatives, real photo, pre 1970Fresh garve, relatives, real photo, pre 1970IVANHOE582012.00
Russia:Finland:Viipuri,Memorial to Finnish red guaRussia:Finland:Viipuri,Memorial to Finnish red guaIVANHOE614851.00
Firefighter car model Tatra 816 8*8.1RFirefighter car model Tatra 816 8*8.1RIVANHOE627871.00
Lithuania:Vilnius, Lietuva hotelLithuania:Vilnius, Lietuva hotelIVANHOE614191.00
Estonia:Tallinn, Hotel Viru, interiorEstonia:Tallinn, Hotel Viru, interiorIVANHOE454821.00
Real photo, Locomotive with trainReal photo, Locomotive with trainIVANHOE989611.00
United Kingdom:Uniforms,Yorkshire hussarsUnited Kingdom:Uniforms,Yorkshire hussarsIVANHOE948961.00

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